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H other even when you know that the odds things were going to work out were slimEchoes follows Clare O Brien and David Power who live in the seaside

Town Of Castlebay In 
of Castlebay in 1950s Clare is a daughter of a shopkeeper David is the son of a doctor The two of them don t make a lot of sense together However Binchy starts the first part of this really long book it s over 700 pages showing how smart Clare is and how she s not destined to ust Clare is and how she s not destined to ust off and be married The local schoolteacher Angela sorry can t recall her last name sees Clare s potential and pushes her through her studies Clare has dreams of going to Dublin University but needs to do well in order to be able to obtain a scholarship We get to see Clare pushing away any thoughts of boys or anything that is going to keep her from her goal David we get to see is pretty easy to like through the first part of the story He seems like an affable young man and the story He seems like an affable young man and you see him turning to follow in his father s footsteps to study medicine The book also shows us different people living in Castlebay like Gerry Doyle who we find has an odd obsession with Clare Clare s own mother Molly is hesitant about her daughter getting above herself and the two find themselves at odds throughout this book I have to say that I didn t really like David much towards the end of the book I wonder at times if this is what would have become of Benny and Jack if they had gotten back together see Circle of Friends The writing is typical Binchy You get a lot of insight into what Ireland was like back in the 50s and 60s and how hard it was for a girl like Clare to try to do anything else than what she was supposed to do according to society The ending though I think ust left too much unsaid I think we readers can guess what comes next for David and Clare However I rather have it spelled out for me This is probably one of the few Binchy books I have finished that I felt aggravated by when I finished it Read this many moons ago I my early 20 s Maeve Binchy is one of my favourite authors and I was delighted to get a copy of this bookThis story is about the relationship between Clare and David who grew up in the small town of Castlebay in the 1950 s the twists and turns of their relationship and the attitude of their parents and peersI enjoyed this book there was some really good charactersThank you to NetGalley and for Random House UK Cornerstone my e copy in exchange for an honest review I read this a long time ago shortly after it was first published but as I started re reading it all started to slowly begin to feel familiar as aspects began to come back Echoes by Maeve Binchy is a wonderful character driven piece of historical fiction that takes us back to the Ireland of the 1950s and 1960s She paints a picture of small Irish town life of the period evok. Winds this drama of ambition betrayal and love will reach its turbulent conclusion'A master storyteller' MARIAN KEYES'I have returned to read Maeve Binchy time and time again' LORRAINE KELLY'Compulsive reading Binchy has the true story teller's knack' OBSERV.

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I must have originally read this book about 25 years ago and it s one of my comfort books Yes I know most people have comfort food but I have comfort books This book is the literary euivalent of wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket settling yourself on an old but comfy couch and having a long gossip with a good friend It s heartwarming but still gritty the characters are multi dimensional with lots of flaws but remain engaging Echoes gives a lovely snapshot of Ireland as it used to be in the 60 s No I wasn t around then But ACCORDING TO MY MOTHER IT S AUTHENTIC NOT THAT to my mother it s authentic Not that s rose tinted there is a lot about social class divides and the ending is not a happily ever after one but it is realistic Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with the world that Binchy so easily creates So they may be surprised that I am only giving Echoes a 3 out of 5 While her setting cast of characters and storytelling abilities are as top notch as ever this book left me strangely unsatisfied My main issue seems to be one that is echoed forgive the pun by many of my fellow reviewers Mainly that the love story of Clare and David is not given enough time to develop in comparison with the rest of the bookI m all for falling in love fast but their love ust didn t seem real to me all for falling in love fast but their love ust didn t seem real to me most of their relationship In my opinion David who was stifled by his overbearing parents was drawn to Clare because he knew his mother would disapprove My suspicions of this are given weight by how easily cheats on her with Caroline and how little regret he feelsClare did eventually Prove To Me That She to me that she David but only after she burned the pictures and was willing to forgive everything She certainly is an amazing character with rarely paralleled strength However all that being said even though I know what the final scene of the two leaving Gerry s funeral together was meant to portray I still can t shake the feeling that the only reason they were sticking it out is to prove to everyone that they weren t wrong I wasn t left with a feeling that love conuers all but that stubbornness conuers all While I love the realism I still am not as enthralled as I wanted to be Imagine it s a rainy night and you and your best friend are sitting in comfy chairs in front of a fire Maybe you re drinking hot chocolate laughing about something when she turns to you and says Did I ever tell you the story about David Power and Clare O Brien from CatlebayWhen you say no you both settle back and she begins to tell you the story That s what this book feels like and it s wonderfulMaeve Binchy is a first class story teller and ECHOES is one of her best If you pick it up you will not be disappointed For the first three uarters of this story I loved it For most of the last uarter I had my arm drawn back ready to send the book flying again. 'A powerful story of love and ealousy' SUNDAY TELEGRAPHAMBITION BETRAYAL LOVEGrowing up in a uiet seaside town Clare O'Brien and David Power shout their hearts' desires into the echo cave praying their destinies will carry them far away from CastlebayYears. St the far wall Binchy held off anything resembling resolution for the main characters to the last two or three pages and all I can say about that without spoiling it entirely is that though it was nowhere near In Echoes Binchy proves that she truly is a master storyteller but blistering sentimentality and her penchant for verbosity turn some sections of the novel into a test of staminaThe story revolves Echoes 1985 is Maeve Binchy s second full novel I appreciated the breadth of watching the protagonist grow up enough for four stars Authors must never mislead readers with otherworldly themes The legend of an echo cave was the premise that interested me which amounted to nothing However readers will fall in love with the scholar Clare She rises above finances a ealous sister and a udgemental hometown Castlebay Her parents owned a grocery shop that was hometown Castlebay Her parents owned a grocery that was only in tourist season She befriended her schoolteacher Angela whose brother Sean was a priest revered by their Mother and catholic townClare s potential and drive to go to Dublin university and be a career woman were clear in elementary school Most of this novel is about watching Angela guide her on the route that she too succeeded at The only avenue was to win a high school and then a university scholarship and the process was gratifying to see I loved Maeve s trademark touch Clare doing her part by encouraging her lazy friend Josie to educate herself above her own bitchy sisters I love the possibility of people regarding us highly through self made successes Maeve built humour around her hard working ladies At Josie s family s hotel she and Clare became tennis pros by practicing every morning to the disbelief of her whining sisters of leisure Clare tricked her parents into insisting that she study for examsI wish Clare had remained single Momentum went downhill after dating David It was disappointing that Sean did not rid Angela of his secret in Castlebay but I understand that disapproval would not have ceased there in the 1960s The ending abruptly became a thriller about a stalker which was unsuited to the story s goal Nonetheless Echoes is a sympathetic memorable viewpoint of fickle town life You know this really does read like Circle of Friends to me This one feels a bit off to me since it seems a step back for Binchy Most of the later works she published were tied together in some way This one is a true standalone and I have read it many times over the years and always hit a point of dissatisfaction with the story I think it s because the two main characters Clare and David hit a point when you ust don t like either of them and then you ust feel badly for Clare You do wonder what would have become of Clare and David if they were not together in a time and place 1950s60s which meant that you were stuck with eac. Later their paths cross again David following in his father’s footsteps is studying medicine and Clare has won a scholarship to University CollegeBut eventually Castlebay will draw them back and against a backdrop of empty grey skies sea spray and howling.
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Echoes AUTHOR Maeve Binchy