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E image out of my head Also kept picturing the story as taking place 50 or 60 years ago even though it is supposed to be current day I got over that by the end but just had this concrete picture in my mind I think I was picturing a similar scene to The Secret Life of Bees This is the second or third Sheri Reynolds book I ve written and I still love her spare and beautiful ways of describing things She can take even the most nredeemable "minor character and make you wildly interested in them for a page "character and make you wildly interested in them for a page twoThat said this was darker than her other books full of sexual references and drug Ghetto Shanghai use The mother was so screwedp I frankly kept waiting for her to die which does not bode well for her likability or her place in the plot and the daughter was so confused I couldn t really see how she be as functional as she wasStill worth reading Crafted well. E boardwalk not far from where Tessa Lee lives she sets off on a dangerous journey to try to recover what has been taken from herSteeped in the rich Southern atmosphere for which Sheri Reynolds has long been hailed Firefly Cloak is a vivid coming of age novel

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On TBR since 2010Read for Bookopoly gameI liked this story a coming of age tale of love and redemption Tessa Lee And Her Brother Lee and her brother abandoned by their mother when they were little and have been raised by their grandmother Years later Tessa locates her mom and sets out to contact her The writing is very moving and the imagery is so evocative of the South otes to rememberNow that she had legs what she "Needed Was Wingssandspur Arrangements Are "was wingssandspur arrangements are the antithesis of rosesA way to say I love you that acknowledges the pain in life not just the beautyLike with firefliesyou couldn t account for their mystery why in some moments they burned and in some moments they went dark Can t say anything about this book that hasn t already been said Just kept wishing it would end Sometimes her language caught me off guard and seemed out of place now I cuss lik. When eight year old Tessa Lee and her brother Travis are abandoned in a campground by their desperate mother and her boyfriend of the moment they are left with only two things a phone number written in Magic Marker on Travis's back and their mother's favorite housecoat which she leaves. Firefly CloakE a drunken sailor but some of the descriptions "in Sheila s head were downright yucky It made me feel a little bit crazy while I was listening "Sheila s head were downright yucky It made me feel a little bit crazy while I was listening it like no one in the world certainly no one in the book was even the least bit sane and they were taking me with th Sheri Reynolds is by far one were taking me with th Sheri Reynolds is by far one my favorite authors her ability to seemlessly weave past and present and a seemingly small story into a novel that calls to you when it is put down is her trademark This one in particular is the story of a little girl who seeks out the mother who left her behind Painful and beautiful with gorgeous vivid language all my favorite things Great story Good book Couldn t put it down ick easy read Sad the crazy lives some people live For some reason I kept picturing the main character as a young girl 8 or 10 years old even though she s 16 I just couldn t get th. Wrapped around her sleeping children This housecoat painted with tiny fireflies becomes totemic for Tessa Lee providing a connection to her past and to the beautiful mother she lostSeven years later when word arrives that her mother has been spotted working at a tourist trap on a seasid.