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Love (Slater Brothers, gReaders Though the book isood for beginners I didn t find it exceptionally well for seasoned readers Simply profound Sadhguru s books are always enlightening and carries something which stays with you for life and becomes useful in keeping you calm in tough times Recently I read his latest release named Flowers on the Path which is a short book of just 170 pages The #book is on eneral stuffs than being out and out a spiritual book This one is uite different than what #is on eneral stuffs than being out and out a spiritual book This one is uite different than what have read till now by the modern world uru The book is written in three different segments *Everyday Flowers Flowers on the Path and Flowers of the Beyond As in *Flowers Flowers on the Path and Flowers of the Beyond As in s own profound style he calmly explains us how we have made our daily lifestyle troublesome due to the small races we become a part of How people are confused among themselves and keep on establishing small happiness s out of someone else loss is what Sadhguru tries to focus upon Sadhguru talks about the importance of health aligning the energies being secular and sacred how to keep children afresh and energized and free of Any Biases The Importance Of biases the importance of in society etc Later on in the book Sadhguru starts establishing the spiritual logic radually in the minds of his read. He Speaking Tree column of the Times of India These articles have for many years brought ,

Spirituality is an elusive and important subject which needs to be incorporated in the syllabus for living a fulfilling life It is this subject which has *been broached here in the Flowers on the Path by SadhguruThe book is a bunch of *broached here in the Flowers on the Path by SadhguruThe book is a bunch of by Sadhguru which provides insight into the realm of spirituality The entire spiritual journey is being mapped out in terms of floral imagery A human mind is compared to the flower while its stem is being considered similar to the spine With a simple writing style the author initiates a conversation with how we need spirituality in our uotidian lives He directs towards the need for ood parenting of peace in our world regardless of conflicts of the impact of rising intolerance etc He moves on to talk emphatically about the Yoga Yogasana is deemed to be an ideal way of cleansing your soul And the author charts a path for us to do it Towards the end we come to believe that what lies within is supreme and that we are our own mastersThe book is crisp and concise Each chapter is short and precise enough #To Make Its Point #make its point I how the author puts his point forward by not indulging into verbose prose he uses simple words simple examples to make the indelible mark on his. The Flowers on the Path series is a bouuet It comprises articles created by Sadhguru for Ers He starts mentioning importance of Yoga sitting at *One Place Silently The Power Of Concentration The Role Of *place silently the power of concentration the role of Guru in your life the Genuity of prayer how human has accumulated everything from this Earth and how we are nothing except the soul within us etcSadhguru s style of writing helps the reader to understand the concepts and logic at their own pace Every chapter is not of than 3 4 pages He doesn t use touch vocabulary to sound very intellectual or philosophical but keeps things simple This is his specialty which has also made his videos and blogs popular He starts any book describing the small acts we keep ourselves engaged in and then leaves a small conceptual benefit of yoga and meditation and ends the book there for you to think about yourself and life thereafter and think about being in peace rather than messing up your mind with unwanted stuffs I ive Flowers on the Path 325 stars out of 5 as it is just a normal book with not that much of an insight which can bring extreme changes in your life But it shall surely sow the seeds of spirituality somewhere in the way you think ThanksABHILASH RUHELA This book is excellent for the seekers of truth Small articles on spiritual wisdom are really helpfu. Aily infusions of beauty humor clarity and wisdom into lives abraded by mayhem and monoton.
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