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Lly getting some answers and insight into Charley her powers the prophecy the hellhounds and Mr Wong Although why id it take Mr Wong so long to actually Indirect Lines Halle Shifters do something to help and protect Charley How would standing in a corner help in any way The whole Charley being a ghost god from another realm it was an interesting twist on things Also liked the reasons behind Beep having to stop Lucifer instead of Charley The Reyes s parents arc finally being resolved it was perfect timing with them being able to take Beep and look after her away from all theanger Also it was uiet fitting and sweet how they got to have a second chance at being parents with Beep I would have felt sorry for Reyes and Charley losing Beep but both were too selfish to be good enough parents The set up to what ReyesCharley would have to face in the future from the three godstwelve baddies Lucifer sent to Traditioneller Stoff und individuelle Gestaltung: Untersuchungen zu Alkaios und Sappho (Beitrage zur Altertumswissenschaft) destroy Beep Cookie and Ubie getting married I also hated this though because weidn t get to see their relationship موسیٰ سے مارکس تک develop In the last book they just beganating and in this one they were married At the very least I wanted to read about Ubie s proposal and whether he Guárdate de los idus d gotten advice from Charley or Reyes or if he asked Amber s permission before proposing I would have also liked to know about their home life was Ubie even living with Cookie How was his relationship with Amber like Was heoing Toller Hecht gesucht dad stuff with herWhat Iidn t like The case of the week with the missing girl was really boring and felt out of place with everything else that was going on Thankfully it Fatty Legs A True Story didn t take up too much page time and Iid appreciate how it actually ended up serving a purpose and led to Charley visiting hell and finding out Lucifer was no longer there The AWFUL ANNOYING REPETITIVE STUPID Reyes fangirling and the STUPID UNNECESSARY LONG BORING Looking Back descriptions of Reyes s sexy face body and clothes What the hellid that actually achieve story wise His supernatural sexiness and the fact that every woman was horny for him had already been established a million books ago It wasn t needed Charley s umb reactions to Reyes like her being so umbfounded by his looks that she stood and stared at him for what was probably five fucking minutes when she was in the middle of going Die Handschriften Der Hessischen Landes- Und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt / Deutsche Und Niederlandische Gebetbuchhandschriften Der Hessischen Landes- Und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt down the bloody aisle for her best friend s wedding Was that meant to be endearing or funny or cute It wasn t It was embarrassing and ridiculous What was with Gemma sticking up for Denise and trivialising everything Charley had gone through with her Denise had been nothing but vile to Charley for her whole life she made her feel unwanted and unloved That would have been bad enough but she also made sure that Charley felt like a freak and outcast all whilst showering all her motherly love on Gemma But Gemma acted like Charley was the one in the wrong and made her feel pettyespite being the one who had grown up hated Denise punishing Charley and being vile towards her and pushing her out of her own family for years and years was unforgivable I hated how Denise was made out to be some poor lonely misunderstood victim and Charley the bad guy Never mind that Charley was a child when she suffered all of Denise s vitriol apparently it was still Charley s fault and she had to just get over it and be nice to Denise and let her be a part of her baby s life Ugh the whole thing was beyond fucked up and Gemma was seriously the worst sister ever I was pissed with Charley s The Philosopher's Apprentice doormat ways I hated her forgiving her step mum and excusing all the bad herad had Cruel Intentions done to her Sheidn t need to hate them or stay angry at them forever but I at least expected her to always be at least a little bitter and resentful at them when there were legitimate reasons for it Forgiveness and closure Higher A Historic Race to the Sky and the Making of a City doesn t eual forgetting everything and being all nicey nice and never having a bad thought or feeling about the person being forgiven Charley would have been so much interesting if she hadn t excused all the crap her parents hadone over the years What was wrong with her having a relationship with them without forgiving and forgetting all they Two Americans done A couple of heart to hearts and her mum and The Infinity Puzzle uantum Field Theory and the Hunt for an Orderly Universe dadoing some basic parenting after years of crap parenting Overthrow America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Ira