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The German lieutenant attracted to Constanza Finds A Discarded Lucky Strike a discarded Lucky Strike during his search of the house Or when Paolo must help the airmen and verything goes wrong This is a first novel for the 85 year old Hughes and I would still recommend Hero on a Bicycle in part because of its lovely Italian setting but with reservations as far as the plot goesA word about the illustrations at the head of Pippi Långstrump i Söderhavet every chapter Hugh Book 83 Read in 2013Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes YAThis book is set in Florence Italy in 1944 and tells of the Nazi occupation in that country Paolo is a young boy whose father is a soldier and has left him in charge of the family He longs for action and adventure but when he gets some in his life it is slightly than he bargained for Paolo s mother is English and is doing her own war duty in their hometown This book was a good uick historical fiction readspecially for middle school boys There was action Macanudo 8 Macanudo enough to keep the book moving at a good pace Also with Paolo s sister and her attraction to a Canadian soldier there wasnough romance to hook girls as readers too I njoyed ithttpmelissasbookpicksblogspotcom It was a change of scenery to read a book set in Italy during WWII I don t know that I have read any read a book set in Italy during WWII I don t know that I have read any books set in WWII ItalyAn Excellent book overall The romance story line seemed a bit forced rushed and I feel could have been left out without detriment to the story or any character development But otherwise we all njoyed this one immensely I was xcited to get this ARC as I loved reading Hughes Alfie books with my children and was interested to see what she would do with her first novel The story is set late in World War II just outside of Nazi occupied Florence Italy The heroic fam. H are desperate to fight the occupation but what can two siblings do against a whole army with only a bicycle to help them. ,

The vents in Italy during WWII aren t often written about in kidlit To date I have only written about two books t often written about in kidlit To date I have only written about two books the action takes place in Italy The first was Stones in Water by Donna Jo Napoli an MG story about an Italian boy rounded up in the cinema while watching an American Napoli an MG story about an Italian boy rounded up in the cinema while watching an American movie and sent to work in a labor camp in Germany The second was the Zemlja vukova excellent picture book I Will Come Back for You by Marisabina Russo about how a young Jewish girl and her family were helped to survive in hiding in Italy despite the strict anti Semitic lawsWell now thanks to the prolific British children s author Shirley Hughes another story set in Italy had been told Hero on a Bicycle begins in 1944 in Florence Paolo Crivelli 13 lives with his British mother Rosemary older sister Constanza 16 his now very old beloved dog Guido and his bicycle His Italian father is an outspoken anti Fascist forced into hiding so no one notven his family knows his whereabouts Now with nothing to do since the schools are closed and his friends have all left Florence Paolo sneaks out of the house Premium Content Code Card for Leadership every night and rides his bicycle around the city despite the curfew Meanwhile his mother lies in bed worrying about whether he will make it homeOne night Paolo is stopped by some rough looking men with rifles They have a message for his mother and want him to give it to her they are in the area and will be getting in touch tomorrow night if they can the usual way The next night Paolo follows his mother as she heads to her meeting with the strangers As he watches he realizes they are partisans and they want his mother to shelter two Allied airmen a Brit and a Canadian until they can get them to safetyBut there are rumors about Rosemary Crivelli and one Sunday Inxtraordinary circumstances people are capable of xtraordinary things It is 1944 and Florence is occupied by Nazi Germ. He Gestapo shows up and searches THE HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM house from top to bottom the Crivelli s had a warning this was going to happen and were able to hide the airmen In fact as the war in and around Florence heats up and the Allied forces get closer the occupying German get and desperate and cruel And Paolo who had arlier tried to join the partisans but was
Embarrassingly Rejected Finally Gets His 
rejected finally gets his do something for them when it is decided that he will be their guide to a safe house in the center of Florence But is a 13 year old boy up to the task of a grown man in order to save the lives of these two Allied airmenHero on a Bicycle is a real coming of age novel but I can t say it totally grabbed me I just didn t connect with any of the characters I actually found them to be flat forced and uite frankly unbelievable What was believable however were the descriptions of Florence and its surroundings and the deprivations that the ordinary citizens suffered for Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World example the Crivelli s were always hungry likeveryone in WWII while the best food went to the occupiers and it is interesting to read how careful Paolo was about protecting his bicycle tires since there were no replacements if they got ruined Although by 1944 I am surprised they were still OK given Paolo s heavy duty riding all the timeAnd I am usually fond of books about partisans but not this one I found Hughes portrayal of them to be just plain of mean at time Split Second especially towards a family and child of a man who is probably a fellow resistance fighter as the family suspects he is And I thought they were a little toasy for Paolo to find but not the Germans which didn t make sense There are some pleasant surprises though and certainly some very heart pounding moments as when. An forces The Italian resistance movement has not given up hope though and neither have Paolo and his sister Constanza Bot.