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Margaux with an X eEssivenough but then to have to fend for yourselves and your injuries while you hope for rescue Well that is a whole new level of intense The Plot in General Yes the survival aspect was great but it was just a part of the plot There was so much so much of Avery s Pippi Långstrump i Söderhavet evolution and recovery so many lives impacted so much that happens after the fact thatven though we know she makes it out of The Rockies there s definitely plenty going on to keep the book interesting My one ualm Here s my only real problem with this book The beginning felt a little rushed and perhaps not as authentic as it could have been I never got the Macanudo 8 Macanudo emotion during the plane crash aftermath I assume that during the actual crash adrenaline takes over so that isn t what I mean I mean when that wears off and the victims have time to process and shock sets in I guess I just kind of hoped to connect to those scenes of the bookspecially since they did set the stage for the La prisión de Black Rock. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition) entire thing Bottom Line The initial problem aside I really loved this book Do I think it was partially because of my connection with Avery and swimming Probably but I do know that it certainly wasn t the only reason I loved this book The obstacles the relationships the characters the survival and Avery s growth in general made this a book I absolutely couldn t put downI received a copy from the publisher for reviewThis review was originally posted on It Starts at Midnight This new adult debut novel by Claire Kells tells a story of survival resulting from a plane crash theffects of PTSD and the romance and friendships that slowly develop afterward While there were surprises and intense moments once on the ground view spoiler the bear and missing insulin needles hide spoiler Of course not I want to scream That day was all of my worst fears wrapped into one harrowing moment of fear pain and loss It was about my old life and the new the before and the after Before I watched two hundred people scream and cry and pray to a god that had deserted them Before my trust in air travel crashed and burned in an icy lake shattering my ability to feel safe anywhere A fast paced book about survival and Girl Underwater is ffortlessly stunning It follows the story of Avery Delacorte a college swimmer who is one of the survivors of a terrible plane crash The book is told from her alternating point of view between the past and present timesGirl Underwater is an motional read Kells delivered a believable plane crash and survival story She supplemented the book with genuine facts and Zemlja vukova emotion that would make readers root for the characters Aside from the survival aspect of the story Avery s state of being also played a huge role in the plot How she s coping after the plane crash is she suffering PSTD Girl Underwater managed that part very well with so much grace and accurate sentimentI guess Girl Underwater made such a strong impression on me because of these crucial things First because the characterization of the main and secondary characters were crafted well I m in awe I adoreveryone Second there s romance but it is not the focal point of the story though it s than Premium Content Code Card for Leadership enough to make my blood pump faster And lastly the writing is simplynthralling There s something melancholy and nostalgic about itHighlight of the book for meA character who openly admits she s terrifiedGirl Underwater is a magnificent debut I m very xcited to see where Kells would go nextReview also posted at Young Adult Hollywood Unreached PotentialSports Romance Is One Of My Favorite Hollywood Unreached PotentialSports romance is one of my favorite and swimming my favorite sport I swam in college and the sport has been a huge part of my life influencing my personality friends and career When I heard about this college swimming romance I KNEW I had to read it But I feel let down for several reasons1 The minimal read it But I feel let down for several reasons1 The minimal details are not authentic I realize most readers won t care about the inaccuracies but I wish the author had beta readers or ditors with swimming xperience because the implausible details took me out of the story I later read that the author is a physician and this is probably of a medical story than a swimming one2 The pacing doesn t work for me It s tricky line between building suspense and annoying the reader and the scales tipped toward the latter for me The heroine Avery avoids the hero Colin for most of the book and I almost gave up before finding out why Which leads me to my for most of the book and I almost gave up before finding out why Which leads me to my criticism3 The lack of cohesive character motivation interferes with my connection to the characters Why does Avery avoid Colin before the plane crash I didn t get a good feel for why she struggles to be her own person Her shameful belief about her actions after the crash didn t jive with me ither Many survivors of trauma blame themselves but there s no rational reason for her self blame Split Second even under the traumatic circumstances And I had zero feelings for Avery s boyfriend Lee It probably comes down to me not relating to Avery very wellKudos to the author for getting her debut novel traditionally published and it appears most readersnjoyed this than I did I have watched my fair share of movies featuring an airplane crash Castaway and The Grey being ones that have affected me the most as a viewer Those scenes and their aftermath scared me to death and rightfully so Airline disasters are no laughing matter But I had never read about one in a book well not until now Girl Underwater is told through the perspective of nineteen year old Avery who is one of five crash survivors who have become stranded in the wilderness It is a story of the struggle to survive both physically and FISTOGRAPHY Newcastle Australia 1994 2004 emotionally during and after trauma Fortunately the actual crash is notxplicit but the moments before and after take the reader right to the scene Author S bays and sprawling North American lakes Now a sopho on her university’s nationally ranked team she struggles under the weight of new Civil War Blacksmithing expectations but life is otherwise pretty good Perfect reallyThat all changes when Avery’s redye home for Thanksgiving makes a ditch landing in a mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies She is one of only five survivors which includes three little boys and Colin Shea who happens to be her teammate Colin is also the only ,