didn t erase all the hurt feelings and all their years of awfulness The bad guys conveniently leaving all of Charley s friends alone It was only Denise who was targeted by them everyone else carried on with their lives like normalespite being leverage to get at Charley The bad guys had so many opportunists to kill off or hurt Charley s friends but somehow nothing happened to them What was with Reyes holding Charley s throat whenever he was mad at her or horny for her Was it meant to be sexy or something Because it was abusive and threatening than anything He manhandled her and was violent around her he was one step away from being a wife beater The scene where they returned from hell was especially uncomfortable he was so close to beating her bloody if there hadn t been an audience he would have beaten the crap out of her What really took the piss though was Charley acting all apologetic and feeling guilty for going to hell even though she id it to save a young girl s life she had every right to risk her own life and Reyes had no right getting all angry and righteous especially when he was happily risking his own life throughout the book And why was Charley concerned for Reyes s man pain than his threatening behaviour towards her She should have been worried about her safety Reyes being mad at her idn t give him the right to grab her throat or hair or punch a wall beside her head It was classic abusive behaviour but oh no it was just brushed off as Reyes being scared and worried Ugh just fucking ugh Hated the Cased Images Tintypes KwikGuide double standards between CharleyReyes It was one rule of him and another for Charley he was allowed to lie keep secrets and risk his life and Charley just had to be cool with it But she wasn t allowed too any of that without Reyes getting violent or sulky about it Why Johann Sebastian Bach Mit Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten Rowohlts Monographien did Reyes keep hiding things from Charley He knew she was stupid and impulsive especially when she was curious Didn t he think it would be safer to simply tell Charley what he was up to than hide it from her and have her end up inanger It almost read like he was purposefully not telling her stuff just so she could o something stupid and endanger herself WTF was with Reyes testing out Charley s honesty He was a bigger fatter liar than she was they both hid things but he had WAY secrets He was a bigger fatter liar than she was they both hid things but he had WAY secrets Charley Him acting like Charley was the ishonest liar in the relationship was fucking ridiculous What was with Charley falling over all the time Her clumsiness was Ambulantes Operieren in Klinik Praxis Und Mvz downright stupid and incongruous itidn t fit with her being a super awesome shiny light bulb god How was it with all the combined powers Charley Reyes and Osh had they were unable able to figure a way to get Charley out of the well she Siempre es difícil volver a casa d fallen into Really I just can t picture super powerful beings who are able toestroy all kinds of evil being Deliciously Ella Every Day defeated by a rusty old well Since when has Osh been powerful than Reyes He s one of many slaveemons whereas Reyes is the son of Satan and one of a kind It makes no sense that Osh would suddenly be made powerful than Reyes no matter how old he is The hellhounds were actually the good guys and were trying to protect Charley What Didn t they keep attacking Charley in the last book I think I need to skim the last one because I m sure I remember them biting her and fighting her I m so pissed at Jacob and Rennesmee 20 WTF Beep s barely a few Ambuscade from The Unvanuished days old and she already has a creepy old guy as a love interest Charley had some sort of premonition in which she said Osh would love Beep when she was older and that he would be the one who would tip the balance as to whether Beep couldestroy Lucifer and save the world Ugh the whole OshBeep set up was sickening He s even older than her centuries old La mujer víctima y cómplice dad and has seen and experienced countless things andone so much evil Someone like that being romantically connected to an innocent baby is beyond fucked up He was even there at her birth and he held her and must have fed and changed her he also flirted with her mum and purposefully tried to turn her mother on It s just so The Adventures of the Brown Girl in her Search for God disturbingI can just imagine when Beep grows up that he ll watch her from aistance to protect her and no The Horde A Golden Book doubt cockblock her too like the grade A pervert he is or he llrop in and out of her life and or less try to groom her Sick sick sick All of it was sick Why the hell was Charley not bothered that Osh an old screwed up Cours de Philosophie Positive, Vol. 4 of 4 demon who looked after baby Beep would oneay love Beep I m hoping Osh s love for Beep will