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Once A Stranger eNi military mind and does not hide the fact that rape loot and random killings were commonplace and widely tolerated andven ncouraged Non Pakistani readers may still find the tone a shade too sympathetic to the army soldiers who rape and kill are always described as lonely and under great stress and their bravery and loyalty are stressed but the author is clearly trying his best to be fair to all concerned Overall the book is an interesting window into the mindset and conversations of the senior leadership of the Pakistani army in those turbulent times And Is Full Of is full of and telling anecdotes but it is not sufficient as a stand alone history of those times You will have to read a few other BOOKS TO GET THE FULL PICTURE to get the full picture well worth a read for anyone who is interested in how things loo. The region As chief of Inter Services Public Relations and press advisor to both the president and chief martial Law Administrator Abdul Rehman Siddii Was In A Position To. administrator Abdul Rehman Siddii was in a position to. Brigadier AR Siddiui was head of ISPR inter services public relations in 1971 so he had public relations in 1971 so he had ringside view of the vents leading up to the surrender of Eastern command in December 1971 This is not a detailed history of the period but rather a personal account based Arta vindecarii invatata de la Valeriu Popa entirely on the author s ownxperiences and direct observations Siddiui sahib is not a classical PMA paknationalist his mohajir background and it s later identity issues seems to have prevented full adoption of the Pakstudies idea set and he tries his best to be fair and balanced He reports the outrageous theories prevalent in the military leadership they all believed the Bengalis were insufficiently Muslim and dreamed of getting rid of the Bengali script and all cultural xpressions that seemed remotely Indian or Hindu to the West Pakista. In March 1971 the military in East Pakistan launched the suicidal attack which was TO LEAD OVER NINE LONG MONTHS TO THE COLLAPSE lead over nine long months to the collapse military strength and civil society in. Ked to someone who was hanging around the top brass The uotes from Niazi will the soldiers go to Jehlum to have sex Rahim Khan and Jilani are chilling specially when one considers that the same mindset is still being promoted in Pakistan studies classes and no Doubt In Dozens Of Army in dozens of army Not the best book on the 1971 wardidn t hold my interestHe was not directly present in the theatre of operationsbut observing vents as head of the ISPR and only making occasional visits to the theatre of the operationsButhe could observe the top brass At GHStillhis Personal Views Colour GHStillhis personal views colour narrativeHe had migrated from India to Pakistan as an adult and had ncountered issues of his own trying to adjust in the NEW COUNTRYBEFORE JOINING THE ARMYMORE A countrybefore joining the armyMore a and distant view than an actual history of the war. Observe and analyse the developing tragedy in both public and political circles His account of this traumatic pisode is refreshingly free from polemic observant and cand. .

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East Pakistan The Endgame An Onlooker's Journal 1969 1971