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Sell the farm and is isolated in the country Zenobia a relations suggest that a young cousin Mattie Silver come and care for her in the manner that Zenobia had cared for Frome s mother While Zenobia is ailing and supposedly on her deathbed Frome starts showing feelings toward Mattie What nsues for the rest of the novella is his conflicted feelings toward both women as he considers his future Wharton paints a picture of a grim reality for Frome That the story occurs in winter in a town named Starkfield is no coincidence Her witticism as she debates whether Frome should honor his wife s feelings or leave her and lope with Mattie are uncanny Even though Starkfield appears as a depressing town to life in Wharton s use of language and plot development had me reading to discover the denouement of Frome s sad tale The fact that she included her usual twist toward sad tale The fact that she included her usual twist toward nd nhanced the story I have only discovered Edith Wharton over this March s women s history month reads but I find it remarkable that her writing can go from comedy in one story to tragedy in another and still contain a high level of wit She wrote at a time when the novel was dominated by the middle class and was one of few upper crust society women to write That she ntered a male profession and ventually won a of few upper crust society women to write That she ntered a male profession and ventually won a for her writing makes her career all the impressive Although Ethan Frome is a tragedy I found the story interesting nough to hold my attention The Pretenders (The Similars, especially as Wharton inserted her mark at thend A four star read I look to read of Wharton s work in the future Magnificent spectacular I somehow always feel I must assign many types of superlatives to the magnificent spectacular Edith Wharton Definitely top ten writers of ALL TIME contender Her best is Age of Innocence her not as much personally alas is House of Mirth but sandwiched between them is this tense novella about the restrictions of unconventional feeling it has the type of invigorating force that compels the reader to do his one job and do it good I adore this slim tome admire Wharton for being absolutely angelic literature wise in her rare immense perfection Hey Mrs Kinetta are you still inflicting all that horrible Ethan Frome damage on your students John Cusack Grosse Pointe Blank If you re looking for a book with an Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres ever increasing level of misery this one is hard to beat Try this test the next time you re with a group of your friends just mention Ethan Frome out loud and see how many of them groan audibly But Mrs Hale had said You ve had an awful mean time Ethan Frome and he felt less alone with his miseryThis is the book with marvelous writing that sets you in a different atmosphere and melancholicmotional state It is a story about longing isolation sorrow complexity of life written in long descriptive prose that is surely my favored kind of writing style A great piece of literature that Inhalant, Whippet, and Popper Abuse expands beyond the Est and most intense narratives Edith Wharton moves this ill starred trio toward their tragic destinies Different in both tone and theme from Wharton's other works Ethan Frome has become perhaps her mostnduring and most widely read bo. ,

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He seemed a part of the mute melancholy landscape an incarnation of it s frozen woe with all that was warm and sentient in him fast bound below the surface but there was nothing nothing unfriendly in his silence I simply felt that he lived in a depth of moral isolation too remote for casual access and I had the sense that his loneliness was not merely the result of his personal plight tragic as I guessed that to be but had in it as Harmon Gow had hinted the profound accumulated cold of many Starkfield winters Our narrator we never learn his name hired Ethan Frome to drive him around in a sleigh for a few days A winter storm necessitates that he spend an Largo pétalo de mar evening and a night in Frome s house He meets Mattie the cousin and Zeena the wife The situationxisting in the House of Frome is an odd one and his natural curiosity spurs him to start an informal investigation into the life of Ethan Frome After the opening chapter we flash back twenty four years to a man in the process of waking up from a life he has found himself trapped in When Ethan meets Mattie an internal conflict begins Mattie reads and she reminds on a daily basis just by her presence the part of himself that vanished like smoke years ago when he made the decision to stay in Starkfield and take care of his momma He borrows books from her and starts to remember that other Frome that other man who wanted so much He is a reed long bent that has suddenly found a way to stretch toward the sun once again Mattie is a lost soul as