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Falling GlassA solid thriller set in Ireland which "I Really Enjoyed Up Until About 23 " really enjoyed up until about 23 the way in Last 13 of the book a little flat Overall this book suffered from not enough focus on the rimary character of Killian with 2 different POVs resented I found a little distracting Also the action scenes weren t up to McKinty s USUAL HIGH STANDARD AS DEPICTED IN THE BLOOMSDAY DEAD high standard as depicted in the Bloomsday Dead overall recommended Her flip flops were onamotopeing so she kicked them offMcKinty writes like nobody elseHis dialogues are so vivid I feel like I m eavesdroppingThe tension is also vividYou vivid I feel like I m eavesdroppingThe tension is also vividYou what will robably happenand it does but not the way you imaginedMcKinty is obviously fond of children and he draws them wellHis description of the Pavee was enlighteningWhen I was in Irelandback when leprechauns still existedI had the New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook by Juan Altamiras pleasure of chatting with a tinker kidThey really wereoorly treatedGood fiction teaches as well as entertainsI learned a lot of culture historyand mythology from this bookSix starsAs an added bonusthere are oodles of versions of She Moved Through the Crowd on you tubeMy favourite was by Cara DillonIn an interview with Caraalso on you tube she describes how as a schoolgirl she would step over soldiers on the way to schoolTo her and her friendsit was business as usual during the troubles I discovered Adrian McKinty s Hidden River in the early stages of my Celtic noir addiction back when I thought Richard Coulter is a man who has everything His beautiful new wife is regnant his upstart airline is undercutting the competition and moving from strength to strength his diversification into the casino business in Macau has been successful and his fabulous Art Deco house on an Irish cliff top has just been featured in Architectura. Could uit whenever I wanted Hidden River was a delight not only because of its oetic rose and wounded rotagonist but because It Took Place In And took lace in and Denver It s always fun to see your hometown through a stranger s eyesNext I read McKinty s Michael Forsythe series Dead I Well may Be The Dead Yard Adrian McKinty formally introduces a formerly secondary character as his new main man of action and conscious Killian Killian s globetrotting adventures are as tense and intelligent as McKinty s best chronicles of Michael Forsythe of the Dead Trilogy Forsythe reappears in this latest masterpiece of fiction but as a background Goodbye Stranger player Falling Glass is a welcome addition to McKinty s canon The writing is tighter than ever the suspense gripping and thoughtful McKinty has done his homework as usual with his descriptions of timeslaces and events bringing his reader vivid images of the exploits of each central character His inexhaustible knowledge of history and geography are Plan Your WorkWork Your Plan put to impeccable use for Falling Glass As a tireless fan of McKinty s writing I could not wait to get the book here in America so I had no choice but to get the audiobook from Audible though I still have my orderlaced for the book itself Gerard Doyle s familiar narration of McKinty s storytelling is as intense and captivating as holding the book in your hands At just over nine hours the story moves along at an incredible ace L Digest But then for some reason his ex wife Rachel doesn't keep her side of the custody agreement and vanishes off the face of the earth with Richard's two daughters Richard hires Killian a formidable ex enforcer for the IRA to track her down before Rachel a recovering drug addict harms herself or the girls As Killian follows Rach.

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Ith not a dull moment to be found At the #Conclusion Of Falling Glass I Was Left Wanting For Of #of Falling Glass I was left wanting for of s adventures just as each of the books in the Dead Trilogy leaves the reader wanting of Michael Forsythe The final confrontation is as unexpected and masterful as is expected from Mr McKinty Killian is a brilliant successor to Forsythe s literary fortunes and charms My third McKintyFalling Glass is a kick ass thriller full of violence sharp rose and great dialogue as to be expected from McKinty I m getting hooked on his books which is always a good sign indicating that something owerful drives his inner engineThere s some top notch thriller craft going on "in falling glass but what ushes the novel " Falling Glass but what Acua Morta Commissario Martelli pushes the novel the brink is the soul searching done by the main character Killian And also some fascinating insights about Pavee life in there to start offMcKinty writes that kind of dark violent and tempered with touches of visceral and thunderous humour that makes me forget almost everythingThere are some wonderful lines where the ideas take off and the elegance of therose execution just lights up the firmamentThe final scene with the showdown between Forsythe and Killian is uite an achievement in itself The word laying between the two is uite electrifying they fight with words not with guns The unresolved ending is also uite electrifying they fight with words not with guns The unresolved ending is also sad but it made me happy A fitting end to a fine book Electric rose at its best. El's trail he begins to see that there is a lot to this case than first meets the eye and that a thirty year old secret is going to The Woman Next Door put all of them in terrible dangerMcKinty is at his continent hopping wellaced evocative best in this thriller moving between his native Ireland and distant cities within a skin of his teeth timeframe.