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Y in the aftermath of the nightly bombing raids But this body isn t a victim of the bombs No This body was stabbed to death WhodunitThe investigation starts with Inspector Jago and his partner meeting all manner of people whose only relationship was that they knew or knew of the victim none of whom appear to have any motive or killing him As the story progresses Unexpected Relationships Emerge Between The Characters Which Leave Us With relationships emerge between the characters which leave us with having both motive and opportunity or The MurderYes There Were murderYes there were of red herrings and the end managed to both surprise me and make perfect sense That s always the sign of an excellent mysteryI was impressed by the character voices about the way I could hear the different accents I was also impressed with the overall setting and background the subplot around contract mismanagement the comments about gender euity the history in general It gave the novel a sense of time and place I rarely see in Christian ictionAnd this was Christian iction although it s Christian iction of a understated variety as is typical with British Author A Murder With A Twist fiction It s clear Inspector Jago is on a spiritual journey whether he knows it or not I ll watch that with interest inuture books along with his relationship with the pretty American journalistThis is the third book in the Blitz Detective series but can easily be read as a standalone novel I haven t read the The Tragic Life of Lady Tina DeSilva Tales From Verania first two in the series but will be ordering them soon Recommendedor historical Serving the Centurion Servants of Vesta fiction lovers especially those who like police procedural mysteriesThanks to Lion Publishing and NetGalleyor providing a ree ebook or review You can ind out about Mike Hollow at The Blitz Detective website Loved this book and now a MH
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Will buy his uture please keep writing Loved the hints of eternal truths in there 5 starsThis is a very well written book It Kosingas Onaj što nauči mrak da sija flows beautifully Mr Hollow is aine writer When the bombs Never Have I Ever Dated the Bad Boy (Never Ever Love, finally uitalling during the blitz in England in a stuffy air raid shelter the body of Even himself Jago discovers that Paul isn’t the only pacifist whose convictions have been challenged For some anger and violence lie just below the surface And despite Ramsey’s moral stance it seems there were dark shadows in his life In To Steal a Heart The Bleaker Street Inuiry Agency fact than one person might have had a motiveor murd. .
N FictionMy rating is 5 out of 5 starsThis is a series that is right up my alley It is British historical WWII era and police procedural This is one of my Поехали 1 favorite genres and I am glad I haveound a new author This is the third book in the series and while it could be read as a standalone I would recommend reading the books "in order as there are references made in this book to prior events that occurred in the other two books "order as there are references made in this book to prior events that occurred in the other two books the seriesThe air raid siren announces the need to take shelter People head to the concrete bunkers built in the middle of the road that are supposed to BE PROTECTION FROM THE BOMBS DROPPED protection Die geheime Physik des Zufalls: Quantenphnomene und Schicksal - Kann die Quantenphysik paranormale Phnomene erklren? from the bombs dropped the Germans Tell that to Jack Ramsey who winds up dead in one and notrom a bomb but What a Flanker: The funniest sports biography you’ll read in 2020 from a stab wound He is murdered and discovered by a local 13 year old boy who is out collecting shrapnel to trade Not much is known initially about the man but it is soon discovered that he is a conscientious objector Feelings run high against someone labeled a conchie so did someone kill himor his stance against the war Inspector Jago and Constable Cradock are on the case As they pursue clues suspects emerge Inspector Jago and Constable Cradock are on the case As they pursue clues suspects emerge hidden ties to one another Who took the Color Atlas Art final step to murderI really like the setting of this series I have learned about various aspects of WWII that I didn t know before including about the deplorable conditions of these shelters how the war effected the educational system in London and how these bombings effected lives I think it is an important reminderor this generation about the awful effects of war and what our great grandparents or grandparents experienced The two characters of Inspector Jago and Constable Cradock work well together with Cradock providing some lightness when needed and Jago reigning the younger man in when needed The potential romance of Inspector Jago and an American Oblivion (A Lux Novel) female journalist an interesting side story I lookorward to the next mystery Jago and Cradock encounter next It s 1940 the middle of the London Blitz and there is a bod. Ins He’s Paul Ramsey a young teacher and he’s dead – stabbed through the heartDI Jago uickly establishes that the victim was a pacifist desperate to avoid military service Why then was he carrying a loaded revolver in his pocket Did he have enemies Was he intent on harming someone – or. I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Lion Hudson Plc Lion Fiction Thank youThis is the third book in the Blitz Detective series but the irst novel I ve read either in that series or by Mike Hollow The story takes place in the Essex County Borough of West Ham in 1940 This area of London was bombed so heavily during the Blitz because it was located near the shipyards and the German strategy was to disrupt the building of British ships to make the island even isolated and incapable of ighting the German warships In previous novels I ve READ THIS HORRIBLE TIME IN about this horrible time in history the who took shelter rom the bombs did so in the tunnels of the London Underground In this story the people shelter in concrete bunkers constructed above ground actually in the roadway The author shows what a nightmare these above ground bunkers must have been with no ventilation systems and nothing to do but sit in the dark on a concrete bench or on newspapers on the Винни-Пух выручает друга floor until the all clear sirens sounded It s no wonder so many people made the deadly decision to remain in their homes or to go into their own Anderson shelters in their back gardenWhen the all clear is sounded after a night of heavy bombing the body of a man isound in one of the above ground shelters Police are called and Detective Inspector John Jago and Detective Constable Peter Craddock Lelaki Separuh Romantik follow the clues to discover the identity of the victim and the motiveor the killing Their investigation leads them to the pacifist movement the state of the education system Tercipta Satu Ikatan for the children remaining in the city and the temptationsor corruption in the local governing bodyI learned many new I Can Subtract Bills and Coins facts concerning this point in the history of World War II andor that I thank the author I could not seem to become completely engaged with the main characters but I might be willing to read another book in this series in the uture Title Enemy Action The Blitz Detective 3Author Mike HollowPages 318Year 2017Publisher Lio. Pacifists don't own revolvers But Paul Ramsey does And now he's dead Fifty people suashed into a stinking public air raid shelter all night – babies screaming old ladies crying no beds not even a light to see by When the all clear siren sounds people disperse to home and work But one man rema. Enemy Action (The Blitz Detective #3)