What a great read I felt like this was actually happening it had such a ring of truth to it Avery Colin and three helpless little boys are plunged into a terrifying ordeal we know they survive it but at what cost They are the sole survivors of a devastating plane crash and are stranded for weeks on a cold unforgiving mountaintopAs the story progresses Avery is forced to confront many inner and as well as physical demons her attempts to appear normal and her refusal to accept help for her PTSD ventually backfire on her Avery is a very intelligent strong brave young woman but time and again we see xamples of her self doubt her fear of not fitting in of letting the team down leading her to do what others Economie : on n'a pas tout essay ! expect of herven if it means sacrificing her own dreams or desires Her father sums it up and spells it out uite beautifully towards the Serpent symbolism in the Old Testament A linguistic archaeological and literary study end of the novel I would take what he said so well one step further and say that no one is born perfect we must accept our shortcomings and defeats and if we are honest with ourselves and learn from those mistakes we grow to be better people Collin was a true hero he gave Avery the space she needed to come to terms with what had happened to them Such a patient decent guy who obviously admired and loved her despite her odd PTSD induced hot and hold behavior toward him I couldn t put this one down andven bought my own copy I m going to pull it out of storage and lose myself in this wild adventure on a frigid mountaintopThis is Dr Claire Kells first novel I look forward to many from this insightful author Highly recommended This is a terrific debut novel about what it means to be a survivor and to struggle to return to a normal life after a traumatic uantum Incident uantum eventNineteen year old Avery Delacorte a member of anlite swim team at a college in California is on her way home to Boston for Thanksgiving when her plane crashes in a lake in the Rocky Mountains From the outset of the story we know that Avery and another member of the swim team star swimmer Colin Shea and three little boys are the only survivors However once out of hospital and back home Avery is unable to overcome the trauma of the crash and near drowning as well as the days surviving in the wilderness She Finding Chika A Little Girl an Earthuake and the Making of a Family exhibits all the symptoms of PTSD but doesn t want to talk about what actually happened during the days following their survival from the crashThis is anxcellent coming of age story written for youngnew adults that will also appeal to older adults The story is told from Avery s viewpoint with chapters alternating between her current struggle to find her feet again and the story of her survival The author depicts the struggle Avery has not only with herself but in allowing her boyfriend Lee and her family to help her Colin Shea is also a wonderful character a gentle soul who is also struggling to re find his place in the world I highly recommend this thoughtful motive story with a touch of romance45 With thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy of this book to read and review 45The first thing you need to know about this book It isn t as much a story of survival AS IT IS A STORY ABOUT SURVIVING SURVIVAL YES it is a story about surviving survival Yes aftermath of the plane crash is a big part of the story but prominent is Avery trying to figure out what comes after making it out of a huge plane crash alive The book is told through a series of present narratives and flashbacks Clearly she has survived the crash and we know from the start who survived with her and you know it says so in the synopsisSo I really liked this book though I fully admit it isn t perfect which of course I will talk about But as always let s start with all the good njoyable things okay What I Loved The Characters I have to disclose some biases Avery is a collegiate swimmer As was I Avery made choices based on what veryone lse wanted her to do As did I So I may not have always liked Avery but I sure as hell understood her And I most definitely sympathized with her because my goodness she went through a lot I mean how can you not have Hidden Legacy empathy for girl in plane crash turned girl stuck in wilderness She is far from perfect but she is working through a very real case of PTSD as you would And Colin Colin isverything He is like my second in line book boyfriend I adored Colin He was kind of an old soul type and I just want one of him for myself The Relationships There were many many relationships in this book that were Lonely Planet South Africa Lesotho Swaziland explored From Avery s often strained relationship with her parents and brothers to her newfound fumbling relationship with the boys she helped rescue to her college boyfriend Lee to her very uncertain relationship with Colin there was a lot ofxploration into how these relationships changed as Avery changed And really that is just the tip of the iceberg Swimming Like I said before this has swimming in it which admittedly is what drew me to it in the first place Because swimming was my ntire life for a good 14 years And Avery s too as it happens The best part is the swimming stuff is very accurate which is super rare in books Upon visiting the author s blog I am not at all
"surprised that she "
that she too Since I am insanely devoted and myself a distance swimmer I do have to say at the collegiate level they d be doing the 1650 not the 1500 But um none of you will notice or care about that Anyway the accuracy impressed me but importantly it had me very much in the story because I knew xactly how Avery was feeling Down to that crappy moment when you have to get in the too cold pool and would rather visit the dentist or something The Survival I love a good survival show Like ones on The Discovery Channel where people somehow survive against all the odds Yeah that is what this is like I mean surviving a plane crash is impr. An adventurous debut novel that cross cuts between a competitive college swimmer’s harrowing days in the Rocky Mountains after a major airline disaster and her recovery supported by the two men who love her only one of whom knows what really happened in the wildernessNineteen year old Avery Delacorte loves the water Growing up in Brookline Massachusetts she took swim lessons at her community pool and captained the local team; in high school she raced acros. Laire Kells writes alternating past and present scenes as the story progresses so very step Avery takes