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A is for Activist gAlrightyThis review will contain spoilersSo I enjoyed this book Mostly I wanted to figure out what this book was all about and what the hell wasoing on I definitely didn t see the last half of the book coming that s for sureI think the reason I rated this book 35 is because of the uniue plot of the story There were parts I liked and parts I didn t but I thought I had to Reaching Out give it a prettyood mark for trying and almost hitting all the marksLogan is depressed has no family has stomach cancer and

just lost pretty 
lost pretty the only person and he loved a year prior to this story taking placeIt s sad almost too sad Maybe too much angst When you load that much angst and depression into a short story like this it s hard to have a HEA that feels resolved because of the story length I did like LOGAN I FELT REALLY SAD FOR HIS LOSS HIS I felt really sad for his loss His died a year prior and his heartache is actually conveyed uite well Maybe a little telling than showing happening in this story but that s okay with meSo this story is a kind of paranormal Romance Between Logan And Gyre between Logan and Gyre is this weirdo stalker who follows poor Logan around in the jungle basically Then when Logan is sick he takes care of him and shows him his village Alright this is weird but if there s one thing I pride myself on it s hard I absolutely do weird So basically Gyre turns Logan into a wildcat thing and heals his tummy cancer It s pretty cute but also very weird Weird The Lion and the Unicorn Socialism and the English Genius good The whole wildcat part of the story kind of comes out of no where maybe I wish there would ve been SOME kind of supernatural reference earlier in the story I don t know Just thinking out loadAnyway their romance was fairly believable Iet the raw chemistry thing and the weirdness of Gyre and his allur. It was an inevitable thing deathFor some it was closer than others Some never knew it was coming If it were up to Logan he'd choose to not know Unfortunately for him he did.
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EFew things bothered me in this story but nothing that a few Blood On A Foreign Shore good edits couldn t fixEXCEPT this one thing If Iot this wrong which I don t think I have my bad and please ignore this So Logan s boyfriend Daniel died and I uote It was a day past the one year anniversary of Daniel s death Okay so he s been dead 366 days Got it Then Logan references his dog that he loved that also died and I uote Lilly died two years ago of liver failure She was the last thing keep him oing now He Had NothingSo If had nothingSo If died a year ago basically and his dog died two years ago why was Lilly the only thing keeping him oing Because wouldn t Daniel have been the one keeping him oing for the year since the dog s death Because Daniel s death was sudden so it s not like they expected it for a long time and the dog was holding Logan togetherI think what Lor Rose was trying to say was that the dog lived longer and was with Logan through Daniel s death but then the dog died I think that s the message But it s unclearI think this is a timeline problem that Should Definitely Be FixedFew definitely be fixedFew small things that bugged me but I feel the need to mention because 35 is still a ood review from but I feel the need to mention because 35 is still a ood review from believe you me from severe Separation Anxiety from his own home I don t think separation anxiety needed to be capitalized He said nothing only waited for Logan to take his hand We are hereLogan exhaled and only barely managed to retain his ever unholy thank you fucking Jesus He eyed Gyre s out stretched hand with a uirked eyebrowThe sentence states that he Gyre says nothing but then in the next sentence he says We are here That should be changed me thinksAnd then there was the mention of Wal Mart twice one spelled Walmart and one WalMart I m not trying. KnowDeath was close and it was coming for him and he accepted his fateHe was set to die Logan even embraced it finally happy to leave this painful world behind That is unt. ,