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Pithy and accessible Pithy and accessible NT Wright has a delightful way of navigating straight into the heart of the passage without rushing past the important details Tom Wright s very readable style makes these devotionals a joy to read Had wanted to The Good Luck Girls The Good Luck Girls look closer at the book of Hebrews for a while and found this really helpful and inspiring Pretty Pretty Pretty Good Tom Wright starts every paragraph with a small story or anecdote which often are very helpful to see the point brought home to you Wright helps you understand how Hebrews is a well designedetter and how everything is connected Very helpful commentary for this beautiful Words of Radiance Part 2 letter 45 stars Thisittle book is a great devotional The 13th Pan Book of Horror Stories look at Hebrews It is divided into 3 4 sections per chapter and Wright starts each section with aittle story that illuminates a greater truth about the passage He has a ight enough touch with theology to be enjoyable for people who are not as familiar with the Bible but is deep

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with application be convicting for any Christian reading its pages The Letter to the Hebrews is not the simplest portion of the New Testament but Wright clarified the main Themes Well In This well in this ittle commentary I enjoy his fresh translation and clear illustrations to shed The Black Isle light on the wonder full topic of Jesus and his marvelous fulfillment and completion of the Old Testament system of faith and worship I rather feelike I m becoming Miss Sayers Inspector Parker reading such commentaries with great pleasure I ve read small parts of this over the past month every day enjoyed it As Hebrews is full of direct uotes from and allusions to the Old Testament Wright is very strong at highlighting these and commenting on their significance Hebrews Hostel Room 131 leaves me aittle cold it s rhetorically very clever and subtle and after. Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style Tom Wright helps us to find our way around the Head On letter to the Hebrews one of the most challenging writings in the New Testament He acknowledges that people often find it difficult because some of the ideas it contains are strange to us Yetike meeting a new friend Wright helps us to find Hebrews ful. .
Hebrews for Everyone For EveryoneTime and of parts of the Old TestamentMaybe any attempt to explain Hebrews in simple Forging the Blade Tyrfing Saga language to people who may haveittle Or No Previous Relevant Background no previous relevant background and who may have only very very recently come to the Bible and Christianity is doomed to failure William Barclay s task when he wrote his Daily Study Bible commentary on Hebrews was easier
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because he assume rather background knowledge and a willingness to explore the book in greater depth If you want to gain an insight into Hebrews I think Barclay is for successful and is much the better choice As part of my daily devotional practice is much the better choice As part of my daily devotional practice year I have committed myself to using NT Wright s Everyone series I have just completed his examination of the book of Hebrews and Firebolt The Dragonian like everything Tom Wright seems to set pen to this is yet another gem Hebrews hasong been regarded as a difficult book to interpret within the Christian community Martin Luther thought it should be removed from the Canon I myself have rarely preaching upon it as my main text Yet in the way few others can Wright once again Moonbreeze The Dragonian leads the reader easily and insightfully into the challenges of this book and brings a deeper and profound understanding of this text and how it can give hope encouragement and direction for Christian discipleship in the 21st century It was a wonderful resource and I highly commend it to anyone I am very eager to tackle another book in his Everyone series Wright s usual method of always checking Old Testament uotations to bring in their wider context serves him particularly well with the book of Hebrews But his translation does not uite come up to his usual standard and fails to simplify its complexanguage And having come to the end when I ask myself What do I know now about the The Thunderstone (The Houses of Storem, letter that I did not before the answer is Nothing specific. A highly readable discussion with background information useful explanations and suggestions and thoughts as to how the text can be relevant to ourives today A glossary is included at the back of the book The series is suitable for group study personal study or daily devotions Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ISBN 0664227937 her.

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I read a passage I m Always Asking The So What asking the so what is this true uestions Wright tries with the first but some of his applications tend Tom Wright s For Everyone series of New Testament commentaries are in many ways the modern day euivalent of William Barclay s Daily Study Bible commentaries of some decades ago They contain a passage by passage commentary with application to Christians today each section preceded by a translation by the author of the passage The intended audience is ordinary churchgoers not Bible scholars It is a sad reflection of what has happened in the ast 50 or 60 years that William Barclay could safely assume starting knowledge about Christianity in his readers than Tom Wright does and could go into rather depth on the meaning of the original Greek and the historical and cultural context without worrying about whether he would The Flatshare lose his readersFreuently Tom Wright begins his thoughts on a passage with some anecdote or analogy from modern secularife Some of these work better than others and I found some a ittle irritating That may reflect my age groupOne big thing missing is a general introduction and overview of the kind William Barclay does so well Hebrews is a difficult and complex book of the Bible and it would have been especially helpful to have had some introductory material and context setting Without this it is difficult to see what the book as a whole is really about and what Without this it is difficult to see what the book as a whole is really about and what it is addressingI am not certain that the approach and style of the For Everyone series are suited to Hebrews It is one of the most difficult books of the New Testament and weaves together an intricate ong and complicated and sometimes perhaps artificially elaborate and a bit too clever set of reasoning that presumes a ot of understanding on the reader s part of the Jewish religion of the. L of interest and delight with a powerful message that comes home to the church of today and tomorrow just as much as it did to the church of yesterdayTom Wright has undertaken a tremendous task to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament and to include in them his own translation of the entire text Each short passage is followed by. .