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Were all the wonderful colourful descriptions of Vietnam The author s words just brought Vietnam to life completely I haven t been there but feel that I have had a real taste of it through this book The author has really captured the noise the tastes the people the culture and the seasons beautifully It was all so descriptive and captivatingWhat I didn t like about this book were the characters Both Cal and Mischa were such irritating characters Cal was immature arrogant and plain unlikeable Mischa was just vacuous Not to mention selfish and directionless The scenes between these two were just cringeworthy to read but than that age difference aside I just could not fathom how these two got together as although I knew nough about the story to know they would nd up together I got absolutely no chemistry between them which therefore just made it all the appalling when they started a relationship I have no idea what Cal saw in Mischa and can only presume that Mischa must have been hard up for attention to hook up with Cal Sorry I just saw no attraction or anything appealing about these characters I just saw no attraction or anything appealing about these characters just made them getting together about as appealing as watching your grandparents getting it on I would have given this 35 stars if that were possible as whilst the characters really missed the mark for me the parts about Vietnam were outstanding which is why I ve rounded it up to 4 stars. Tens Mischa's friendships and reputation and challenges her sense of herself as unselfish and goodSet among the louche world of Hanoi's xpatriate community Fishing for Tigers is about a woman struggling with the morality of finding peace in a war haunted city personal fulfilment in the midst of poverty and sexual joy with a vulnerable youth.

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I was lucky nough to hear Emily Maguire speak EARLIER THIS YEAR AND IT WAS HER OBVIOUS PASSION this year and it was her obvious passion this book rather than the premise itself that persuaded me to read it I also love the title But once I started reading things that might have put me off my idea of a blissful holiday is being on a wild mpty beach with no one around preferably in winter not a blissful holiday is being on a wild mpty beach with no one around preferably in winter not the bustling humid streets of an Asian city drew me in I m not sure I went into this book with an open mind but I certainly finished it with one If I had to choose one word to describe the book it would be honest I m not usually a fan of first person narratives because I find them cloying and often too clever but in Mischa Maguire creates a character who while sometimes unsure of herself never felt like an unreliable narrator If Mischa feels bewildered or torn so do we Maguire never shies away from tough topics including the horrors of different periods of Emily Maguire deserves a standing ovation for her ability to capture the soul of Hanoi and the world view of her nest of characters For me Hanoi was love at first sight and over the years of living there my fascination and adoration for that city only got stronger Where I have struggled to Prince of Thorns explain to family and friends how you can actually love a place and that sometimes I miss it so much it actually hurts Emily has truly been able to convey that sense of wonder and at. Six years ago Mischa Reese left her abusive husband and suffocating life in California and reinvented herself in steamy chaotic Hanoi In Vietnam she finds satisfying work andnjoys a life of relative luxury and personal freedom Thirty five and single Mischa believes that romance and passion are for teenagers; a view with which her cynical ,

Tachment in this book While many of the characters are not particularly likeable and don t necessarily represent the full spectrum of foreigners in Vietnam they don t necessarily represent the full spectrum of foreigners in Vietnam they Maguire has a knack for storytelling both this and her previous novel Smoke in the Room have premises that didn t immediately attract me and yet I read both in breathless binges unable to stop Fishing for Tigers real strength is its sense of place Maguire creates a breathless and believable Hanoi transporting me from Melbourne s grey winter to the humid crowded streets of Vietnam The characters are strong as well with flaws that make them seem like real people while leaving them likable 再録REGARD Sairoku REGARD enough to sympathise with at least the two main characters some of the otherx pats are broad caricatures designed to amuse and repel The writing is The Accident: A Doctor's Touch (Book 1) effortless no overly showy sentences just powerfully clear description and deft pacing I loved this book I read it over one rainy freezing weekend in winter and despite sitting under layers of blankets I felt like I had been transported to steamy Vietnam Maguire is a writer of infinite skill and the authenticity of her prose is both jarring and transcendant Her books make me feel uncomfortable and intrigued at once and this is her best yet Firstly I would like to thank Hayley for the opportunity to read and review this book as I won it on First ReadsWhat I absolutely loved about this book. Romiscuousxpat friends agreeBut then a friend introduces Mischa to his visiting ighteen year old son Cal is a strikingly attractive Vietnamese Australian boy but he's resentful of his father and of the nation which has stolen him away His beauty and righteous idealism awaken something in Mischa and the two launch into an affair that threa. .
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Fishing for Tigers