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EtgalleyAhh what a sweet story of "A Boy Who Loved His "boy who loved his no #Matter What The Art #what The art this book is amazing It tells you story of the harsh life of a little boy that just never fit in His struggle thru poverty violence and abuse And his biggest struggle of them all how to raise his little girls for them to have a different life A comic book artist recounts the complicated relationship he had growing up with his single mother a troubled woman who abused him physically and motionallyIt s not bad but there s a heavy handed shoe metaphor that just doesn t work Also like three uarters of the way through he skips abruptly from being an art school grad working as a short order cook in a diner to a successful comic book artist with a wife and three children and I don t feel this pivot was properly Premium Content Code Card for Leadership explainedspecially in light of all his previous struggles and ongoing turmoil in regards to his motherOh and he has a major dream seuence near the Inhalant, Whippet, and Popper Abuse end of the book I hate dream seuencesspecially in my nonfictionRegardless Hawthorne has my best wishes for a happy future for himself and his family Searing An unflinching harsh loving harrowing Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World examination of the author s life growing up inxtreme poverty as a Puerto Rican goring up in the northeast US The core of the book is the author s mother and her complexabusiveself sacrificingangryself defeating relationship with her Split Second extended family and her son This is a sad story with no happynding other than the author s success as an artist and storyteller but it is one well worth readingThanks to the artist publisher and NetGalley for a free copy in FISTOGRAPHY Newcastle Australia 1994 2004 exchange for an honest review Anxcellent spikey memoir beautifully illustrated which had me instantly hookedYou could call this book an autobiography of sorts but it s much a biography of the author s mother and a reckoning with the complex relationship they had His mother Blanca is Puerto Rican and she does her best to make nds meet while living in New York His father has disappeared long before the author is born the only thing that lingers is a surname There is a half sister from a different father who is fifteen years older than Mike To say this little family is poor would be an understatement Every single day is a fight to live while dealing with waves of racist abuseBut Blanca is complex than just a strongwilled woman trying to survive She hits her son soon resorting to closed fists When it turns out Mike s sister is gay Blanca throws her out She gets involved. Mother is left alone to raise her son in New York City a city that torments them both with its unforgiving nature But when Mike falls victim to an old world Santeria death curse a haunt. Happiness Will Follow is Mike Hawthorne s memoir told in graphic novel format Growing up in America as a Puerto Rican in the 80s and 90s Hawthorne vividly describes his childhood of poverty anger issues juvenile misdemeanors and abuse This graphic novel doesn t sugarcoat anything in showing the abuse Hawthorne suffered from by the hands of his mother I really liked how nuanced the characters were and the different perspective Hawthorne #Presented On The Abusive Mom In An Attempt To Show #on the abusive mom in an attempt to show point of view and to xplain why he doesn t view her as the villain of his story despite their complicated relationship Raw gripping and brutally honest I wasn t that fond of the storyline though because the flashbacks seemed kinda chopping and discordant but I really Landing in Las Vegas enjoyed the different point of view this memoir offeredThank you to NetGalley and BOOM Studios publishers for providing a free ARC Thank You to NetGalley for thisARCEisner Award nominated artist Mike Hawthorne presents a true and tragic graphic novel memoir about family abuse survival and what it means to be Puerto Rican in AmericaIt is a powerful story with amazing graphic illustrations by the author about his life struggles and family relationships Economie : on n'a pas tout essay ! especially with his mother The artwork is amazing And the story is compelling It was interesting to see the tragic upbringing of the author and how he was abused by his mother I didn t like character of his mother much and but I appreciated how morally gray she was just likevery person in real life It was very brave of the author to share about his life xperiences This graphic memoir is mainly about the author s relationship with his complicated and abusive mother I liked the art but found the narrative rather uneven There are gigantic holes here and that might "be because the author simply doesn t know and can t tell us what he " because the author simply doesn t know and can t tell us what he t know I appreciated how he xplored aspects of being Puerto Rican and poor in the US Families are complicated and this book lets us look behind the closed curtains of one Not so we can judge but maybe get a different perspective I wanted of his mother s life but that is a story she d have wanted to share and I wanted about how the author pulls out of this situation At one point I kept seeing this woman and realized only later that she was his wife Things like that should have been caught by the ditor Overall I liked it and felt sympathy for both mother and son Thank youto the publisher for an advance copy via Eisner Award nominated artist Mike Hawthorne presents a true and tragic graphic novel memoir about family abuse survival and what it means to be Puerto Rican in AmericaMike Hawthorne’s. With dealing drugs while trying to keep Mike away from drugs and gangsters She cuts off contact with most of her Puerto Rican family ffectively also cutting off Mike s familial contactA lot of these actions are terrible and the author acknowledges this But his careful portrayal of his mother makes the reader see how she was a lone parent trying not to drown in an utterly hopeless situation And when you think you have the measure of the woman new information is revealed that again flips Finding Chika A Little Girl an Earthuake and the Making of a Family everything It s a full rounded portrait of a human being with a deep loving side and a cruel angry side If I have one criticism it is that Hawthorne feels the need at thend of the book to make this Confesiones de un Forense: Basado en hechos reales (Spanish Edition) explicit directly addressing the reader and asking him or her to not think of Blanca in good or bad terms It s totally unnecessary as far as I m concerned I wish Hawthorne had confidence in his storytelling skills and confidence in his readers It s all already there on the pageThe book is heartwrenching and incrediblyngrossing I started reading just to get a taster and soon found I had read half the book in one go I absolutely loved the art beautifully detailed with Relax and Win extra focus on facialxpressions the facial art reminded me of Tim Sale in placesI can t recommend this book nough Kindly received an ARC from Boom Studios through Netgalley This is a graphic memoir that is focused mainly on the author s relationship with his complicated mother There is a lot of abuse here and poverty The author s anger towards the world fueled by his rough mother lonely upbringing and racism is palpable and is by far the best part of this workHowever as far as story telling goes it s uneven There is some good stuff about Puerto Rico and Mike Hawthorne s graphic memoir details #GROWING UP IN A CYCLE OF #up in a cycle of and poverty Raised by his Puerto Rican mother and abandoned by his white father Mike and his mother move to York PA to find somewhere safer than by his white father Mike and his mother move to York PA to find somewhere safer than York Being dark skinned in PA at the time meant not being able to find steady work sinking further into poverty and self hatred Eventually she begins to take it out on her son although a lot of people at the time considered it tough love to keep Mike out of gangs This feels like an outlet for Hawthorne to shed some of the anger and self loathing he grew up with There s a lot of motion portrayed through the art and story Received a review copy from Boom and NetGalley All thoughts are my own and in no wya influenced by the aforementione. 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