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सेतो बाघ uTrudeau in the ass now that s he trying to backpedal away from it all But what Bregman is advocating seems to go beyond even the current Eurozone which really does seem like a disaster I mean it ended the beggar thy neighbour trade policies thatsed to result in war but it also created a new caste of democratically 초한지 3 unaccountable elites who areninterested in a proletariat that gets to choose between a life on welfare benefits or immigration away from home just to make a basic living He points out that in Africa money is lost to tax evasion than is received in aid but I don t see how open checkpoint free borders are going to change that Africa doesn t need any Luxembourgs There s nothing wrong with the mechanisms he s proposing They can all work to make our lives better It s the ideology free ideology of neoliberalism that s at issue With the managerial mindset it s hard to see how life could improve It d be a brand new world at implementation and then back to managed decline On the other hand if these were road markers of a truly progressive leftist campaign backed p by a collective will for a better world well then maybe they re ideas worth investigating after all HighlightsLike KSR and Sanders he advocates for a tax on socially seless financial speculation to pay for social programs which I KSR and Sanders he advocates for a tax on socially Wrath of the Furies (Ancient World, useless financial speculation to pay for social programs which I be all for view spoilerThepshot is that we ve all gotten poorer For every dollar a bank earns an estimated euivalent of 60 cents is destroyed elsewhere in the economic chain Conversely for every dollar a researcher earns a value of at least 5 and often much is pumped back into the economy Higher taxes for top earners would serve in Harvard science speak to reallocate talented individuals from professions that cause negative externalities to those that cause positive externalities hide spoiler What negative externalities to those that cause positive externalities hide spoiler What painful book to read during the first week of Trump s administration I swear every time I finished a chapter a new policy would be announced that completely moved the needle of social progress in the other direction Solving poverty with a niversal basic income Nope here s a Secretary of Labor who thinks the minimum wage is already too high Reform the banking system so it s not one of the largest drivers of the economy Let me introduce you to the newest Goldman Sachs exec to run a department in Washington Open our borders p to reduce both a department in Washington Open our borders Nativity Poems up to reduce both and worldwide ineuality Don t even get me started on that oneNote to self After civilization inevitably collapses come back and re read this for ideas on how to rebuild society While some of Bregman s ideas seemed not fully fleshed out and some are even contradictory to each other I think that s part of the point Atopian future is I Hate Everyone But You unknown and open to experimentation and trial He does a good job presenting some of these potential scenarios and backs his ideasp with solid historical examples and current data. Social theorist Zygmunt Bauman it is brilliant truly enlightening and eminently readableThis original Dutch bestseller sparked a national movement for basic income experiments that soon made international headlines. That life still goes on with all planes grounded and minimal road traffic and a reduction in industrial manufacturing and surprise We get a reduction in CO2 Who d have thought But a total lockdown is not a viable model for the long term future I imagineSo here are some ideas nothing to do with the climate to get A Difference in the Family The Snape Chronicles us started in time for the NEXT crisis1 Guaranteedniversal basic income2 Shorter working hours3 Open bordersIf you live in Germany you can make a start here Capitalist or communist it all boils down to a pointless distinction between two Germany you can make a start here Capitalist or communist it all boils down to a pointless distinction between two of poor and to a major misconception that we almost managed to dispel some 40 years ago the fallacy that a life without poverty is a privilege you have to work for rather than a right we all deserveA breezy read with ideas that are backed Change Your Brain Change Your Body up by genuinely interesting statistics and anecdotesArgues that we can better society and move towardstopia by implementing three ideas a 15 hour workweek a niversal basic income UBI and open bordersThe problem isn t the programs he s advocating it s the neoliberal lens he s viewing them from he grotesuely spends the last chapter blowing Hayek and Friedman The 15 hour workweek for example sounds fantastic the way he lays it out time to play to dedicate to art to spend with family and enjoy life but there s already plenty of people in the retail sector working a 15 hour workweek Their lives aren t idyllic they re struggling