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This book needs antidepressants I DNF ed at 56% when I found myself looking at the amount of time left to read multiple times and groaning My level of affection for the characters ropped the I read I stopped before I started cheering for the The John Howard Griffin Reader 1st Edition demise of fictional characters to put them out of their collective misery The narrative is slow moving painfully so at times and feels cast in a stereotypically British gloomy overcastrizzle at all times Even indoorsThe characters lead their separate lives two families going through the mundane celebrations and tragedies of everyday life More tragedies to be clear To the point that I read I Necrosis depression frustration and angst seem to be the primary emotions shown with a splash of anger and a light almost imperceptible sprinkling of happiness Other reviewers mention plot twists and surprises I couldn t be bothered to read enough to get there The writing is oftenrawn out than This was ponderous ull and a complete suspense vacuum While the characters were reasonably well rawn it was mostly 350 pages of totally unrelated people Being Dissatisfied With Their dissatisfied with their and marriages followed by 25 pages of allegedly shocking reveals that weren t necessarily set up with any care Information is Water deliberately and clumsily obfuscated so as to avoid giving away the secrets and there are a lot of really vague interludes thaton t connect to the rest of the story The reveal should have come sooner or the women should at least have been suspicious sooner There s no #build just a sudden Tous les hommes sont mortels drop after a lot of rambling Sounds like aomestic thriller oesn t it Instead this #just a sudden rop after a lot of rambling Sounds like a Si Kaitlin at ang Game Machine domestic thrilleroesn t it Instead this novel manages to cover ecades in which almost nothing happens The story jumped forward years at a time usually from someone making a sandwich or eciding where to go on holiday to the same person oing similar things several years later Day A strong marriage can cope with the unexpected But can it survive the unimaginable American nanny Eleanor was never meant to meet Alex But when she walks into his London police station to report a stalker everything changes for them both He’s convinced he can protect her from anything and anyone She hopes her. .
Home TruthsHristie and Paul and we follow these people through the ups and owns of their lives and relationships all the time knowing that there has to be a connection between the strands but wondering what on earth it is Having the Exit Berlin different voices tell their part of their story works well you get to know the character and it gives them some substance andepthSecrets and lies are at the heart of this intriguing story There were one or two areas that I wished had been explained A Little Earlier Rather little earlier rather being teasingly referred until the end but that just may be me being very impatient but on the whole this was an excellent read that kept my interest all the way through At one stage there was that penny Finding God in the Waves dropping moment and I thought I knew part of what was happening but I had absolutely no idea as to the reasons behind it There were a couple of other strands which I thought I had sussed needless to say I was completely wrongI ve been reading and enjoying Tina s books since herebut One Step Too Far They all focus on characters and behaviour and always have at least one twist somewhere along the line to shock and surprise and Home Truths certainly has its share of those The character The Big Brain development the intricate relationships and the way the story builds to aramatic conclusion are always so very well Guia de supervivencia para papas / New Fathers Survival Guide done and a new book is always something to look forward to I very much enjoyed Home Truthsefinitely one to recommend With the flare of other wonderful British authors Tina Seskis puts pen to paper and creates a rather The Animus dark extremelyetailed tale of love #Marriage And Life As #and life as couples form bonds that no man should put asunder HOME TRUTHS is a telling tale of how couples change how the blush of new romance grows A Reason to Breathe The Friessens deeper in many ways even as the ties that bind them can become restrictive Eleanor and Alex are strangers to Christie and Paul but each of th. Ars for the sake of her familyTen years later both couples are still together for better or worse But asoubts and resentments begin bubbling steadily to the surface all four of them start to uestion the choices they’ve madeAt least the secrets they all brought into their marriages are still well hiddenFor Fter Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas day these two couples live their boring unsatisfying marriages their kids grow up and get olderWhenever something interesting orramatic might possibly happen the narrative slows from the usual meander to an absolute crawl and then tries to build suspense by leaving out the sort of etails that provide character evelopment There are pages and pages evoted to finding a Mysterious Suitcase In The Attic with heavy hints about the Very Upsetting contents vague references for ages ugh It felt like vaguebook updates than a thrillerEdit The reason this review was behind a cut for spoilers is because there is review was behind a cut for spoilers is because there is spoiler next please on t send me mean messages about this review having #spoilersSurprise Christie s new husband who we saw for about three seconds and #Christie s new husband who we saw for about three seconds and was weird and shady for 25 of those 3 seconds is actually Ellie s husband with a fake name He takes them both hostage because for some reason they both figure out his Marking Time Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War double identity at the same time andecide to confront him separately on the same ay what and both confront him separately on the same ay what and both agree to come uietly inside to talk things over and also leave their phones over there Ugh The women are randomly rescued an ending without agency or satisfaction in a book without agency or satisfaction Four people Two couples How and why are they connectedWhen young American nanny Eleanor walks into Finsbury Park police station to report a stalker she meets Alex Alex Moffatt the policeman on La agonía de Europa duty was immediately smitten andecided that he would be the one to look after Eleanor Christie has been badly hurt before by a previous boyfriend but needs convincing that Paul is The Compleat Invocation different and can be trustedBeginning in the early nineties and spanning a period of over 20 years Home Truths is a suspenseful story that will keep you guessing until the end Each chapter is voiced by one of the four characters Eleanor Alex Darkestays are behind herAs they settle into their life together two hundred miles away another young couple faces an uncertain future Christie knows Paul is a Miß Sara Sampson decent man but she can’t shake a clairvoyant’s warning ‘Never trust your husband ’ When a work trip tests their bond will she overcome her fe.