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O that is not right at all Or manipulating the parent with charm and innocence when he is trying to spend time with Bli no that is crossing a line The language in this book comes across to me as if Danny is grooming Bli and as a parent this is the type of behavior that we really look out for and sends out those little red flag warnings I am glad I had read this prior to sharing it with a young mind I would not want to inadvertently send the wrong message about listing to the pressuring of friends is important than a parent s concerns Call me overprotective and paranoid but I do not think that this is the best book to be reading to a child when trying to present a book on making friends Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli the Fly want to be friends but Bli s mother is worried because she knows lizards often eat flies Danny says that Mrs Fly is judging him on appearances and that she should meet him and find out what he is really like When they all go out to the movies they are hassled by a group of bullies and Danny stands p to themThis was an easy way to introduce the concept of judging people by appearances but it was also a bit simplistic in its storyline It would probably work with very young children who would enjoy the brightly colored illustrations Adults could point out that although Danny is a lizard and the bullies are lizards he doesn t act the way they do You could work on the fact that bullies look just like everyone else it is their behavior that makes them bullies The fact that Danny only has to stand Tout Bob Morane/31 up to them once to make them leave would not be believable to older kids They might alsoestion Mrs Fly being nice and giving the bullies clean shirts to wear after Danny slimes them She is setting a good example of forgiveness but older readers would not accept that a mother who has just had her child bullied will be so kind to the perpetratorsI would stick to preschool through maybe 1st grade as a suggested audienceI read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand the illustrations are really cute and child friendly on the other hand the writing focuses too much on the lesson being taught and not enough on the story The concept behind the book is a good one children need reminders of the importance of choosing good friends and standing p for themselves The problem I had was with the way the story was told The characters didn t speak like real children and their was too much dialogue and not enough description The story is pretty much all dialogue which I found a bit confusing Thankfully the illustrations added a great deal that the story left out but it makes for a reading experience that isn AS SMOOTH AS I WOULD as smooth as I would The tips at the back for parents and children good and I think that most children won t necessarily notice the things that I did But when I choose books to read out loud the text is very important I would have a hard time reading this text comfortably out loud I did notice that the cover doesn t represent the story very well Danny looks like he is standing on a stage when he and Bli go to a movie "theater and there is no contest for which he could win an award "and there is no contest for which he could win an award the book makes a worthy effort to teach an important lesson but I would have preferred a stronger sense of story and writing Won this book from GoodReads This book is just the cutest Little kids. E Fly encounter the Lousy Lizard Gang a no good group of bullies Danny the Wizard Lizard gives the first glimpse into why he is a Wizard Lizard by exhibiting special powers to stop the bullying that goes on at the movie theater Witnessing his heroic act Bli the Fly’s mother Mrs Fly realizes that she misjudged this lizard and Bli the. 4 stars given to this husband wife family medicine practicioner authorship as they pen a story about bullying In fact the stars were assigned by my two daughters ages 7 an 9 after having read the story as a family Since October is Bully Prevention Month what a timely and topical matter DON T JUDGE A LIZARD BY HIS SCALES begins in media res that is it starts right in the middle of the action which is a new twist on children s literature Since we tend to talk a lot about how we choose friends alities to look for etc around our house this particular book really resonated with my kids They immediately stopped what they were doing clad into my lap well my 7 year old anyway and listened to the story We meet Bli the fly who wants to be friends with a lizard They seem to have much in commnon except flies are typically eaten by lizards The voices of Bli and Danny the lizardare immediately innocent and engaging a big win for my kids The book reminds me a lot of the popular 1980 s series THE GET A LONG GANG but with a slightly خیام و آن دروغ دلاویز up to date premise In the end you ll find simple suggestions for expanding the discussion with your kids as well as some just for grownps tips and hints Don t Judge A Lizard By His Scales by Dang Dugi and Bli Marston Dugi was a book that taught a good lesson about bullying and prejudging others Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard want to be friends and hang out with each other But Bli the Fly is worried that her mother won t let that happen because lizards love to eat flies Danny the Wizard Lizard tells Bli the Fly he s not like other lizards and would never eat a fly They figure out a plan to go to the movies with Bli the Fly s mother so that her mother can see that Danny the Wizard Lizard is a good guy and would never hurt them Problems arise as they reach the theater and Danny the Wizard Lizard is a super hero who saves the day By the end of the story Bli the Fly s mother realizes that Danny the Wizard Lizard is not like other lizards and is happy to let her daughter be friends with himThe writing