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Nk I can see patterns emerging but sometimes that s impossible to do It s also good to realise that you don t know as much as you think you know about things It certainly wants to make me read her ther three poetry collections 25 Cope mostly uses recognizable forms villanelles sonnets etc this is interesting to see in contemporary poetry but reuires a whole lot Rivière Tremblante of rhyming mostf it rather twee eg tuppencecomeuppance which gives the whole collection the feeling Boomerang Detective Jason Smith of being written for children This is appropriate for the poems that recall memoriesf childhood but not so much for the Histoires assassines others such as The Audience a long seuence commissioned by a string uartetI reckon there s similarity to Gervase Phinnr Pam Ayres in this collection than Cope would really like to be her reputationMy two favorites were Lissadell about a vacation to Ireland and Haiku perfect in its simplicityA perfect white wineis sharp sweet and cold as thisbirdsong in winter Though not life altering this collection is comfortably accessible reading that as with much Le Livre Des Esprits of Cope s work is fullf wit and received with a s work is full La chiave d'oro: La formula pratica per risolvere tutti i problemi (Strategie per il successo) (Italian Edition) of wit and received with aften cheeky smile I m an unabashed fan Tendre crochet 2 of Wendy Cope She s not the most prolificf poets but her keen eye when La douce caresse d'un vent d'hiver: Dcouvrez le 3e tome de la srie Snow Crystal observing the everyday and mundane means Iften return to her relatively slight Revelations Naermyth output The verse may be light but the subjects addressed can be weighty and despite the surface simplicity Cope is extremely technically skilled employing the full rangef traditional rhymed There is a lot here about aging and death which is not terribly relevant to me right now but I ll keep the book The Potts Correspondence on shelf the the twilight yearsThe second halff the book has a lovely seuence Chroniques de mon crmatorium of poems about various people at a concert and another seuence about the Beeb bothf which I enjoyedUnfortunately there s nothing here to match my great love for Cope s previous collectionsNot that aging and death can t be written about in a way that is relevant and interesting to young Aux animaux la guerre or let s be honest here young ish people but Copes poemsn these subjects are very personal

And Lacking A Broad 
lacking a broad the second wendy cope book that i have read but it missed the perfect five star marks because Le guide complet du langage C of the first few poems in this book i found them too personal and i couldn t connect to them but later the book just drove in my mind smoothly i love her poems which contains the elementf serious levity carefully and delicately it s like she wrote the poems with utter delight and her power Mauvaises frquentations (A.M. SP.SUSPEN) of rhyming is strong very strong i have also loved the later experimental poems in the endv. Ty are in evidence even as she remembers the wounds f a damaging childhood; and in poems about love and the inevitable problems f aging she achieves an intriguing blend f sadn. More than any poet since Betjeman Wendy Cope has the rare gift f being funny and serious ften in the same poem That is crucial Beneath the jaunty villanelles the comic repetitions and the triple metre some hard truths about life and love are hard truths about life and love are smuggled in One favourite is the poem April I uote it here in full The birds are singing loudly verheadAs if to celebrate the April weatherI want to stay in this lovely world foreverAnd be with you my love and share your bedI don t believe I ll see you when we re deadI don t believe we ll meet and be togetherThe birds are singing loudly Moon Palace overheadI want to stay in this lovely world forever Like Auden s Lullaby the poem gains its power and maturity from cherishing what it knows isnly temporaryTwo ther poems Health Scare and Keep Saying This are franker confrontations with illness and death rhyme and repetition become charms to keep despair at bay It helps to say their names and make them rhyme You can t help to say their names and make them rhyme You can t help reminded that Ring a ring f roses was अब यस्तो कहिल्यै नहोस् originally written about the Black DeathAccepting futility doesn t mean going down without a fight Cope s sharp but never withering sensef humour can deliver wicked Ix-xhud li ma deherx one two combinations to the head as in Special Needs Unbearable Football and Differencesf Opinion He tells her the earth is flat He knows the facts and that is thatIn altercations fierce and longShe