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Friends Forever? Mackenzie Blue #3Iends then old and new friends come together and you want all to get along and like each other then this is the book for you Plus you have to add huge then this is the book for you Plus you have to add the huge you have and decide whether or not you want to be than friends This book has a great message for everyone not just kids from ages 8 12 What will this group be p to next The third book in the Mackenzie Blue series really hit home for me You see while the other books were about Zee staying true to herself this one was about friendship Zee s BFF Ally returns to visit from France just in time for Brookdale Academy s camping trip I could so relate to Zee s lack of enthusiasm at being outdoors for a week with both her old and new friends It s awkward trying and makes for some great reading as we get to see Zee grow p and realize some valuable lessons on friendshipA pivotal moment in Zee s growth occurs with this diary entry p 121Hi Diary Does Ally hate me I know I hirt her

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But I t mean to I just want everyone to get along I think Ally is mad at Chloe but it s not Chloe s faultWhat if we had done Ally s idea instead of Chloe s Would Chloe be mad at me Maybe having a lot of friends means you just can t winZeeAnd Knows how to be a good friend and keeps in touch via texts and emailsIn Friends Forever third in Tina Wells's delightful illustrated middle grade series Zee and the rest of her class from the Brookdale Academy are off on a ca. Mackenzie a tween almost teen goes camping While
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she deals getting a period This book was fun to read I read this series last year and recently just read them again Yes it was short but at least it was good At some points i just could not put this book down and at other points of the book it was very slow and boring At least there where points of the book that i enjoyed then I was bored It was fun to read but my advice if you want to read it is to gt it from the library read It Uickly At A Book Store Or uickly at a book store or it on kindle or nook I would say it wasn t worth the money to buy them and its even because its hardcover I hope this was helpful to you Mackenzie Blue and her friends are back It s been such a long time since I read the two books I had forgotten who the characters were and what had happened Through reading this book I kind of figured some things out In this book Mackenzie s excited that her friend Ally is back from France to Spend Two Weeks With Her two weeks with her s not so excited that one of those weeks must be spent at their seventh grade field trip This is a very easy read that has a great message If you ve had a super best friend have been separated for a while made new fr. Tween readers will love following the adventures of Mackenzie Zee Blue California girl Zee is an expert shopper plays the guitar and writes songs and makes purses and jewelry She knows how it feels to have a huge crush And she.

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Hen to make matters interesting Zee s older brother tells her the legend of the Mountain Man Is he real Is he just a scary story Why is he looking for his missing leg amongst nsuspecting campersI loved the other two Mackenzie Blue books but this is my favorite by far To watch Zee begin to comprehend complexities like friendship in a very real way makes for some head nodding moments as you turn the pages If you have a tween girl in your life I highly recommend getting the Mackenzie Blue series The books teach valuable lessons have a tween girl in
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life I recommend getting the Mackenzie Blue series The books teach valuable lessons a subtle realistic way that even your most sophisticated tween will enjoy And once again the illustrations IMs and diary entries make the story even currentThe fourth book Mackenzie Blue Mixed Messages is one that I m really looking forward to AND IT S RELEASE DATE IS NOVEMBER 23 2010 it s release date is November 23 2010 s just in time for holiday gift buying and I already know a tween girl who will have this book in her stocking and a Mama who will gladly read it with her on Christmas Day I liked this book It was funny when Kathi overreacted when she couldn t get a signal I want to read the rest of the series I liked Makenzie and Ally I also liked all the texting abbreviations that they Lacanau Beach Baby use. Mping trip to compete in an environmental scavenger hunt Zee is extra psyched because her best friend Ally is visiting from Paris It should be fabulous having all her friends in one place but for some reason everyone is fighti.