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To read them Don t get me wrong I am not YA at all but in my forties and my tastes vary a lot This series is so entertaining a light fun read with a touch of romance and no swearing extreme violence or sex scenes It takes me back to a time of innocence growing p where I was reading books purely on their ability to keep me turning the pages Syd is a great character with three individual personalities and power in one body the witch the demon and the Sidhe princess She defends her family from the evil that tries to take over their coven aid is back at her side and "Now Her Mother Has Been "her mother has been and is on trial for blood magic Syd has to step p and take the reins whilst scrambling to form a defence to save her mother Not known for her tact and planning Syd must do it right this time as her mother s life is at stake The evil Batsheva is back gotta love that name and she is now head of the Witch Council determined to gain control and kill Miriam Syd has to work together with her grandmother before its too late and enlist the help of the vampires and werewolves to prove her mother s innocence Celeste is still a thorn in their side and Odette is in the background waiting to seek revenge against the Hayle Coven What will it take to save the day and does Syd have it in her to prove to the Coven and everyone else that she is worthy of leading the cove. Cil Enforcers arrive and arrest her mother on countless charges Desperate to defend Miriam Syd calls on all of her family’s allies even seeking out those she should probably leave in peace Certain the Dumonts are behind the whole thing Syd is shocked to discover there is much to this attack on her coven an attack led by an old enemy who holds Miriam’s life in her hands. ,
Full Circle Hayle Coven #8

SUMMARY À E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Patti Larsen