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Ame dropping was especially irritating because he takes other people to task for being vulgar about money Yeah might wanna take a look at your own book there sunshine And the whole how he enjoys the docility of Japanese women Gross dude gross And finally taking pride in your appearance is not always vanity that really irritated me as well his comments on the peacock ery of his colleagues as though having a nice shirt marked someone out for being a terrible person Only gave him the one star because he was nice about Jon Snow I have a big uestion not with regards to the book but with Woodford s role in the Olympus exposure I don t get why he was the whistleblower He didn t uncover anything The real whistleblower was the anonymous employee who tipped off Facta He confronted the board of directors based on Facta s stories and that was brave of him indeed But that doesn t make him a whistleblower Other than that the book is awful make him a whistleblower Other than that the book is awful comes out as a very unlikeable privileged white guy sexist racist and very self indulgent who chased publicity just because he wanted to The greatest tragedy is that nothing changed in the end Lacking any sort of moral compass Olympus followed in the footsteps of so many Japanese companies eg Mitsubishi Motors TEPCO etc by showing no sincere regret about the fraud but plenty of anguish about the fact that it was made public More alarmingly its banks and corporate stakeholders did the same closing ranks to dilute existing especially non Japanese shareholders and appoint managers cut from the same cloth as those who perpetrated the fraud Japan is well and truly doomed What he had done is encouraging The main problem of this book was that it should not include MrWoodford s personal life into it I was expecting to see detailed information about this corporate scandals How this big company beatified its financial reports to cover its loss If I wanted to see a novelistic story I d read John Grisham The ego of MrWoodford bothered me from the very beginning He enjoyed being served by flight attendant He portraited himself as Michael Jackson and George Clooney Although he ept saying that he was out of money he still go some expensive restaurants and hotels I almost wonder the child experience infect him a lot This is a dangerous book for MrWoodford The issue should be written by some well ualified reporters We can learn things objectively Now Michael Woodford became MrBig Shot We ll see him as high moral person and he is not dead yet From now on even a tiny unethical think would have huge leverage effect on him Good luck. On was blocked Then he did something Olympus didn't expect He fought back This title tells his story Full descripti. ExposureHello everyone feel free to reach out to Mr barry on Barrysilbert540 gmail com if you need help or guidance on how to recover your lost fund using good strategy and how profitable trades is been done And also if you want to recover your lost funds using his masterclass strategy he can help you I m earning 10250 weekly using his masterclass you can also reach him out on whatsapp 4 4 7 5 0 8 2 9 8 6 9 1 This book was definitely hard to put down One of the reasons I loved it so much is because he mentions places and things that relate to me very closely Such as places and things that relate to me very closely Such as the he is from Liverpool and describes his childhood there I m also from Liverpool and put a smile on my face to hear some of the scouse phrases I also happened to live at the Hyatt hotel in Germany for a couple months as a small child but then moved to the suburbs Some people on the reviews seem to be judging Mr Woodford uite hard however my dad is good friends with Mr Woodford and can assure you he is a great person This is an especially uniue story in of itself To think he came out of a scandal with no dirt on him is pretty impressive and would have put people s morals to their limits In other words it s a very juicy book This is a good read to learn what happened inside of the well Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas known Japanese company OlympusI really think it was so difficult to fight and correct the problems of the company from the inside even author became the leader of the company We can learn his struggle as a top of the company and wenow what he did was absolute rightMrWoodford first published his book Terminated Kainin in April from Hayakawa Shobo in JapanThis English book and the Japanese one shares a lot of same storyline but this English one has shown of Mr Woodford s personality emotional aspects and family related issues compared to the business oriented style of Japanese one Also this English book contains his childhood story which the other one lacksI thought this book is better than Japanese one I love a good corporate scandal and the shady goings on in Olympus and the dramatic fashion in which they were revealed to the world by their own CEO were especially intriguing the dramatic fashion in which they were revealed to the world by their own CEO were especially intriguing since an examination of their cause promised to offer an insight into how Japanese corporate culture differs so dramatically from the West s I was also looking forward to reading this because Woodford wrote it himself which is unusual most of these types of books are ghost written or co authored And while the story itself is indeed interesting and the book a well written engaging read I just didn t warm to Woodfor. Exposure The author was a company man He'd risen through the ranks of giant Japanese firm Olympus to become CEO But. ,

D I actually found him uite unlikeable I deeply admire his courage and integrity yes but I don t see how this story benefited from detailing of his every flight and hotel u It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak up especially when there are so many forces against you even for someone who is the CEO of a company The one slight problem I had with the book was the descriptions of the five star treatment that Woodford received as CEO like flying first class staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel and getting upgraded *to fancier and fancier suites even after he was let go from Olympus * fancier and fancier suites even after he was let go from Olympus was paying presumably out Of His Own Pocket Etc his own pocket etc it was to contrast his humble upbringing and also show how much he had risked by speaking outI listened to the audiobook and the narrator s accent choices for some of the voicespeople were puzzling Eye opening insight into how one Japanese corporation Olympus is run from the perspective of a Western businessman I feel like emphasis should have been spent on the nature of the scandal itself ie how the scandal was originally undertaken This was condensed into approximately four pages and was uite difficult to follow In addition a fair few pages dedicated to his life and what not which don t lead anything to the story but I guess contribute to why decided to speak out Agree with some other commentators that he repeated numerous time about money issues but yet could afford countless flights between the UK and Japan Also not uite sure why he never learnt Japanese despite working for the corporation for than 30 yearsOverall good read felt abit too long You will learn a lot about the inner workings of a typical Japanese corporation and the lack of corporate governance and business ethics I promise I have not rated this harshly because Woodford professed his admiration of Thatcher Honest Rather whilst there clearly is an interesting story here and the potential to explore ey differences in the way Japanese businesses run vs other Western businesses my problem was that I found the writing style clunky and awkward and Woodford himself to come across as pretty annoying I now he did a brave thing but seriously listing all his plaudits talking at length about how people would come up and describe him as a hero Blurgh Also annoying The constant name dropping Did you now he stayed at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo Did you catch that And how they loved him so much he ept getting upgraded to a bigger and bigger suite Soon he had the entire hotel booked out to him Ok I might be exaggerating there but honestly it was grating the Just weeks into the job in Tokyo he came across allegations of enormous fraud Yet his every attempt at investigati.