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How to Think Seriously about the Planet

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It is true as Scruton spends the first chapters arguing that environmentalism does not have to be and has not always been the sole domain of the political left It is also true that conservatives as their parties stand now need a coherent framework for protecting the environment that complements their own political philosophy and values Unfortunately this book does not provide a coherent or useful alternative It at first headed in a good direction and even his chapter on climate change ends ultimately with the conclusion that action is needed despite the fact that he seems to be a sceptic about anthropogenic contributions Though his citations are dubious and I disagree with his interpretations at least he forms a logical argument for action that could be used with other sceptics When discussing the domain Of Science Climate Change Included But Not science climate change included but not in *that domain scruton is clearly out of his *domain Scruton is clearly out of his and I found myself shaking my head fairly freuently both at the citations he used and his interpretations of the science There are contradictions which I did not expect from a philosopher but perhaps most frustrating were the number of strawmen he produced only to tear them down in support of his view For example his view of modern environmentalism seems to be constructed almost entirely from his perception of the international NGOs and he spends a fair bit of time arguing for the value of small local groups such as the Women s Institute which he argues have done for the environment than any of these NGOs which he believes have done harm He also seems to have missed most of the academic literature in environmental governance because the strawman he constructs lacks all of the limbs of ecent literature around adaptive governance co managment and co production of knowledge He claims the environmental movement is always focuses on punitive legislation and centralised action but these literatures I mention argue the opposite and some are in fact "built on Ostrom s work which he clearly loves One wonders if "on Ostrom s work which he clearly loves One wonders if entire view of the left is built on personal interactions with NGOs and news stories about environmental activists The action of environmental professionals and environmental Black Like Me researchers many of whom have a political philo. The environment has long been the undisputed territory of the political Left which casts international capitalism consumerism and the over exploitation of naturalesources as the principle threats to the planet and sees top down interventions as the most effective solution In How to Think Seriously About the Planet Roger Scruton Taming Of The Brat MF Spanking Stories Volume One rejects this view and offers a fresh approach to tackling the most important political problem of our time The environmental movement he contends is philosophically confused and has unrealistic agendas Its sights are directed at the largescale events and the confrontation between internation. Sophy on the left are completely left out of *his depictions I thought ineading the early chapters that he was going to use some of what we *depictions I thought in eading the early chapters that he was "Going To Use Some Of What "to use some what we behavioural economics and cognitive psychology to design appropriate solutions in service of his aim but to my disappointment he did not Instead he describes a philosopher s view of human nature accepts that as truth and proceeds with the book on that basis I still so badly would like to see a book that tackles the same aim of this book but uses esearch from social science to support it Having a co author who understands the environmental sciences would also be a big bonus Perhaps most puzzling part of this book however is his chapter about how environmental philosophy cannot offer answers to our environmental woes In particular he has a major problem with utilitarians in general and Peter Singer uite specifically But the irony of it all is that the book offers a green philosophy precisely what he says cannot provide answers Perhaps it is only his philosophy and not the philosophies of others that can provide a framework for action Ultimately the book ends with what Scruton calls modest proposals which I will not give away but which I could have predicted from Half a Million Dead Cannibals reading page 1 They heavilyely on extreme decentralisation the ability of people to work at small scales simply because they love their local communities markets and protecting the aesthetics of the country side It all sounds Lady Pirate rather lovely in one way or another until youealise how absurd some of it is I would particularly have liked to see him apply the principle of subsidiarity instead of almost blanket decentralisation as there is no eal consideration of the scale of problems and how they do or do not align with effective action Mind shifting book a must ead for everyone who wonders how to save the planet without becoming frustrated dogmatic or dictatorial The insights provided by Roger Scruton are 1 top down measures do not always work and can be even harmful2 top down thinking is often motivated by ideals and prone to evolve towards fundalism cfr communism CyberFrog religion3 people taking action or putting measuresrules into place should always be accountable by the community4 community based approaches based on mutual acc. Al politics and multinational business But Scruton argues that no large scale environmental project however well intentioned will succeed if it is notooted in small scale practical The Unbearable Lightness of Scones 44 Scotland Street reasoning Seeing things on a large scale promotes top down solutions managed by unaccountable bureaucracies that fail to assess local conditions and areife with unintended conseuences Scruton argues for the greater efficacy of local initiatives over global schemes civil association over political activism and small scale institutions of friendship over egulatory hyper vigilance And he suggests that conservatism is far better suited to. .