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Ils with bottled courage made Me Cringe Also Tries cringe He also tries hard to set the scene when there is no information Descriptions like The air was probably hot and muggy Sweat may well have popped out on Pitman s forehead are just ridiculous and unnecessaryA good read though certainly gave me some names and places to look into further Good book covering some of the lesser known Gunfightsalso uite a bit of I didn t know that in ach chapterall in all the gunslingers or guns were not very accurate and was a case of "being not only fast but lucky Western historyI have always njoyed western history "not only fast but lucky Western historyI have always njoyed western history the author has brought together some rare and amazing tales truth is stranger than fiction the account of a gun fight in which the bullet from the marshals gun went by luck down the other man s gun and the two bullets met distorting the barrel in 1917 Each chapter is a different person well written in an informal style would recommend A well structured and well written book that really gets into the heart of America s Wild West James has obviously researched the stories and his passion is conveyed through his Flash Fiction Forward 80 Very Short Stories entertaining writing Not once did I get bored something that can happenasily with a non fiction book that relies heavily on anecdote and an amount of imagination to bring the text to lifeI would have liked to have seen an index and research using contemporary texts but these probably don t xistI d recommend this to anyone with an interest in the old gunslingers I grew up watching reading about famous gunfighters of the west and watching them on televisionWyatt Earp Wild Bill the Daltons Bat Masterson and Some of these gunfighters were unfamiliar to me so this was a great learning xperience as well It was indeed the Wild West as gun toters were uicker to shoot an adversary first Very seldom they depended on their fists This book was very ntertaining to me as it brought back my childhood when life was life was a lot simple Despite being a work of non fictionReasoner is able to bring the characters to life with good description and good action I have a deep and unending love of westerns There s something so unbelievable about the truth behind. He brings us € Doc Holliday's Last Gunfight € The Last Dalton Raid € The End of the Notorious John Wesley Hardin € Wild Bill's Tragic Mistake € The End of an Earp € Gunfight at Stone Corral € The Doolin Bunch vs the US Marshals € Rourke's Bad Luck Robbery € Shoot out at the Tuttle Dance Hall € Wichita's New Year's Day Gunfight € Bat Masterson and the. .
Everyone knows about the gunfight at the OK corral but this book looks at the smaller Incidents And Tries To Put and tries to put human touch to them A wide range of characters and situations told wellIdeal as scenario ideas for RPG players anyone remember TSR s Boot Hill or wargamers using Legends of the Old West Gutshot Blackwater Gulch tc Poorly written the author is not convincing in dramatising the Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook events contained in this book and thentire narrative is littered with uncertainty Frankly I think the book warrants one star at best Сколько спят упавшие звезды? except that despite its many flaws I reallynjoyed it On the rare occasions I get to sit and take a lunch break at work the next tale of the Wild West was about the perfect bite size and it is definitely to my meal breaks detriment that I ve finished this book Crap airport trash reading but GOOD crap airport trash reading Great book for history buffs and fans of westerns Reasoner makes these stories come to life as if you were watching it on film The notorious and the good guys are brought out of the cloud of legend and placed firmly back on Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study earth real men with realmotions fighting to all too soon death Each chapter could be its own short story While it could get mundane that As Deusas as Bruxas E a Igreja Seculos de Perseguicao each one begins at the moment of action then goes back to pick up the backstory that got us to the current situationach story was The I Ching on Love edge of the seat action My only complaint is that the book was too short There were so many stories and characters I had never heard before He didn t talk about the OK Corral or any of the other ones that are household names but he made all the stories he related just asxciting I ve been a fan of westerns and stories of the Old West for a while so I thought it time I got a book on the real history The author is honest about areas where the historical information is lacking or *contested and it gives a good overview of *and it gives a good overview of famous names "AND FIGHTS THROUGHOUT THE OLD WEST S LIVELY HISTORY "fights throughout the Old West s lively history the gunfight at the OK Corral is only mentioned in passingI do object to the author s writing style though He s obviously trying to keep the language consistent with the time but it comes over as twee Phrases like varnishing his tons. James Reasoner has been praised for his well researched and lively suspenseful novels Now he proves that truth can be Prince of Thorns evenxciting than fiction Known for his ability to make history come vividly to life Reasoner strips away the dime novel legends and Hollywood myths to show us how the gunfighters of the Old West really lived killed and were killed Among the true stories. ,

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The legends of that time the fact that so many were drawn from what truly happened and nowhere near as mbellished as one might think There s a wildness to the stories and yes a romance even behind the crazed sociopaths that ran across the country and territories with guns blazing So many behind the crazed sociopaths that ran across the country and territories with guns blazing So many they were in the right so many courts acuitted them accordingly How was this only a few generations ago Draw The Greatest Gunfights of the American West is a surprisingly slim volume that goes into far detail than one might xpect Between these pages are indeed *Summaries Of The Greatest Gunfights *of the greatest gunfights of those involved and a bit of speculation on the part of the author about the circumstances There are fascinating asides now and then and ven a few pictures I learned a lot from this volume as "it seeks to dig into than just the old favorites I was particularly "seeks to dig into than just the old favorites I was particularly to see the absurd story of the xecution of Black Jack Ketchum included as his has a particularly gruesome nding that never ceases to amuseThis book is darkly humorous and I read it with the same surprise I tend to view these stories It was so recent in the past and so insane a time How many died over trivial things How many were shot just for snoring too loud or by accident I m only amazed that there weren t civilian casualties in all the mad shoot outs Then again the civilians often than not were involved in them Isn t it incredible we lived through such a time Pretty good book This is a set of stories doing it s best to relate factual tales of gun fights in the American west Of course few of these gun fights were the classical Hollywood shootoutSome writers confidently state that one of these two men meet in the street and draw fights never happened Actually a couple did I already knew of Bill James ButlerHickok s shoot out over a watch That story isn t in this book but Jim Levy s isHere you ll find outlaws lawmen back shootersladies of the vening and all manner of other characters It s a pretty good book making no claims to be the Brighter Than Gold end all and be all of historical documents it still has reliable sources If you like westerns and Western History orither you ll probably like this one. Battle of the Plaza € The Sam Bass Gang's Luck Runs Out € The Long Branch Saloon's Spectacular Fray € Ben Thompson and the Vaudeville Ambush € The Man Who Killed the Man Who Killed Jesse James These are the shootouts and showdowns that gave the Wild West its namerecounted here with gritty accuracy colorful detail and all the drama of life and death on the frontie. Draw The Greatest Gunfights of the American West