Ebook Lire [Fallen Academy: Year Two] Auteur Leia Stone

Fallen Academy: Year TwoG all emotions anger happiness love and tears to me that a good "book something to get our teeth into to stop all else going on "something to get Touched by an Alien your teeth into to stop all else going onou in realityto become a part of the characters story as Theory of African Literature you watch it inour own head as becomes a film Leia really has wrote a great series and if it was a film I watch it too really has wrote a great series and if it was a film I would watch it too really do love this series and can not wait for book 3ftttttt that ending WOW She did it again Stone delivers another intense and exciting second instalment of the Fallen series In this book we see Brielle start to train to become a soldier Her relationship with Lincoln goes from strength to strength and he continually amazes her with how loving he is Her brother Mikey goes through his awakening ceremony and discovers he has his own issues to deal with Brielle tries to pull on her celestial magic but her dark magic comes so easily to her now and that troubles her Then her old friend James tells her of a different prophecy one were she takes a place beside Lucifer in he ll This book had it all romance action epic fight scenes and a complete bad ass heroine who Carrier War (US Navy Historical Thrillers Book 2) you root for with allour heart I can t cope with the ending Hurry up 2019 I need book three Stone proves Chicana Movidas yet again that she can write and create spell binding worlds that pullou in get A Theory of Adaptation you hooked and leaveou wanting Just as amazing as the first book The series is well worth a read Definitely get A Secret Alchemy yourself into this series andou will be glad ou did This story just sucks me in its so good I did not see that ending coming but i liked it Can t wait for the next one Omg I can t get enough of this series It s so well written and I m loving the characters Sera in particular is a fave No second book boredom s here Just as awesome as the first OMG another great book from Leia Stone Brilliant Amazing Awesome Absolutely love this series It was just awesome and I am never ready for the book to end I just want to kee. E is it shocks everyone and he's sent away until he can get his powers under control Then Brielle loses someone precious to her and goes to great lengths to get them back lengths Lincoln doesn't agree with He thinks Brielle is too much of a risk taker too wild and all he can do.

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summary Fallen Academy: Year Two

P reading I liked the concept but The Writing Was Brief And The Books writing was brief and the books too early Would like to see this type of story in line with epic fantasy and double the book size double the price is fine as well There was a lot potential there to be found In This Particular Series And this particular series and also think that the author can achieve My suggestion to Leia is to aim higher I don t care what anyone else saysthe ending was awesome I loved Year One and Year Two gave me a serious book hangover This series keeps ou continually guessing about what is coming next so to culminate the ultimate fork in the road for Brielle in the end was really clever and makes the contents of Year Three anyone s guess Year 2 brings back Bri and the gang for another Fundamentals of Political Science year of shenanigans training pranks fight club and general sass The chemistry between her and Lincoln just gets better page by page It s beautiful seeing their relationship blossom Sera is still best on ground Her personality is just brilliant Im excited to readear 3 as the ending has me waiting nervouslyYear 2 is totally awesome and it will have Betweens and Beyonds in Contemporary Albanian Literature you hooked from start to finish Thanks Leia for another great read Holy hell What did I just read I tellou what the best bloody book by a fantastically talented author I absolutely loved book one but book 2even better and if I could give it 6 stars I would From page one all the way to that bloody terrible cliffhanger I am totally invested in Brielle and Lincoln the stunning angels and s the family and friendsand don t get me started on how great Michael is in this book He is swoon worthy and I hope in book three and four we get to know Gabriel and Uriel It is great to read how truly in love Bri and Lincoln arebut Bri just can t seem to catch a break So much happens to her and her family in this book there were moments I just had to ask what next and I just wanted her to have a rest This book is impossible to put dow. Is try his best to protect her But with untold powers rising inside of her Brielle might go to a place that no one can bring her back from Not even Lincoln Brielle needs to learn to fight the darkness that threatens to take her over because little by little she's losing her ligh. ,