tries her to best to prove him wrongBut he has learned to argue wellHe calls her arguments unsoundAnd The Adventures of Barry Joe often asks her not to yellShe cannot win He stands his groundThe planet goesn being round Cope s uality control system is as sound as ever Her collections may be few but they re always worth waiting for A worthy addition to the Cope canon and a treat for readers everywhere Delightful Every poem was a pleasure to read This is a slim collection The Innocent of Cope s poems published in 2012 The first section is poetry about family which is good andccasionally great I particularly liked A Christmas Song The Women s Merchant Navy At Stafford Services At the Poetry Conference Anniversary Poem Spared and Another Valentine from this section Then there s a second section which is from something called The Audience which were written for the Endymion String uartet These are great Funny As are those from the final section which are from an An ABC Mthodes de design UX: 30 mthodes fondamentales pour concevoir des expriences optimales of the BBC These were commissioned by BBC Radio 4 Again they re pretty funny There sne called Football about Radio 5 6 0 6 show that I liked a lot Definitely worth reading I tend to read people s work from beginning to end which I think makes me thi. From a motorway service area to her ambivalent relationship with religion Wendy Cope covers a wide range f experience in her new collection Her mordant humour and formal ingenui. ,
Erall a sumptuous read utterly delightful I Didn T Enjoy This Collection Uite As t enjoy this collection uite as as the ther volume I read by her Serious Concerns but it was still very likeable and a nice way to spend the hour I had by myself in the library today One reason I didn t uite enjoy this ne as much was in the library today One reason I didn t uite enjoy this ne as much was that it felt a little too cynical to me In uite a few Le guide de la transformation digitale: La mthode en 6 chantiers pour russir votre transformation ! of her poems here an embittered elderly lady peeked through and while it s an attestation to her skill as a poet to let us catch glimpsesf her as a person I ended up feeling a bit sorry for her There is a fine line between sarcasm and cynicism and I thought this Little Annie Fanny, tome 3 one was perhaps a little too heavyn the latter She works through some childhood issues in this volume especially in the beginning chapters and whenever she treats the topic with reverence I was very moved by it There is a poem that is dedicated to a Mrs Arnolds Ses yeux bleus of what I cannly assume to be her former boarding school It s moving and sad and is underslung with that childhood longing for a parent that simply loves and accepts you Other poems discuss what seems to be a complex relationship between mother and child dating love hypocrisy ageing and death daytime television the BBC some are commissioned by a string uartet It s hard to find a unifying theme to this volume L& or to her works but if there isne it s perhaps best searched for in the first poem in this collection It reads like a modern Christmas carol and for all her ranting about religion and misogyny in later poems I thought this Les Yeux bleus cheveux noirs (Double t. 96) (French Edition) one struck the perfect balance between intuition social commentary compassion and wit It seems to chant subtly that we lose something very human when we start paying too much attention to rituals forms and castes closed spaces In the end we all struggle for room in the pewsf acceptance and have simply come to hear a bit Histoire de la dcouverte de l'inconscient of nice music from the choir Wendy Cope has fun with poetic forms than anyone since Dorothy Parker I d need a good hour with Lewis Turco to figureut all she s up to in her latest collection although the sometimes villainous villanelles are unmissable Poor Hugo WilliamsMy favorite poems in this book are the first and last A Christmas Song asks Why
Is The Baby Crying 
the baby crying provides a rhyme book Essai d'exploration de l'inconscient of clever answers and Closedown about a woman reading the shipping news late at night There are merry moments in between but not nearly as many as in Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis So what Anything new by Wendy is worth snapping up sighs and tears and wry bitsf rueful wisdom all whipped together and laid L'homme De Kaboul out in a latticef laughter. Ess and joyTwo very different sets Le vertige de Gabrielle (Oseras-tu?, of commissioned poems roundff a remarkable volume whose Amandine Malabul, sorcire maladroite opening poem sounds clearly the profound notef compassion which underlies the whole. ,

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