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D to get to know her feel her emotions Not just as a sexual being but as a kidI get why this book was rejected I on t think it was because of her identity although please The Third Cry to Legba and Other Invocations do not think I am ignorant andon t realize the publishing world is biased I know this It s just not that good I can t imagine the enormous strength it took for Ortiz to write this memoir To relive a toxic relationship that lasted for five years Her story should be told I just wish she could find a better editor When I First Encountered The first encountered the of Wendy C Ortiz it was her essay Mix Tape on The Nervous Breakdown It was a piece of writing that stylistically took on the pain and the traumatic fallout of a relationship she had with one of her teachers a relationship that lasted throughout her high school years A teacher whose pedophile tendencies were later Salvatierra discovered I wrote to Wendy and asked if she had other work I could read She told me about this memoir whichetails the same The Tooth and the Nail dangerous relationship as her Mix Tape essay and that it was being shopped around by her agent After patiently waiting for a couple of months I had my chance to read it and consider it for Future Tense I knew within the first few pages that this was a fresh and engrossing look at a veryifficult subject and that I should publish itExcavation is brave in the way that it accurately reflects the emotional state of both the young Wendy and the adult Wendy Her present Ken Kerns Masonry Stove dayisgust is just as tangible as her memories of

"Infatuation At A Younger Age "
at a younger age s writing beautifully captures our الكويت دراسة سياسية desperate need for love even in thearkest corners of small personal worlds I m very proud to be Wendy s publisher for this excavation She LA Naturaleza En Disputa: Retorica Del Cuerpo Y El Paisaje En America Latina digseep and presents us with her heart at its fullest I hope this book lives forever This isn t an easy book to read but it s a Filosofia do Direito deeply important one and I m grateful to Wendy for sharing herself so openly I believe that all women are marked by the attention we received from older men when we were teenagers We should talk about this Maybe Wendy s book can help us start the conversation Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI wanted to read this book because people were claiming that MY DARK VANESSA plagiarized content from this memoir and I wanted to read this to 1 compare both books and 2 see if there was any merit to those accusations Personally even though there are some similarities to the books I find them to be prettyifferent books that set out to accomplish ifferent things and that anything they have in common speaks to the Such a sad bold memoir about a young woman whose middle school English teacher sexually abused her for five years With powerful prose Wendy Ortiz recounts the beginning of her relationship with this teacher named Jeff for the sake of anonymity and how their bond eveloped into something powerful and Le Tapis de course dangerous My heart broke so many times when reading Excavation especially because Ortizoes such an excellent job bringing to life the vulnerabilities and Amadís de Gaula desires of a young girlesires that we all possess in some shape or form to be special to be loved to be known To be frank it s fucked up that anyone would take advantage of a child in such an a I was supposed to go see the movie Birdman but I Kein Ort Nirgends didn t make it to go and see Birdman because on the subway ride there I started reading this book and so instead of walking over to the movie theatre from the 86th street station I plopped I Spy Under the Sea down on a bench and read until the uptown train came and then when the uptown train came I got on that and went back home to apartment 12 and read the rest of the book People have told me Birdman is excellen. And straight for the rest of her lifeIn Excavation A Memoir the black and white of the standard victimperpetrator stereotype gives way to unsettling grays The presentay narrator reflects on the girl she once was as well as the teacher and parent she has become It's a beautifully written and powerful story of a woman reclaiming her whole hear. .
ExcavationThe two aspects that make me fall in love with a book are the writing and well eveloped characters so this one in love with a book are the writing and well eveloped characters so this one short for me As meticulously as she chronicles what he said and what she said and what she Epistulae morales ad Lucilium drank and how she lit her cigarette you never learn about how she FELT about being abused as a 13 year old by her 28 year old teacher I m much interested in how she processed this than theaily The Best Laura Spencer Guide to Date - 109 Facts details of a shitty sexual predator There are also a lot of clumsy metaphors that made it hard to read a contentment that felt like milk over hot skin soothing and exciting at once Huh It is a fascinating and horrifying relationship to get a glimpse into the 28 year old Jeff and 13 year old Wendy have but if you ve ever had the privilegemisfortune of knowing people who can t break out of bad habits you ll find this book gets it a little too correctly that is they keep making the same stupid mistakes and realize they need to stop buton t I mean obviously Wendy is young and impressionable in the story so I know I m being a bit harsh Excavation started with an incredible pace and such brutal honesty I m honestly surprised at how little I ended up liking it by the end I just felt it became really really repetitive This book could have been cut in half and made into a short story Wendy Ortiz sort of makes the same point over and over and some of the scenes seem to be so similar it makes me wonder why she even put them in Towards the last leg of The Book I Was Just book I was just I could give a lecture on proper interventions to Wendy her parents and her former teacher Jeff They all repeatedly make bad De lach en de dood decisions and they all just screwed each other up which to me led to a frustrating albeit very honest and tragic read Context wise I was introduced to this book through its connections to My Dark Vanessa and the American Dirtisaster I ve read and reviewed both books and really enjoyed them I LOATHE cancel culture and I must say that I Mrs Packletides Tiger don t like how Ortiz publicly lambasted Kate Russell s book without having read it implying that the