well She hasn t found her place in the world She has been sickly too delicate to find work and is basically living off the kindness of her cousin Zeena Truth be known Zeena just wanted someone to take of of her cousin Zeena Truth be known Zeena just wanted someone to take of load of her housework Mattie tries but never does come up to the xpectations of her cousin Frome can t help but compare the differences in the two women Against the dark background of the kitchen she stood can t help but compare the differences in the two women Against the dark background of the kitchen she stood tall and angular one hand drawing a uilted counterpane to her flat breast while the other held a lamp The light on a level with her chin drew out of the darkness her puckered throat and the projecting wrist of her hand that clutched the uilt and deepened fantastically the hollow and prominences of her high boned face under the ring of crimping pins He felt as if he had never before known what his wife looked like She held the light at the same level and it drew out with the same distinctness her slim young throat and the brown wrist no bigger than a child s Then striking upward it threw a lustrous fleck on her lips dging her yes with velvet shade and laid a milky whiteness above the black curve of her brows Drawing from the CD cover of the Douglas Allanbrook Opera of Ethan FromeIt is not an ven contest Zeena is seven years older than Ethan but a lifetime spent mbracing her own illnesses has made her a hypochondriac As if to justify her state of mind lines of The classic novel of despair forbidden motions and sexual undercurrents set against the austere New England countrysideEthan Frome works his unproductive farm and struggles to maintain a bearable xistence with his difficult suspicious. Isapproval and discomfort have tched themselves into her face and withered the bloom of her youth Ethan The Pet Store Job exchanged a sickly mother for a sickly wife He is trapped in a loop and watching his own life through a veil in gray scale Until They seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in the winter woods A man deserves some happiness After a lifetime of devoting himself to others he is on the verge of taking back control of his own life There is this poignant moment when Mrs Hale lets him know that his sacrifice has not went unnoticed I don t know anybody around here s had sickness than Zeena I always tell Mr Hale I don t know what she d a done if she hadn t a had you to look after her and I used to say the same thing bout your mother You ve had an awful mean time Ethan Frome As Zeena starts to become suspicious of Ethan s growing feelings for Mattie she takes steps to send her away and finds a new maid to come live in the house She had takenverything The Art of Guweiz else from him and now she meant to take the one thing that made up for it all Wharton deftly has both characters dance around their feelings Each filled with longing believing the other feels the same but unable to tellach other how they really feel until suddenly they are faced with never seeing Jinny the Changeling each other again They had never before avowed their inclination so openly and Ethan for a moment had the illusion that he was a free man wooing the girl he meant to marry He looked at her hair and longed to touch it again and to tell her that is smelt of the woods but he had never learned to say such things One kiss can changeverything view spoilerThey commit a desperate act born out of fear and sadness that leaves them both shattered shells of themselves This impulsive act destroys the very best of what they love about ach other and forever leaves those apparitions of themselves suspended on a sled going down a slope hide spoiler Because March is women s history month I made it a point to Only Read Women Authors read women authors the course of the month As the month winds to a close I have visited many places and cultures learning about historical vents from a female perspective Yet to observe women s history month it would not be complete with paying homage to classic authors In this regard I decided to read Ethan Frome Edith Wharton s tragic novella Ethan Frome of Starkfield Massachusetts has known much tragedy in his life First his father grew ill leaving young Frome to move back to care for the family
Then his mother grew sick a young relation named Zenobia Silver came to live with the Fromes to care for her Without much of a future besides the farm in his possession Frome falls for Zenobia and they marry Yet Zenobia is not a country girl and Frome hopes to sell the farm so that he can move his wife into town Tragedy strikes again as now Zenobia grows ill Frome is unable to. And hypochondriac wife Zeena But when Zeena's vivacious cousin nters their household as a hired girl Ethan finds himself obsessed with her and with the possibilities for happiness she comes to representIn one of American fiction's fin. ,

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