in trying to motionally recover brings the reader right back to the disaster that won t let her go I Perto do Coração Selvagem enjoyed the characters and thenvironment Ms Kells presented and I found the romance Flash Fiction Forward 80 Very Short Stories element appropriate for young adults to be anngaging addition to the story In my opinion Ms Kells writing style gives readers a glimpse of what it may possibly feel like to suffer from a trauma related disorder like PTSD Readers live flashbacks and trauma re Réussir le Rubik's cube experiencing right along with Avery and it broke my heart Nowveryone knows my secret Everyone knows that I m not ready I m not Stadtguerilla und soziale Revolution even OK I m still in that lake searching for rescue Avery smotions are palpable and Ms Kells shows how her ongoing response to this devastating Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook experience impactsvery area of her life but I was happy to see the continued theme is in fact survival She survived the crash she survived the Rocky Mountains but the uestion is if she will survive the very Сколько спят упавшие звезды? emotional journey of life following traumaI thought Girl Underwater was anxcellent debut novel from an author I will be keeping my Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study eye on Just a heads up though This novelnds without much closure however Avery s future was hinted at strongly As Deusas as Bruxas E a Igreja Seculos de Perseguicao enough that as a reader I was left satisfied I would recommend it Give it a tryMy favorite uote I spend the fading weeks of summer at my old desk laptop cast aside hands cramping despite the stress ball on the shelf Two pens have already run out of ink The stack of paper next to my weathered paperbacks dwindles by the hour I write until dawn breaks over the city I write until if feels like I can t possibly write another word I write until my sorrow turns to pain and then I know I m getting somewhere Oh man this one was a doozy Not anmotionally intense doozy a how was this published doozy If nothing The I Ching on Love else it firmly solidifies the fact that I should neverver be in charge of any book group selections In fact if it s something that I Prince of Thorns even mention once in passing the rest of the group should consider burning all copies of the book so we don t accidentally settle on it However well intentioned my choices are they should be ignoredThere are spoilers in here but hones All Avery wanted to do all she has trained for is competitive swimming Coming back the plane she is on goes down in the Rockies Mountains with a fellow swimmer and Olympic hopeful Colin They survive and are able to save three very young boys For fice days in freezing temps with Colin injured they manage to stay alive and keep the small boys alive as well After thevent and the rescue it is apparent that what the media believes happened is not all that happened A good look at PTSD as Avery tries to regain her life in the water and out Her character is what drew me to this book her character and all her doubts faults and fears make her a very real person to relate to Also loved that not only was this an adventure story but a poignant one showing how close a serious incident can draw people together for the longest time Loved the nding and the peace she makes with
"herself and her "
and her survivors The nding a bit predictable but fitting after EVERYTHING AVERY GOES THROUGH A GOOD Avery goes through A good book and definitely a writer to watchARC from publisher Update 199 Kindle special today I read this book when it first came out about a year ago I think I picked it because I was The Accident: A Doctor's Touch (Book 1) excited to see a new Bay Area author pop up in the scene and was wishing this book would be goodplus Injoy swimming so I figure it might be a good fitwhich it was I njoyed it Its Claire s first novel I can t help but wonder if this book is on sale today does that mean she has a new book out soon Not sureThe review below is from last yearPeople always ask how I can stare at a black line for hours on nd But for me swimming Those kind of distances was never about staring at a black line on the bottom of the pool It s about shutting Brighter Than Gold every thinglse out and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vol. 2 existing in your own head your own thoughts Until the world is ready to have you againAvery a college Freshman in Northern California from Boston a swimmer grew up with 3 older brothers Her dad was a doctor Her mom a lawyer Avery s dad never treated her like a dainty daughter He raised her to be strong and capable Her mother balanced his non nonsense mentality with gentle words and constant reassurances From the start page one Avery tells us she has always loved waterand that it shocked no one in her family when she begged for swimming lessons at age 3 far younger than her adventuresome brothers Fearless of water believing her father Avery feels strong capable until the plane crash which took place during her Freshman year of college on a flight back home to visit her family For 5 days Avery and Colinanother college student and TOP swimmer and 3 young little boys survive together after the plane crashedsome of Avery s childhood skills come in handy that her dad had taught her After 5 days they are rescued receive medical attention and we learn 240 other passengers died during that crash What happened during those five days How do Avery and Colinach adjust back into life with their family past issues relationships returning to school returning to swimming tcAlthough I ve read other plane crash survival type stories before I fully njoyed this one I ve liked them all Might say something about me Haha This was a fast Searle's Cats easy read I liked the characters and Injoyed the storytelling I always wanted to know what was happening how Avery and Colin were adjusting feeling thinking I Three Wise Cats A Christmas Story especially loved thendingGreat first novel for this Bay Area author we have the best authors in Northern California I m not prejudice Congrats to Claire Kell. Erson in Avery’s college life who challenged her to swim her own Caillou events to be her own person something she refused to do Instead she’s avoided him since the first day of freshman year But now faced with sub zero temperatures minimal supplies and the dangers of a forbidding nowhere Avery and Colin must rely onach other in ways they never could’ve imaginedIn the wilderness the concept of survival is clear cut Simple In the real world it’s anything bu.

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