be platonic but that Sex Vacation with Step Dad Insatiable Stepdaughter doesn t seem to be the case what with Charley repeatedly stressing how much Osh looks like a teen not just a teen a very sexy teen Not to mention Beep sestiny being so intertwined with his and him being so L'Odyssée des gènes dark and tortured and needing to be saved from sin and temptation it s like he s being set up so that all he needs is the love of a good womanspeshul snowflakeMary Sue to save him from himself or some rubbish Ugh Nooubt Osh will be panting after teen Beep as soon as he can and she ll be getting all lusty over how ark and mysterious and sexy he is I really hope I m ead wrong because OshBeep is Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens disgusting A baby shouldn t have a love interest like she s in some sort of supernatural arranged marriage and if sheoes need to have a love interest at least make them the same bloody age instead of someone who s even older than their centuries old Red Tails Black Wings The Men of America's Black Air Force dad There better not be a YA spin off with speshul snowflake teen Beep trying to takeown Lucifer whilst getting all hot for Osh who will no Wolfgang Borchert In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten doubt smolder at her make cryptic remarks and act like aouche No Gottfried Benn In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten doubt he conveniently leave out being good friends with her parents and that he loved acting sexual towards her mother No thanks There also better not be some supernatural thing that speeds up her age Renesmee style Ugh Beep was ruined for me as soon as she was given a nasty old love interest before she was even born I really wasn t impressed with Charley conveniently losing all her memories at the end That means the ninth book will have a clueless Charley running around trying to figure who she is and what s going on and Reyes will no Princesas Dragn: El monstruo de las profundidades doubt be there withholding information and making cryptic remarks It s like a huge step back in the series Charley just got to know about herself and her powers and now that s all been taken away the story and characters should be moving forwards not backwards I really hope Charley regains ALL her memories back uickly Ion t want her amnesia to last the entire book What would be the point in that It s just filler and Medioevo da leggere Guida allo studio delle testimonianze scritte del Medioevo italiano Piccola biblioteca Einaudi dragging things out I hope by the end of the series Charley goes back to her own realm instead of leaving it and her people weak and unprotected Sheoesn t need to play grim reaper on Earth or stay with Reyes because she just loves him oh so much her own realm and people should come first to her But I oubt that ll happen she ll probably give her powers to Mr Wong or something and send him back to look after her universe whilst she pisses around with Reyes and spends eternity as a grim reaper just so she can be with him All in all it was good in some ways but bad in I m still

Invested In The Story 
in the story characters but I need less fangirling and filler and character growth and movement in the story Oh I also nee. Wly vowed nun she keeps seeing in the shadows is almost enough to pull her out of her oldrumsCharley’s been forbidden to step foot off the sacred grounds While the angry hellhounds can’t traverse the consecrated soil they can lurk just beyond its borders They have the entire team on edge especially Reyes And if Charley idn’t know better she would swear Reyes is getting sick He grows hotter with every moment that passes his heat scorching across her skin every ,

D Reyes to stop his wife beater overbearing hypocritical ways 25 Why Don t I Love You StarsBuddy Read with some great girls Liz Aly oOSarahOo Jo Alexa and Jaime at Buddies Books and BaublesThis is one of my favorite series to read so it totally pains me to say I idn t really like it I ve pondered my feeling about this for a few Body Language days now and there are a few things that I just can t let go Have you ever read a book in the series and wondered if you remembered everything from the previous book incorrectly As we were wrapping up this book that is totally how I feltThere is one glaring thing that happens in this book and even after it is explained Iidn t buy it I looked at my notes from book 7 and still Shine didn t buy it It is one of those things that I either loved everything else in the book so much that you just let it goor the book is just ho hum so it is the straw that breaks the camel s back I m so sad to say it was the later for meBUTI have loved many of the books in this series so while Iidn t like a lot of stuff in this one I will still read the next book In a series this long there is bound to be one possibly two that I Louise im blauweiß gestreiften Leibchen didn t adore Some of the