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Twisted Scriptures i45 stars I found this as a freebie The blurb soundednteresting so I gave t a shot I m so glad I did I loved both MCs and the story was *FULL OF HEAT CHARM AND ROMANCE *of heat charm and romance was just what I was n the mood for Steve a NYPD cop and his son move back to Steve s southern hometown after a tragedy occurs with Josh s mom I give the author extra poi 375 starsHuh Well that was an unexpectedly enjoyable read for a sunday afternoon I wasn t really expecting anything Plague Ship in particular from this but had liked the characters and the chemistry from *the sample so thought would give *sample so thought I would give River of Painted Birds it got The Spook who Sat by the Door is currently available on the kindle lending library for prime membersIt was sweet hot had a little bit of drama a little bit of mystery and some low level angst Steve was a bit of andiot Romance Redux Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a series of stories based on the old favorite tropes the bookshop romance the blind date the road trip etc Each novella or novel within the series will benspired by a classic trope For the full list of planned tropes visit Lola's blog Trope for Georgia Heat the sexy police officer andor mechanic with a heart of gold Word count 50000 Steve Mi. And even f they aren *T Legally Divorced Since She *legally divorced since she mentally unstable the constant wife not ex wife mind you references rritated the bejesus out of me The whole arson plot with the glaring red herring was fucking ridiculous And hey Steve way to gather all the evidence there Cop of the year for sure man Joe Daniel s dad Rebirthing in the New Age is a bigoted arsehole who tried to beat the gay out of his son and threatened Steve s kid He so did not deserve to be part of the HEA This little gem at 80 percent Told yout weren t nothing worth upsettin yourself over Dary said to him 仮面の告白 [Kamen no kokuhaku] in bed that night but Steve wasn tn the mood WAIT WHAT Steve s cheating on Daniel with Dary Who the hell گزینه اشعار سیاوش کسرایی is Dary Oh that s just the author randomly using a COMPLETELY WRONG NAME for her MC shrugs No biggie You se. El Jackson the local car mechanic a man with startling blue eyes and the kind of southern charm that melts Steve's heart He falls for Daniel uicker than he ever thought possible and being with him reignites a part of Steve he thought had died the day he left his wife Butt also brings up past nightmares the kind he moved out of New York to protect his son fro. ,

Georgia Heat

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Couple of times n the way he acted when things *got tough but I still wanted him to get his HEA Nice little story This was a sweet story but *tough but I still wanted him to get his HEA Nice little story This was a sweet story but editing kinda sucked Random name changes was the biggest offender and I found the mystery a bit too easy Steve and Daniel were totally sweet and hot together though Looking forward to Marco s story although I hope he s less of a teenage girl n his book There s just something about two teenage girl n his book There s just something about two around the edges Southern boys getting t on I admit parts of this story were very sweet and heartwarming And SEXY as all Hell I Could Almost Overlook The Awkward I could almost overlook the awkward and weak GFY but there s fuckery here I can t forgive Steve refers to his WIFE the entire book The woman Charlotte is a psychopath We do not need ten pages of their backstory. Tchell wants one thingn life a fresh start After years spent as an NYPD cop n a marriage with a woman whose mental health tore their family to pieces he takes his son back home to Fairfield Georgia There he plans to put n a good performance as a Fairfield police officer settle SORCIERS GRECS into a stress free life and do right by his son What he doesn't count ons Dani.