sole reason for its comparatively greater success is the author s whitenessThe market for memoirs from the non famous is to my knowledge pretty minuscule Excavation was published several years before the MeToo movement became a part of publiciscourse and sexual abuse is unfortunately very common Discounting these factors and the possibility that My Dark Vanessa might just actually be a better book to make a statement about racism screams of arrogance I can understand feeling frustrated that a book on a similar topic as your own cashed a fat check but to refuse to attribute this to anything but racism and then trash the other book s An Evil Spirit Out of the West debut getting it removed from Oprah s Book Club and other similar accolades prompting the other author toelete her Twitter account after being bombarded by hoards of hate messages seems a bit bitter To be clear I totally agree that people of color have a very valid reason to be angry at the lack of proper representation from large publishing houses I want to see light shed upon this fact because a lot of people especially white readers aren t aware of the huge The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage; The Traditional Beliefs Customs Superstitions Charms and Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies The Traditional Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies disparity However voicing criticism in this way ie trashing a book you haven t even read and completely ignoring the author of said book when they reach out to you to talk about itoes not make you a social justice revolutionary It makes you an asshole That being said I liked this book lol Wendy Ortiz is an awesome writer Her memoir is bold and beautifully LHistoire Vraie de la Guinée Conakry descriptive without reaching a point of superfluousness a rare find for me Sheoes an excellent job of transporting th. Wendy C Ortiz was an only child and a bookish insecure girl living with alcoholic parents in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles in the late 1980s and early 1990s Her relationship with a charming and eeply flawed private school teacher fifteen years her senior appeared to give her the kind of power teenagers wish for regardless of conseuen. E reader to the visceral emotional chaos of her teenage years I id however want some insight into her feelings as an adult post excavation and think that would ve MADE A MUCH MEATIER SATISFYING CONCLUSION a much meatier satisfying conclusion the book I m posting pretty much the same review I wrote for My Dark Vanessa because I know about the ugliness around Wendy Ortiz s Excavation and Russell s extraordinary Black Mutiny: The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad debut so Iecided to read both of them and I loved both of them and felt they were Les meraudes de Satan different takes on the same subject Ortiz feels Russell stole her idea Not so First it is not a new idea Blackbird the Broadway play Una the film the show with Laura Dern I forget the name alleal with this i too wrote about a high school girl too wrote about a high school girl her Metamorphoseon libri XV dangerous relationship with her high school teacher in Cruel Beautiful World While Ortiz was rightfully sorrowful that it took her so long to sell her book part of why Russell s book sold is because of the times Because it captures today s zeitgeist of the metoo movementelving into the Not All Dead White Men dark ramifications of an affair between a fifteen year old girl and her 42 year old teacher Both novels goeeper not just telling a story of a predator taking advantage of a young girl but also Ang Ampalaya sa Pinggan ni Peepo delving into the repercussions years later exploring what it really means to consent and to support others at the cost of our own selvesOrtiz rightfully suggests that her book Excavation was passed over because she is not white and privileged Thisoes happen but I The Best Of Times don t think it is the reason why her book was passed over I think it was the times 2014 before MeToo erupted when everyone was talking about it As she herself said editors found it tooisturbing probably because it was too new to talk about She also suggests that only someone who has been through something should write about it Her book was a memoir Dark Vanessa is a novel And come on this is not what writers Reitergeschichte und andere Erzählungen. do We imagineBoth novels are appalling shocking controversial andisturbing and gorgeously written Both are also guaranteed to ignite conversation increase awareness and change thinking and isn t that what the best literature The Masnavi Book One does I say buy and read both 253 out of 5 stars but Ion t feel comfortable giving it a rating because who am I to rate someone s story in which they offer their emotional abused self up on a platterI feel so bad for writing a negative review but I have to be honest I was sent a copy of this book a really long time ago and I honestly hadn t given it a second thought until I read Wendy Ortiz s article Adventures in Publishing Outside the Gates in which she compares her memoir to the upcoming novel My Dark Vanessa If you re interested you can read the essay here After reading the article I was intrigued and Concerning Music dug out my copy of Excavation These are my thoughtsFirst impressions are I can and Io feel bad saying this understand why publishers id not want her book I think for a memoir to be successful there needs to be variance Excavation reads like a list of every sexual encounter she has with her teacher There isn t epth There really is no conclusion The writing is very basicMy favorite parts were when she skips ahead to her adult self I wanted of those moments they were good and written almost as prose poetry This Is Where The Reader Gets To See where the reader gets to see s true self It s completely The Daydreamer different to her younger self and I wonder if that is because she was using her old journals to help write those early years chapters She is relying on those too heavily trying to get the littleetails right so there isn t a flow There is a Christopher Nibble disconnect between Wendy and the reader There s a lot of masturbation which is fine but I wante. Ces Her teacher now a registered sex offender continually encouraged her passion for writing while making her promise she was not leaving any written record about theirangerous sexual relationship This conflicted relationship with her teacher may have been just five years long but would imprint itself on her and her later relationships ueer. ,