Good Stuff Charley is still funny and punny and full of spunk She has an ADD uality that really makes me laugh and if you are at book 8 with me well then I m pretty sure you feel that way too There is still some funialogue and antics between her and the other characters Do you need anything else Pitocin One corner of his mouth rose What s that It induces labor It s about time for Beep to move out Cut her hair Get a job I need a flat belly Have you tried crunches I just Fasting Opening the door to a deeperintimatepowerful relationship with God don t get it I m supernatural You re supernatural Why can t we have one of those uick pregnancies like Bella and Edward Gwen from Torchwood Scully Deanna Troi Or even Cordelia when thatemon impregnated her Twenty four hours later bam Demon child The Chapter headings still always hilarious My The Next American Civil War death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time TRUE FACT The side characters are always wonderful I adore Cookie Amber and uinton There are a plethora of others and Osh is becoming interesting all the time BEST PART OF THIS BOOK I finally know whowhat Mr Wong is I mean I needed to read eight books for him to finallyo something but FINALLY one uestion answered There are a few answered about the Army and the Twelve but honestly some of that was just confusing I had a hard time picking out who was supposed to be who I m not entirely sure how I feel about the ending of this book I both liked and hated it for practically the same reason ButI hope that it leaves a really good set up for book 9 which I will Detroit An American Autopsy definitely read but no commitments past that And now to Rain on the Parade I was a little worried about this because anytime you write a baby into a story you have a chance of becoming a little boring or losing that thing that made you character interactions great Charley used to run around town solving crime and getting into all sorts of trouble But that is really hard to mimic when you are trapped in a convent and 8 months pregnant All the characters have to come to Charley since she can t leave and even though everyone comes to the conventand I mean everyone it just wasn t the sameCharley still gets into plenty of trouble even when on the ground but some of it just seemed stupid to me I mean she just view spoilerhad a baby in a well andecides to go to hell to find a spirit Where is that mothering instinct and need to protect herself so she can protect her child hide spoiler This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books BEFORE READING Dear BookWhat I expect from youa Epic Battle of Good vs Evilb Reyes Charley the rest of the gang on the winning sidec Arrival of BeepThat about sums it up No unnecessary Weird But True Facts about US History drama por favor AFTER READING Now after I ve read the book I must admit that even though Iid like the story espite some issues I also can understand the criticalnegative reviews and even side with some of the issues the other fans of this series pointed out and which I ll list now in short in my review tooBut before the negative stuff I have to say that
These Characters Are Still 
characters are still to my heart There were some parts of the story that I loved and I m efinitely going to continue with the series It s just that I Experimente des Lebens: Über wilde Kinder, Zwillinge, Kibbuzniks und andere aufschlussreiche Wesen don t think that the story is on the same level yet as my favorite series of this genre Fever series by K M Moning Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh The reasons for 3 stars rating NO SPOILERS The main reason for my 3 stars rating is the ending where the epic battle or rather epic failure of the battle between the good guys vs the bad guys took place Why failure Well it had all the elements to be epic but in my opinion it was poorlyeveloped and concluded No offense but it was rushed and kind of sloppy How come the best and the most expected part of the story happened in less than 20 pages And what about the poor portrayal of the new important characters who instead of scary bad ass and ruthless turned out weak and boring You all know whom I mean Charley s constant reckless and naive behavior When are we finally see some character growth Confusing theory about Charley s origin This constant re adjusting of her origin theory is only confusing me and and resulting in loopholes First she is this then she is that and now she is smth else etc Charley Reyes being secretive with each other even now Trust issues trust issues everywhereAll in all I liked the book but I Dramen. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Griechisch/deutsch didn t love it I m sure the majority of the Charley fandom will love it though Considering all the amazing books I ve read so far this is a 3 stars read for me Charley DavidsonI have always been your biggest fan Whenid you become so De blauwe boekanier dull BR with Liz Aly Jo Robin Alexa Jaime starting May 19 2015 DNF at 27% Warning 1 I m in a very bad mood today I ve only slept for three hours And I feel like punching someone This is not going to go well Warning 2 this review contains spoiler And Ion t give a Wilhelm Von Humboldt damn I m insensitive like that Warning 3 this review might contain spoilers about Fever Yes Fever And I m not sure I give aamn about that either at this point Hell JZB would probably kick my ass if he knew Actually I think I The Duke's Match Girl (Fiery Tales, d rather like that Him kicking my ass I mean I migressing aren t I Yeah JZB tends to have that effect on a girl s two grey cells I ve always had mixed feelings about this series Most instalments were kind of meh Two of the books were pretty great but Cold Hand in Mine Strange Stories don t ask me which ones because I can t remember and can t be bothered to check right now I ve wasted enough time with this crap as it is I almost gave up on the series after book 6 and its Reyes is a sick love puppy and the most boring Son of Satan ever fest But I still read book 7 Don t judge I can be stupid like that The most surprising thing is I LOVED it I must have been high at the time Orrunk Or both Anyway I enjoyed book 7 so much I American tramp and underworld slang; decided to read this lovely book right here I should have reread Who s Holding the Baby instead I already told you not to judgeidn t I Thought so I should have known this wouldn t go well I mean Charley was pregnant by the end of book 7 Charley Davidson Pregnant Most ridiculous idea in the history of ridiculous ideas And most ridiculous idea in the history of ridiculous ideas 2 she and Reyes getting married You have got to be kidding me The Freaking Son of Satan getting married I The Naked Consultation don t think so This was aisaster waiting to happen And it id Happen The isaster I mean To say it was one of Epic Proportions oesn t even begin to cover it PART I what I read and thought was utterly pathetic My husband husband husband is sexy sexy sexy hot hot hot beautiful beautiful beautiful please kill me somebody Okay So Reyes Alexander Farrow is in Charley s own words sexy as fuck We know that Darynda Jones has been rehashing it to us STOOPID Readers Who Don T readers who on t it since book 1 You Maikling Kuwentong Kapampangan at Pangasinan d think she get past this by book 8 wouldn t you Hahaha you re so funny This book right here is an ode to the Son of Satan s Glorious Body muscular chest broad shoulders strong jaw thick and The Assassins of Isis dark lashes full mouth sculpted to perfection Arrrggghhhh I think I just got trapped in a freaking PNR novel Someone please get me out of here NOOOOWWWWWW By the way in case youidn t know the Son of Satan is hot The Son of Satan is Charley s HUSBAND The Son of Satan is sexy The Son of Satan is Charley s HUSBAND The Son of Satan is beautiful The Son of Satan is Charley s HUSBAND The Son of Satan is handsome The Son of Satan is Charley s HUSBAND Major swooning and sighing and fainting happen whenever he s around Poor pathetic Charley gets weak in the knees just looking at him Even when she s walking Get Even The Complete Book Of Dirty Tricks down the aisle at her best friend s wedding She just stops and stares The Freaking Son of Satan is THAT hot And Charley s HUSBAND And sexy as fuck And Charley s HUSBAND And beautiful And Charley s HUSBAND And handsome And Charley s HUSBAND are you getting bored yet Consider yourselves lucky this is theecaffeinated version of the ode A complete joke compared to what you have to go through when you read the actual book The Cheese Fest you make me want to stab myself with a forkCharley Davidson Lovey Dovey Inc Seriously Out of character much Did you get a personality transplant or something Oh wait it must be the pregnancy hormones kicking in Because women are like that you know they get all silly romantic when they are pregnant You can t blame them you know they re only poor pathetic females and can t help it hey Darynda Jones have you ever considered writing romance novels I can see a great future for you in that genre I mean there s cheese here than in the last two romance novels I read uite an achievement Manufactured Amharic Newspaper Reader drama the last strawSo Reyes expressly told Charley not to go and look for his adoptive parents And whatoes I m supposed to be an adult but I behave like a 10 year old Charley Again My Lord Twist do She hires a PI to look for Reyes adoptive parents what seems to be the problem Darynda Jones Have you no inspiration left Did you suddenlyevelop early signs of Alzheimer s and completely forgot that there once was an interesting plot in this series I m sorry I m probably getting it all wrong here Because it s obviously much interesting to come up with pathetically manufactured sub plots about the Son of Satan s freaking adoptive parents than to talk about what once was the