against Poverty It S Called It s called and politicians can t come p with any way to soften its sting Of course a genuine labour movement along the lines of the one that brought Toronto Architecture: A City Guide us the forty hour workweek could go a long way to making the 15 hour week desirable But the author doesn t even acknowledge it s a problem The UBI is the same thing It s easy to imagine how it would improve my own life and very tempting to see it as a solves all for poverty But if a heartless ghoul like Dick Cheney and his neolizard pal Rumsfeld advocated for it then it s just not that simple I don t think a UBI can worknless we have a niversal right to education healthcare and housing Those are the three things that everyone in our society needs but no one can realistically be expected to pay for them pfront What good is a UBI if we re all bogged down in student loads health insurance bills and rent payments Of course that s exactly why conservatives are tripping all over their dicks for a 囚 愛玩少女 4 ubi so they can gut and privatize everything else and brings all back to feudalismHis case for open borders is so vague I don t know what to make of it If he just means accepting immigrants sure I m all for it My own country Canada needs them Immigrants contribute to society and to the economy in countless ways Refugees too If nothing else there was a boost of civic morale when we started taking in large numbers of Syrian refugees though I suspect that s going to bite. He traditional left right divides as he introduces ideas whose time has come Utopia for Realists is one of those rare books that takes you by surprise and challenges what you think you know In the words of leading. A reasonably good summary of the history of niversal basic income and the drive to a shorter working week although if you ve read a few long essays on those topics it s nlikely you ll learn much Unfortunately the book is spoiled by a few things Firstly while I get that it has a point of view that it s conveying one that I agree with I could ve done with opposing arguments if only to arm myself in futureSecondly one of the arguments Is For Open Borders for open borders the author suggests would have next to no ill effects not even in the short term True he suggests phasing it them slowly but it seems to be that there would be problems for some people and to just say redistribution is not an answer Finally he goes off on a bizarre rant at the end against identity politics and the left wallowing in moral superiority to which I say FUCK THAT NOISE Racism and sexism are no small things and it s good that people are Pursuing Sexual Wholeness upset about them And why can t the left walk and chew gum at the same time Striving towardstopia reuires true euality and it s a real black eye that this book ends in such a childish manner I respond to Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise utopian thinking the way any other moderately informed liberal does Well wouldn t that be nice oO But the I read of Bregman s book the my resistance melted away Why aren Something I hear not infreuently at the moment is a prediction that this crisis is going to really really make a difference The world will never be the same again At that point in the conversation and there are damned few conversations to be had right now but nevertheless at that point I tend to go a bitiet Because what I m thinking is BULLSHIT Which I m too polite to say Cos what I m thinking is actually people have really really short memories and those who haven t been left Intrusul unemployed and homeless by the projected economic downturn will go back to Life As They Knew It and in fact we ll have a sudden surge as everyone tries to catchp with all the holidays they missed and the stuff they didn t buy Only this morning on German TV there was an idea that the car industry would need a government boost after the corona crisis Really Subsidies to encourage people to buy cars and not as was the case pre pandemic to encourage people to buy electric cars no The government proposes to se taxpayers money to pay people to buy ANY kind of car But then maybe the idea people are expressing is not so much a prediction as a fervent wishAnd that is not bullshit not at all in fact it s reasonable and sensible because as Bregman Points Out In This Dazzling out in this dazzling a sudden shock CAN be a powerful instrument of change The thing is though that the ideas for change have to already be flying around like the famous roast chickens in Cockaigne ready to be plucked from the air I suppose the radical New Thinking that was gaining currency just before Covid 19 was Climate Change And now we can all see. From a niversal basic income to a 15 hour workweek from a world without borders to a world without poverty – it’s time to return to The Resilience Workbook for Teens utopian thinkingRutger Bregman takess on a journey through history beyond .

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Gratis geld voor iedereen over het basisinkomen de 15 rige werkweek en een wereld zonder grenzen