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Forces of NatureI don t know what it is about the way he explains complicated topics but I really connect with it Fantastic book Very strong indepth educational book learnt many thing from this Brian Cox yet again makes topics very interesting the book is well written well Magic Toyshop presented the book cover is OK this book really expands your knowledge manyeople I believe would find this book interesting if you like the TV series this book is a great complement to the TV shows The eudcational level is "That The Book Would Potentially "the book would Ans Messer geliefert potentially very useful to university students study relevent topics Reall enjoyed this book No editorial issues no negatives at all from myoint of view This exploration of science is Three Brothers: Memories of My Family perhaps a little bit unfocused but Brian Cox has such an infectious enthusiasm for the subject that it s hard not to be swept along with him on this journey All in all an interesting very book that I m glad that I ve read Do I now knowhysics Nope But I know somewhere between 5 and 15% on some topics of hysics #than I did before this book But that s not really why I liked Forces of Nature I don t think # I did before this book But that s not really why I liked Forces of Nature I don t think life will be directly impacted by knowing or forgetting how many flavors of neutrinos there are Three And yes for some reason they re called flavors What I liked was that Cox and Cohen do a great job of linking things you might not have thought are linked of weaving a bit of science history into simple but not dumbed down explanations of hysical and chemical mechanisms and especially of transmitting how utterly brilliant they find the whole thing So even if you haven t the slightest interest in the topic even if you ve never wondered why the sky is blue and why beex build hexagonal hives just read it to take art in a fancy university rofessor s joy about how the world works How often do you get to do thatDid not fit into the PopSugar Reading Challenge 2020 This is such an interesting read It forms book 5 of my Penguin Read the Year Challenge too Well written interesting and thoroughly fascinating It felt like my science lessons from school all in one Only this is a little complicated I d highly recommend it Whenever I read books like these I m always awe inspired by the sheer vastness and New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook by Juan Altamiras pure amazingness of our little home in a huge universe The fundamental laws of nature uantum mechanicshysics and the tenacity of biology never ceases to amaze me and this book expertly communicated all of that Beautifully written and in a way that will help you to slow down stop and think and truly appreciate the intricacies of the world and the The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse physics we live in and are bound by It lays down and explains many of the fundamental laws and science in a way that caters for both the science novice and the scientist alike It does go deep into the maths and science in some instances which even if you don t understand which most wont claim to me included it will still work to amaze and show the deep levels of understanding and human endeavour to explain and work out the world around us It really helps to make you appreciate just how complex and amazing our world is something that can get so ea. A breathtaking and beautiful exploration of ourlanet this groundbreaking book accompanies the new BBC One TV series roviding the deepest answers to the simplest uestions‘What is motion’‘Why is every snowflake different’‘Why is life symmetrical’To answer these and many other uestions Professor Brian Cox uncovers some of the most extraordinary natural events on Eart. our beautiful lanet There is always a sense of wonder curiosity with respect to the universe we live in The advances in explaining our universe have been many and yet it is not easy to summarize it in a way most Goodbye Stranger people can relate to Brian Cox does well to include the right amount of information with detail to be satisfying There areortions on the book where it moves slowly but generally regains the track after some slack The coverage includes space origin theories fundamental Plan Your WorkWork Your Plan particles forces Overall an interesting read The short introductory book on science is too short to serve aurpose To start with the tone is as if the author is trying to convince its readers that there is sciencereason rather than anything mystical at the base of the reality around The wonderment angle often leads to the author spending a considerable amount of time compared to the size of the book making elementary arguments discussing the history of scientistsdiscovery or raising uestions that do not fit From the mundane or the most comprehensible the author would suddenly make almost uantum jumps to extremely complex arguments with little explanations And in another flash the readers would find the book on a completely different topic as it covers multiple branches of biochemistry evolutionary science astronomy electromagnetism relativity and uantum Birders Tales of a Tribe physics apart from issues like the origin of life and even the Big Bang This surprising book exudes the author s enduring sense of wonder and delight at the natural world Such ualities when demonstrated by a leading academic who is also a well loved and