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he goes to the cave where his father had last spoken to him in that room there was a secret hatch on the floorin the hatch was the nife that Bill used to ill Amsterdams father When Amsterdam grasped his father s nife two native gang members tried to jump Amsterdam Afters they fought one of the gang members johnny went back up to amsterdam and says I was there on they day your father died says I was there on they day your father died I was the one who helped you At that moment Amsterdam s journey becomes a fight for personal survival and to find a place for the Irish people in 1860 s New York THIS BOOK REALLY MADE NO SENSE book really made no sense me but all the crazy violence and the way the people lived and acted in the five points made the book interesting. Uction by the writer Luc Sante the film's technical advisor; color stills taken during the shooting; sketches of the lavish sets and costumes and a portfolio of behind the scenes photographs taken by Brigitte Lacombe This is an inside look at how an epic movie one which the director had envisioned for twenty five years got madeAbout the Author Martin Scorsese Director has directed seventeen feature films among them Mean Streets Taxi Driver Raging Bull After Hours Goodfellas Cape Fear The Age of Innocence Casino Kundun Bringing Out the Dead and several documentaries most recently Il Mio Viaggio in Italia In 1990 he founded the Film Foundation with other prominent directors to foster film restoration and preservation; and he fights tirelessly for artists' righ. ,

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Five Points seeking revenge against his father s A History of Modern Europe: From the Renaissance to the Present killer Bill the butcher William Cutting a powerful anti immigrant gang leader Amsterdamnows that revenge can only be obtained BY JOINING BILLS GANG WHEN AMSTERDAM joining Bills gang When amsterdam Bills gang he show him what he s made of He fights against one joins Bills gang he show him what he s made of He fights against one bills gang members and he beats the crap out of him Bill was very impressed and slapped him with a piece of meat in a jokingly way In the movie Amsterdam meets a beautiful redhead named jenny but jenny isn t an ordinary women she loves to flirt and steal mens valuables The year of 1864 the day that bill the butcher illed Amsterdams father Priest Vallon That day changed Amsterdams mind for the rest of his life Sixteen years later he returns back to the five points when he arrives he sees how. By Leonardo DiCaprio is a young Irish American who has returned to New York after fifteen years in a house of reform to seek revenge against Bill the Butcher Daniel Day Lewis the nativist gang leader who had illed Vallon's father The Movie Follows Amsterdam As movie follows Amsterdam as infiltrates Bill's inner circle falls in love with Jenny Everdeane Cameron Diaz a beguiling pickpocket and fights for the honor of his family and people His personal struggle explodes in tandem with the 1863 draft riots the most dramatic episode of urban unrest in American historyIncluded in the book are interviews of the principal people involved with the making of the film the director actors cinematographer designers screenwriters and producers; the complete shooting script; a historical introd. Gangs of New York Making the Movie by Martin Scorsese Miramax Books 2002 7914370 Fantastic sets and costumes made this period piece from New York circa 1844 noteworthy My rating Books 2002 7914370 Fantastic sets and costumes made this period piece from New York circa 1844 noteworthy My rating finished 91911 An excellent Scorcese film with gore violence character development Points to the early era of New York when lawlessness reigned Speaks of rival gangs that essentially ran a turf war of bribery corruption bartering The essential theme was this was the time of the great immigration to Ellis Island namely the Irish vs the natives those of German Dutch descent who were already settled here An excellent Daniel Day Lewis role w Leo Dicaprio in tow Gangs Of New York Review In the book gangs of New York Amsterdam Vallon is a young Irish immigrant released from prison He returns to the. Set in the turbulent streets of Lower Manhattan in the mid nineteenth century Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York depicts the politically corrupt and volatile social
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of New during the early years of the Civil War While the North is fighting in the South the difference between the insular opulence of uptown life and the lawless destitution of those living downtown becomes intolerable Irish immigrants and emancipated slaves add to the swelling numbers of the poor The city is a bomb ready to explode The action unfolds at the Five Points a notoriously corrupt gang infested area between New York harbor and lower Broadway where the native born Protestant Americans and the Irish Catholic immigrants battle for control of the city Amsterdam Vallon played. ,
Gangs of New York Making the Movie