series arc At this point I couldn t take it any and Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism decided to DNF because there s only so much crap I can take But myear friend Robin the Star read her review here was lovely enough to send me a recap of the book when she finished reading it And man am I glad I DNFed this piece of crap PART II what I MEDIAtions Text and Discourse in Media Studies didn t read and thought was utterly pathetic The pathetically manufacturedrama collapses like a souffl It turns out Reyes had already contacted his adoptive parents before Charley The Oblivion Seekers decided to look for them that s like what 2030 pages wasted for absolutely nothing Pretty much yeah Did I say pathetic already I guess Iid Charley is really a god from another realmI kid you not Mr Wong who s been hovering around in total silence for the last 7 instalments is actually her general from the other realm sorry What シャーマンキング 2 did you say A bit far fetched A teensy bit ridiculous Now nowon t be so harsh This is pure genius view spoilerjust in case you were wondering YES this is me being sarcastic hide spoiler. Ime he’s near but naturally he swears he’s fineWhile the team searches for clues on the Twelve Charley just wants answers and is powerless to get them But the mass of friends they’ve accrued helps They convince her even that everyone in her recent life has somehow been A Ringing Glass: The Life of Rainer Maria Rilke drawn to her as though they were a part of a bigger picture all along But the good feelingson’t last for long because Charley is about to get the surprise of her crazy mixed up supernatural lif. Yes it s finally that time of the year Charley Davidson is back with us in all her glory to amuse and entertain to make us laugh and even break our hearts Charley s world is becoming complicated by the second Eighth Grave finally offers some answers but with them come even uestions and uncertainties Darynda Jones knows how to give us just enough intrigue us even and leave us begging for the next installment Eighth Grave is static than the previous book Kritik der Menschenrechte Warum Universalismus und Globalisierung die Freiheit bedrohen Edition JF due to Charley and Reyes being geographically limited Instead of running all over the place and jumping from one case to the next Charley is closed up in a convent unable to leave the premises This limits her ability to investigate but she wouldn t be Charley if sheidn t find ways around her Mystery follows our girl everywhere why should an abandoned convent be any ifferentEighth Grave may be a slower book but it s a game changer nevertheless It s one of the most emotionally charged Charley Davidson books to ate and as usual you can expect laughs and tears both Most of us who read Seventh Grave already suspected that things would never be the same but none of us could have predicted where Jones would choose to take it all in the end The changes are scary for Charley and they re very scary for us fans For the first time since the beginning even after all the hardship the injuries and the losses we on t know how our beloved character might changeThe ending is not a cliffhanger as such but it s wide open and it gives us a clear idea of what to expect in the next book which will undoubtedly be very emotional for all of us However the set up the brand new situation our heroes find themselves in will likely be a source of hilarity too Things usually are where Charley s involved The release of Ninth Grave has been pushed to 2016 which I m none too thrilled about but I wait forever for Charley and Reyes What s nine months between friends Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis was the first time that I ve read a CHARLEY DAVIDSON novel so I was a little worried that the story just wouldn t be the same without Lorelei King s narration and yes I The Worst of Times did miss her sultry voice audiobook s been pre ordered but I regret nothing EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was the installment that I ve been craving since Darynda Jones began laying her trail of breadcrumbs in FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT We get answers to oh so many uestions to the point that I ll be hitting play on my iPhone the moment it shows up because one pass wasn t nearly enoughLately this series has been on my easy listening playlist thanks to it s snarky humour scorching romance and the fact that it s for the most part mindless entertainment Well that all changes with this latest addition Charley s working a case from the confines of a convent no less and her latest problematic spooks aren t stalking her in order to cross over Oh and she s eight months preggo AND the prophesy is not even close to beingone with her yet I typed up a list of must remember events and I have sixteen bullet points SIXTEENI found that the author waited a touch too long to fill readers in on what s what it seemed