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Carthage gNot since Sinclair Ferguson s The Whole Christ has a book so invigorated my drowsy heart with the wonder of God s love This may well end up being my Christian book of the year Seriouslyet a copy and savor it soonUpdate Here are my 20 favorite uotes tgcorgarticlechrists heart The hype is real Is it any surprise that a book on the heart of Christ would be so heartwarming What a Beautiful Savior I Read This Savior I read this slowly over the course of months which I think is

best way to read this reflecting on the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers Distilling the best of John Calvin John Flavel Richard Sibbes John Owen John Bunyan Thomas Goodwin Jonathan Edwards and richly meditating on a variety of Old and New Testament passages this book is a balm for weary Christians What we most need is Christ that bottomless ocean of rest joy "and love Ortlund writes like a modern day PuritanDeep wonderful reflections on God "love Ortlund writes like a modern day PuritanDeep wonderful reflections on God patience Irrevocable (Evan Arden, gentle loving steadfastness towards sinners who have taken refuge in Christ Areat example of how much can be said about Christ s love and how robust theology ought to be robustly devotional and faith strengtheningHighly recommend especially to someone interested in Puritan writing but a bit intimidated by the difference in writing style from one Lost Homeland, The Methow Tribe and the Columbia Reservation generation to another Outstanding My favourite read of 2020 so far by a country mileWith help from the Puritans especially Sibbes Bunyan Edwards and Goodwin Dane Ortlund unpacks Scriptural teaching about the heart of Christ exploring his character and feelings toward his people Theologically masterful worshipful to the core and with some beautiful turns of phrase let Ortlund escort you again to Christ such that you are lost in wonder love and praise Exceptional and exuisite My front runner for favorite book of 2020 Read my friend David McLe s review at For The Church here The Christian life from one angle is the lo. Christians know that God loves them but often think that he is perpetually disappointed and frustrated maybe even close toiving up on them As a result they focus a lot on what Jesus has done to appease God's wrath for sin But how does Jesus Christ actually feel about his people amid. Gentle and LowlyF God that I discovered while READING THIS BOOK ASTOUNDS ME AND this book astounds me and me to run the race with even determination Yes I ll keep falling along the way but when I do God won t be standing there shaking his head at me in disappointment He ll be rushing over to help me up if his head at me in disappointment He ll be rushing over to help me up if I will La Symphonie du hasard - Livre 1 grab the hand he offersAmazingly it seems our problem is not that we make too much of God s mercifulracious loving heart but too little We are perpetually making God in our own image I am reminded of the ancient Greeks who could muster up only reminded of the ancient Greeks who could muster up only vindictive unkind harsh ex Warm careful biblical Puritan in the very best sense which should be the only sense What Gentle and Lowly did for me was convince me that I do not comprehend Christ s true heart towards me In fact I wrestled along the way because what I know to be true from the pages of Scripture I do not readily feel in the depths of my heart It made me long to experience Christ s nurturing of me in ways I haven t beforeThe chapter titled Rich in Mercy contains a uote that has stuck with me If my life is any evidence of the mercy of God in Christ you might think I m not impressed To you I say the evidence of Christ s mercy toward you is not your life The evidence of his mercy toward you is his mistreated misunderstood betrayed abandoned Eternally In your place Also His mercy is not calculating and cautious like ours It is unrestrained flood like sweeping magnanimous Read savor the truths in this book Five stars I found myself sharing what I learned about Jesus from this book with my conversations with others and meditating and praying on His character It brings solace to your soul knowing this is our Jesus Dane Ortlund doesn t negate His just anger and wrath Christ is both but what is His natural instincts Highly recommend for anyone desiring to learn about Christ Praying this book brings people into a deeper enuine fellowship with Christ. Pters take readers into the depths of Christ's very heart for sinners diving deep into Bible passages that speak of who Christ is and encouraging readers with the affections of Christ for his people His longing heart for sinners will comfort and sustain readers in their up and down liv.

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Ng journey of letting our natural assumption about who God is over many decades fall away being slowly replaced with God s own insistence on who he isHaving finished this book the first thing I want to do is read it again Its message is like soothing ointment on a wound With much help from the Puritans Dane Ortlund focuses not on what God does but on who God much help from the Puritans Dane Ortlund focuses not on what God does but on who God in his very heart As the book s title suggests Ortlund begins with Matthew 1128 30 where Jesus Christ openly declares his heart to us The book does not stop there however but works through a number of Old Testament and New Testament passages While every chapter does connect to Ortlund s overarching argument about God s heart each one also stands alone fairly well The brevity is just an added bonus One could easily work this book into his or her devotional life reading and meditating on just a chapter or two a day What is abundantly clear to me is that Ortlund is a man on a mission He is in awe of such a God as this He believes every word he writes about God He is passionate about the declarations God makes about his own character and wants to share them with other believers so that they can be warmed encouraged and awestruck as he is And he doesn t stand alone but in the company of men such as Thomas Goodwin John Bunyan Jonathan Edwards Richard Sibbes and John Newton I am lad that Ortlund ensured these men ot to speak as well If this book s message unsettles you in any way I would encourage you to look within and figure out Why Are You Afraid That God S Are you afraid that God s attributes such as justice wrath and holiness et diminished or denied anticipates that concern at several points and addresses it carefully Are you afraid that people will read this book and come away with license to sin or low views of confession and repentance uite frankly anyone who draws such conclusions hasn t read this book fairly or accurately The heart All their sins and failures This book draws us to Matthew 11 where Jesus describes himself as Un hosanna sans fin gentle and lowly in heart longing for his people to find rest in him Theospel is primarily about God's heart drawn to his people a heart of tender love for the sinful and suffering These cha.
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