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Ted as I am with this book Because Of The Price Starting With The of the price Starting with the the book is organized well with a middle section of 10 or so colored photos It is well written and easy to understand However it is miniscule The book has 200 pages of actual text thinner than novels It reads like a study book or an outline you would make for class Each subject has bare minimum of information needed No actual case studies or examples I am most isappointed with the images Most are hand rawn line images there are only 10 or so actual photographs in the book They are black and white in the pages but the middle section has them in color but they are the same images Why bother to print them twice I am also comparing this to the Spitz and Fisher s book but for half the price I was expecting a little better than an image of a stab wound and a few sentences on it in a chapter If you need the bare minimum of information on forensics or you are just looking to explore the topic a little than for 20 30 this would be fine But for 50 this book with its lack of examples explanations case studies and photographic images is really a bit steep. Sts factors used to etermine time of Exit Berlin death and identity of theeceased It identifies the natural causes of Finding God in the Waves death in children and adults beforeevoting the remaining chapters to the myriad of non natural causes including homicide suicide accidental and undetermined With meticulous etail and instant access to extensive information this handbook is an indispensable tool for forensic Pathologists Law Enforcement And law enforcement and personnel as well as pathologists in training. ,

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Handbook of Forensic Pathology, Second EditionOne of the best handbook of FORENSIC PATHOLOGY GREAT BOOK BUT MINE pathology Great book but mine Guia de supervivencia para papas / New Fathers Survival Guide damaged and a replacement order would have taken nearly three weeks to arriveummies guide with minimal horrific picture for those of you who have nightmares about forensic pathology and on t want to be haunted by abundant pictures of children KILLED IN HORRIFIC WAYS BASIC CONCEPTS BOILED DOWN NEEDS in horrific ways basic concepts boiled own needs bit editing and cross referencing and occasional internal inconsistencies eg burking vs police custody not sure what scientist uses pounds as a unit of pressure but if you just accept that these are the exam uestion but if you just accept that these are the exam uestion and pretend you on t remember what mmHg or pascals etc are then you should be fine This book constantly refers to a colour section of histological and clinical photographs following page 146 None of the images is in colour they are simply black and white reproductions of the images as they appear in the body of the text Very isappointing The publishers should be aware of this and rectify itIt is a good introduction to the topic but lacks Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas depth in many places however for the price and the overall scope it is a worthwhile book There. Handbook of Forensic Pathology Second Edition is an up toate concise manual illustrating all core aspects of modern forensic pathology This edition retains the outline format of the original which allows for uick access and rapid assimilation Written in no nonsense easily understandable language this precise and thorough yet compact resource contains extensively etailed entries from two of the nation’s foremost authorities on gunshot wounds and forensic patholog. Were supposed to be colour plates included within the text but however they were in fact in black and white which rendered some of them useless Very informative There are no color pages in this book even though the book refers you to color pages in throughout the text Very isappointing since I paid full price MAYBE THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL VERSION OR SOMETHING HANDBOOK this is an international version or something Handbook provided in outline form making it easy to find information Great resource for Secrtaire mdical - Annales corriges death investigators The book was great but Iidn t need it any My issue came when I had to pay to ship it to me and then pay to ship it back to them then paying them 11 to restock it Paid over 60 and only got back 40 its black and whits bookwith colored images in the middle pagesuality is not as other international booksvery expensive to the uality offeredbut for the info it worth itits book of notes very good A must have book for anyone eath Investigations I Am A Board Certified Senior Crime Scene I am a board certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst of the National Forensic Academy Trust me this is a great book full of knowledge As Described nice uality great content fast ship I am only as isappoin. Y With numerous instructional charts and iagrams and color photographs it organizes a wealth of instructional and immediately applicable information Features of the second edition include a chapter on nursing home eath added information on gunshot residue and research on tasers pepper spray and excited La agonía de Europa delirium syndrome Introducing medicolegal casework andocumentation this book explains protocols for the collection and recovery of evidence and DNA analysis and li.