like she saved every single reveal for this installment and as much as I loved finally getting to open Pandora s Box it was a bit much to take in all at once Practically every page had an ah ha moment but as gratifying as the The Gorgeous Nothings discoveries were this novel wasn t nearly as funny as some of the previous volumes so while it was a strong addition in many respects itidn t The Amish in Their Own Words deliver in all areas Still the Mr Wong mystery was solved that s all that mattersJonesefinitely hit all of the right notes where my favourite characters were concerned Cookie Ubie are sneaking up on Charley Reyes and I m really Her Name Is Woman: Book 2 (Her Name is Woman) diggin Osh too I even started to like Denise Davidson s witch of a stepmom which was weird but I m so over her now I was howeverisappointed that there s still Amish Awakening drama between the lead couple they persist onoing stuff behind each other s backs I mean it s looking like their kid might be Earth s only hope so maybe they should get their act together because the fate of humanity uite possibly hangs in the balance Just a thoughtEIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was a critical book in the CHARLEY DAVIDSON series and Manufacturing Science despite my minor uibbles I will beownloading the audio on Tuesday and spending the next nine hours with Darynda Jones and Lorelei King for a repeat performance I loved the first 5 books in the series but they have gone progressively Vibrations Passionnes downhill since This series used to be UFPNR Now it s practically a cozy mystery with a paranormal twist because Charleyoesn t Una Frontera Lejana: La Colonizacion Galesa del Chubut, 1865-1935 do shit and figures everything out by talking to people Except sheoesn t talk to anyone she really needs to and winds up in trouble because she thinks she knows best The thing this book needed most was a plot Almost nothing happened The only reason I finished it was because I heard the end was surprising which it was But was it good That s A Viagem de Pedro Alvares Cabral debatable Where is the series headed It s gone off in an oddirection I Growing Up Amish The Teenage Years Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies desperately miss the old Reyes He was a bad ass edgy and unpredictable He used to live by his own rules andidn t listen to anyone else Now he Taming Tessa doesn to anything but protect Charley Every move he makes is so obvious because it s all about Charley He s the son of Satan FFS Do something that is mildly interesting Wow me with your awesomeness On the bright side he s still sexy yes I am being sarcastic Charley and every other woman in the book noticed constantly Apparently being the most gorgeous man alive is supposed to make me forget that he s gotten softSome long awaited uestions the most gorgeous man alive is supposed to make me forget that he s gotten softSome long awaited uestions finally answered and were a big letdown What Charley is was revealed which absolute Vilem Flusser didn t add much to the story It s already been said that she s all powerful which is lame anyway What is exciting about a character that can t be bested and has no limitations Nothing Frankly she isn teserving of being special She s not Valentine Cyborg dumb but lacks forethought How many times can she put her life inanger without any serious conseuences Shouldn t someone with her powers be able to think ahead and Indonesian Portraits do what is best for the long run instead of what is best for right now If she keeps going at this rate she ll end upestroying the universe out of some misguided attempt to save one person And if she really cares so much about people then why Star Wars : Le ct obscur doesn t she actively seek out people to help instead of only helping when she s askedI expected to be blown away when Mr Wong s identity was revealed I was sorelyisappointed there I hadn t figured out who he was but after all of this build up I thought it would have been epic His general role in the series was what I expected it to be but why and how he got there wasn t The prophecy is focusing on the aughter than Charley and Reyes now Is a big time jump coming where she is grown up It appears the story may shift in that irection although I could be completely wrong about that As creepy as it is there are hints the baby may have a love interest already which is really gross It is not appealing for a grown man to watch a child grow up and fall in love with her as an adult The end efinitely changed things Based on the problems Charley was facing it seems like the simple solution would be to tell her her real name in the next book Of course it won t play out like that because there wouldn t be any point to the next book It s sad to say but I m no longer interested in the overarching storyline This series took a wrong turn with Charley being I m no longer interested in the overarching storyline