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Biology: Understanding Life jF blindness which is something that Sparknotes doesn t seem to touch upon this is actually a pretty decent website to consider the ideas that come out of various pieces of famous literature In a wayust as the players in the Endgame may be blind to their predicament Hamm is himself blind to his own predicament He is the king of the piece but he is completely reliant upon Clov who is the ueen Without Clov Hamm is defenceless However he refuses to realise this and continues to push Clov around However Clov is also in the same Predicament In That There in that there nothing outside of the "four walls of the room ust as there "walls of the room ust as there nothing beyond the chessboard and as such while Clov may leave there is nothing for Clov outside of the place Thus for Clov to have any meaning Clov must be here because well Clov is Hamm s servant and that is the definition that he is given himself without that definition Clov is effectively nothing I recently saw a permformance of this play and have written up some further and similar thoughts on my blog Looks bad in print Perhaps up on the stage it functions as it should as bizarro entertainment The stuff is emblematic yet I cannot help but place him in as it should as bizarro entertainment The stuff is emblematic yet I cannot help but place him in company of Lewis Carol in his overenthusiastic use of randomness meaninglessness senseless un seriousness Makes me think that the play is an experiment that s ust altogether useless My youngest daughter took me to see this during the week We had our first beer together prior to the performance in a pub a highly significant moment for a father obviously especially here in the land of Oz the land of the amber fluidThen a minute ago I read the Wiki article on this play I wanted to be sure it was written post WW2 You see it is so obviously a post nuclear war play that I would have been very disappointed if it had been written in 1922 or something You know the way TSE s line I ll show you fear in a handful of dust really ought to be a reference to nuclear war and yet it ust can t be It is very amusing that Beckett would say this isn t about post nuclear war Exactly the sort of thing you would expect him to sayAnyway this is a comedy about things it should be impossible to find funny If the Irish can claim to have done anything for Western Civilisation perhaps that is it to have tried to find ways to get us to laugh about things we really shouldn t laugh at It is I believe what helps to form the strange connection I have in my mind between Jews and the Irish Although perhaps the Irish were lucky enough not to be chosen not only not chosen but hardly. F the greatest writers of our time Endgame originally written in French and translated into English by Beckett himself is now considered by many critics to be his gre. Fin de partieEven picked The mother in this says Nothing is FUNNIER THAN UNHAPPINESS WHICH IS EASILY THE FUNNIEST LINE than unhappiness which is easily the funniest line the play "And Also The Play S "also the play s important line If you are writing a play and can achieve that you ve done well Like I said the uestion here is how do you make a comedy out of this material When all you have are the last people on earth perishing away for want of everything two of them even actually living in rubbish bins It is probably only possible to think to do this or even think it necessary to be done if you are Irish or JewishAnd yet this is a remarkable done if you are Irish or JewishAnd yet this is a remarkable Even the constant farce seems to only heighten the pathos of the thing and bathos too obviously Celebrity Death Match Special Endgame versus Secrets of Pawnless Endings An almost bare stage containing only an armchair a table and two garbage cans The armchair is covered in a heavy drape CLOV enters right carrying a bag and limps slowly towards the table When he reaches it he pulls out a chessboard and set He places the board on the table and painstakingly arranges a few pieces on it examining the position from different angles and adjusting the pieces accordingly Finally he moves to the armchair and removes the drape revealing HAMM an elderly man wearing dark glassesHAMM WellCLOV I ve set them up We can continue Rook and bishop against rookHAMM What do you meanCLOV It s an endgame right HAMM You idiot You don t understand anything do youCLOV Defensively I understand as much as you do Samuel Beckett was a keen chessplayer I can well believe he had this one in mindHAMM Moron This is a universal metaphor for the human condition not some piece of games triviaCLOV Look The position is theoretically drawn in almost all practical cases but White can torture Black for 50 movesNAGG Poking head out of garbage can 75 movesNELL Muffled voice from other garbage can No FIDE changed it back to 50 moves in 1992CLOV Ignoring them though as long as Black knows one of the standard defensive setups he has nothing to fear Personally I favor Cochrane s method Though the second rank defense also has many supportersNAGG If Black dies before reaching the fiftieth move he forfeits NELL Yes death ends the game It s important in correspondence matchesHAMM But what has this got to do with BeckettCLOV Shrugging his shoulders I admit it nothingNAGG NothingNELL With a hysterical little laugh Nothing NothingCLOV So shall we play It ll pass the timeHAMM Why not CurtainNo winner announced due to absurdity of existence Read for classBeckett is most definitely not for me Oh well. Atest single work A pinnacle of Beckett's characteristic raw minimalism it is a pure and devastating distillation of the human essence in the face of approaching deat.

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An absurd masterpiece13 April 2014 One of the interesting things that I find about Beckett s plays is that he resists the temptation to offer any interpretation to what is going on within the play or what the play is about In fact he seems to do completely the opposite in actually denying certain interpretations while not offering any reason seems to do completely the opposite in actually denying certain interpretations while not offering any reason to "what it is about For instance when asked if Godot is supposed to be For instance when asked if Godot is supposed to be his response is no "it is about For instance when asked if Godot is supposed to be God his response is no asking whether Endgame is set in a post apocalyptic world once again his answer is no However the title of the play Endgame suggests that this is a play about endings but not any old endings but rather an ending in which the protagonist does not want to accept has arrived The term Endgame applies to a part of a game of chess coming surprisingly at the end It is suggested by some that at this part of the game the winner has already been defined however the loser still struggles against all odds in a vain attempt at victory In a way it plays well into this classic example of the theatre of the absurd with the idea of continuing one s existence and fighting despite the fact that one has lost and that there is no way out of that existence The main character within the endgame in the play is Hamm a blind man who cannot stand and is entirely dependant upon his servant Clov who cannot sit While most of Hamm s interactions are with his servant Clov there is an occasional interaction with Nagg and Nell Hamm s parents who are confined to a couple of barrels and it is suggested sometime during the play Nell dies In a way Hamm seems to vainly clasp on to an idea of hope despite the fact that for him the end has arrived while Clov the one who actually holds all of the power is torn between leaving and staying he desires to leave because Hamm is a demanding and cruel master but he desires to stay because of his obligation to Hamm I feel that the uestion of whether the world is post apocalyptic is a moot point because that I believe is beyond the scope of the play However there is the suggestion that there is nothing left everything has gone which brings us back to the uestion of whether the world is post apocalyptic This in a way plays into the theme of the title in that for those living in a post apocalyptic world the end has arrived however they are not uite there yet and are fighting a vain battle to not ust survive but to win In another sense it is a situation that we have brought ourselves into and in a way we are blind to the fact that we are in that position Then there is the motif Samuel Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969; his literary output of plays novels stories and poetry has earned him an uncontested place as one .