respected TVresenter can motivate and inspire I hope many non scientists read this bookNot an easy read it demands attention and concentration But it does explain where My Anxiety Handbook: Getting Back on Track possible in layman s terms the fundamental forces that control how things are made in this extraordinary universe we occupy Acknowledging the roles of earlyioneers and explaining the history of discovery Professor Cox builds Acua Morta Commissario Martelli pictures of the way brilliant minds have come to understand the way things work in natureIf I have a negative comment it s only that some early euations in the book would benefit from a few labels to identify the uantities and ualities described As the bookrogresses however these very issues that I imagined were an assumption about readers mathematical skills and knowledge are made clearer the later formulae are better labelled For someone like me with all the mathematical aptitude of an artichoke some of the workings might just as well have been written in Klingon But that s my Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages problem not the book sIt s refreshing to find a scientist aopular one at that so willing to explain at length that. H and in the Universe and beyondFrom the immensity of the Universe and the roundness of Earth to the form of every single snowflake the forces of nature shape everything we see Pushed to extremes the results are astonishing In seeking to understand the everyday world the colours structure behaviour and history of our home we develop the knowledge and techniues necessary to step. ,

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Science is not a fixed or exact thing Its methods however are subject to The Woman Next Door peer scrutiny and its theorems reuireroofs to reach that status Science is an area of endeavour where simple speculation coupled with a belief system is no substitute for factual information and a serious attempt to discover the realities belief system is no substitute for factual information and a serious attempt to discover the realities s refreshing to find this mind set in a "SCIENTIST OF PROFESSOR COX S STATURE SINCE THERE ARE "of Professor Cox s stature since there are scientists who treat their discipline in the same cavalier way that most religious authorities treat their beliefs as if somehow the very fact that they believe their myths should render them beyond uestionI read this book as background research for a science fiction novel I m writing I m very Buying a Bride pleased I did It s caused me to reconsider certain elements of the future I mortraying and Fuglane prevented me appearing foolish than I might otherwise seem I ve discovered that certain facts in some fields are not uite what someroponents have declared them to be This is a book about the forces of nature Four of them that form the basic building blocks of how the universe and everything in it is structured It s a truly building blocks of how the universe and everything in it is structured It s a truly read Melowy peppered with amusing comments andresented in a very readable manner What could so easily have been a dry textbook is actually an entertaining and informative The Layover piece of accessible writing I wish I d had teachers with Professor Cox s ability to explain things in an engaging and inspiring fashion my school education would have taken an entirely different and useful routeReaders with little scientific background may find some of the explanations difficult to comprehend and those like me withoor maths may have Play to the End problems understanding some of theroofs But the Professor makes allowances for these holes in our education and finds ways to make clear what might otherwise be obscure It s an intriguing and inspiring read and having thoroughly enjoyed it I fully recommend the book This is another sumptuous book in the series but if you have read any of Professor Brian Cox s Discovering Gilgamesh previous books you would come to expect nothing less and this book does not disappointHowever this book has uite a challenge ahead of it You see hisrevious books have been on rather straight forward and easily defined subjects the solar system the universe and so on how we have something a little vague and as such something totally open to interpretation And this is where the challenge lies what do you class as the force of nature and this interpretation works both for and against this book Do not get me wrong it is amazing with beautiful Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture Volume II photography and amazing insights just that I would say that you do have a rather whirlwind tourNow I maintain that these books though never definitive act as an appetiser drawing the reader in with the hope that it sparks some thirst for knowledge and setting the reader off on a journey of discovery if the reader just thinks hmm that was interesting and simply shuts the book and goes off else where then the book and I guess Professor Cox have failed Somehow reading this book I dont think they have anything to worry about just yet. Beyond the everyday and approach the Universe beyondForces of Nature takes you to the greatlains of the Serengeti the volcanoes of Indonesia and the The Resisters precipitous cliffs in Nepal to the humpback whales of the Caribbean and the northern lights of the Arctic Brian will answer uestions on Earth that will illuminate our understanding of the UniverseThink you know ourlanetThink aga.