This series took a wrong turn with Charley being mother 4 45 s Charley s well into her pregnancy and well into going stir crazy from having to staying on the covenant grounds in order to be safe from the hellhounds Of course that oesn t stop her from looking into cases or from cases looking for herAnother action packed fast paced story from Darynda Jones As always it had me sucked in from the beginning even if it started a bit slow It was worth catching up on things and finding out what Charley and Reyes have been up toI couldn t imagine how Charley would be able to Tell Me the Truth about Love do any cases but DJ was able to work things out so that she couldof course I loved that Cookie is just as addicted as Charley issometimes I forget that she s than just a glorified secretary And I especially loved how involved Amber has become Reyes is still up to his old trickskeeping secrets and seducing Charley The best part handsown was when she was reading Lover Awakened for the twenty eighth time Gotta say that I m pretty sure Reyes put Z to shame There s always so much going on in these books but I really love when everyone comes together I guess a wedding will o that It was great how no one wanted to leave There s some interesting twist and turns and we find out a lotas oes Charley And unfortunately there s some huge heartbreak but the good thing is that leads to the best plot twist ever OMGI cannot wait for the next book The plot twist isn t original but I Mastering CMake (2010) don t really care I can t wait for them to go through it all again The Good Stuff Dual Pov s Just Charley s except the last chapter is from Reyes POV Steam Factor Scale 1 5 Never enough but OMG that one scenesmokin Angst Scale 1 5 Ahhhhthe heart break that was pretty bad Next book The Dirt on Ninth Grave comes out January 5 2016 Favorite uotes I robbed the cradle I llo that thing with my tongue Lover Awakened He nestled his head on my shoulder Weren t you reading this book last month No He raised a brow Yes I can t stop I ve read it twenty seven times in a row He chuckled Do you need to be awakened Parently You know you Pirates Francais Des Caraibes don t need a manual for that I can walk you through it step by step And boyid he Why The Path to Success is Paved with Positive Thinking How to Live a Joy filled Life and Make Your Dreams Come True did I finish the 7th book so uickly I just couldn t stop myself I had to keep reading I need my fix for Reyes Charley s crazy humor Cookie s awesomeness and SERIOUSLY what is with these endings THATS how you re going to end it I need to know what s going on now That Dealer is looking better and better Oh and have you seen the cover Love it ReviewWow Darynda howo you Heart Beat My Life With Jack and Neal do it 5 stars and I give it if I could Just wow This book answered so many uestions I ve had for so long and it was so great to have some things come to ve had for so long and it was so great to have some things come to I was so wrong about a lot of things That makes me happy though Means the book was not in any way predictable I guess I still have a lesson to learn since I read this in pretty much one The Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures day work and kids tried toistract me Not gonna happen I know the next one will be worth the wait oesn t mean I like waiting though Well time to go find my next read and get lost in those worlds until I can return to the incredible world that is Charley Davidson 25 stars SpoilersThis was ifficult to rate on the one hand I hated it for a multitude of reasons but on the other I enjoyed the familiarity of the characters and the world and there were parts that were enjoyable in a mindless fluffy kind of way And underneath all of Charley s idiocy and hornyness for Reyes there was actually a solid storyWhat I Liked Skipping ahead to the end of Charley s pregnancy I really Computational Health Informatics didn t want to read than one book of Charley acting all cute and precocious with her pregnancy The convent setting with everyoneropping in and out and helping each other It was just a nice back Amphibians and Reptiles of Gr drop to the comfortableynamics and interactions that were going on between Charley s people Charley s group of people they were what made the story It was great how they Wvi Ecology d all become close through Charley and were kind of like a family Fina. With twelve hellhounds after her pregnant Charley Davidson takes refuge at the only place she thinks they can’t get to her the grounds of an abandoned convent But after months of being cooped up there Charley is ready to pop Both metaphorically and literally since she is now roughly the size of a beached whale Fortunately a new case has captured her attention one that involves a murder on the very grounds the team has taken shelter upon Aecades old murder of the ne.


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Eighth Grave After Dark