style did First of all the nderlying message of this book is very goodnot to judge someone before getting to know the person I love the illustrationsbeautiful and colorful with lots of details Kids will find the pictures very entertainingThe story is good but I feel that there needs to be an introduction to the characters How do the two main characters know each other The story begins with the two characters talking on the phone Are they school friends neighbors I also do not care for the name Bli it can be difficult for kids to pronounce it "is an nusual name My mind thinking Bill I would recommend this "an Papelucho ¿Soy dix leso? unusual name My mind keeps thinking Bill I would recommend this for younger kids but the parents should explain the story to themI received this complimentary book through Goodreads I keep going back and forth about this book I cannderstand the general Θεαίτητος uestion being asked can two sworn enemies become friends Science tellss that lizards eat flies but what were to happen if they decided that being friends was a better ideaWhat gives me the creepy factor in this book and is the final deciding factor is how they know each other in the first place How does Danny the Wizard Lizard have Bli the Fly s contact information It is not mentioned that they are school friends or neighborhood friends and when Bli tells Danny of her mother s concerns Danny s reply is Your Mom sure does think a lot Everyone knows that lizards eat flies but Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard are willing to put their differences aside to become the best of friends Danny the Wizard Lizard goes on a fly free diet as he sets out to prove that he is not like all the other lizards During their est for friendship Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli th. ,
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Learn not to judge a person by appearance That bullying is not tolerated and stand p for yourself and others It also let Lover Man us see that even though someone was a bully or not nice to you you can forgive and set and example of helping them when they are in need Definitely a book you want to pickp for your kids It sets great "Example And Lead Them Into Understanding And Not Becoming A "and lead them into The Book of Paul understanding and not becoming a to someone else First Thoughts Very cute and colorful book for childrenBli the fly wants to be friends with Danny the Wizard Lizard but her mother is not sure if that is wise Lizards can be dangerous for flies So Danny decides the best thing to do is to meet Bli s mom and prove that he is a nice guyDon t Judge a Lizard by His Scales is a beautifully illustrated book about how you shouldn t judge someonentil you meet them Bli s mother was concerned for her child and wanted to meet her new friend I m not a parent but I know that it is important for parents to be involved in their child s life and to make sure their friends are good people Just because they might be a little rough around the edges doesn t mean that they are necessarily bad and that is why a meeting is a good thing Mrs Bli realizes that she had judge Danny wrongly after she gets to meet him You should always be concerned with who your child hangs out with as you need to make sure they are safeAt the end of this book The Principle Gang has notes for both kids and parents because these books are made to build fundamental principles in your child and help guide your childrenI would highly recommend this for anyone who has young children that like to read or be read too I was given a copy to read and review I m sorry to have to say I was not a fan of this book It s a great idea stop bullying by Aprende SQL en un fin de semana: El curso definitivo para crear y consultar bases de datos (Aprende en un fin de semana n 1) using cute cartoon characters The problems the main plot of bullying gets muddled with second chances and being nice to others along with the subplot of two of the characters going on a date One of them is a fly and one is a lizard so yeah that s going to work out The lizard character also comes across as rather a jerk andite possibly a stalker He has a very self important outlook and wasn t very nice so I see why the other lizards dislike him Also I read the fly s name Bli as Bill so for the first part of the book I thought the lizard fly were a gay couple The fly mother just sort of let the lizard be in charge and I felt she needed to be stronger to help #her daughter the lizard boyfriend deal with all these issuesThe dialogue is stilted and hard to #daughter the lizard boyfriend deal with all these issuesThe dialogue is stilted and hard to just in case it was me not getting it I read to some kids and they were just as lost The authors had a good idea and I see where they were trying to go with the book but it just didn t make it All in all a nice try but not right for our family 2 stars because the authors had a good idea that didn t pan out and also the illustrations are very well done Title Don t Judge a Lizard by His ScalesAuthor Dan Dugi Bli Marston DugiIllustrator Andrea VitaliPublisher Dugi Group LLCDistributed by Greenleaf Book Group LLCYear 2014Pages 34Tree NeutralThe Principal GangDisclaimer I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my fair and Novels by Richard Brautigan Study Guide unbiased review I was given no compensation or otherwise in exchange for the review and was not reuired to be positive just honestThis is the first in what I assume will be an ongoing series of books publishednder the The Principal Gang Fly gets her first lesson in giving second chances Don’t Judge a Lizard by His Scales Book One in The Principle Gang series by Dr Dan and Bli Dugi delivers lessons in anti bullying prejudice and the value of friendships The Principle Gang series introduces the foundational principles that guide families relationships and communitie.