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Whole life a boost when you master my morris says has been to "Morris says “My function has been together the amazing knowledge experiences and special skills these three people have gathered and mastered Whether you win lots of valuable prizes or not what you learn from this book will change your life Definitely If you’ve been pottering around wondering why you’re still in Struggle Street after today you’ll have a new focus to your life and an exciting new hobby It will make you a interesting and well informed person That has to be a winning combination The prizes you win are merely the icing on the cake of life”. How To Win Prizes Competitions SweepstakesThis book is a creative combination of "Advice Based On The Knowledge And Personal "based on the knowledge and personal of people who have won heaps of competitions Shaw Finn author of Competition Commando; Al Benge author of Winning Ways; and Bill Fitzgerald author of How To Win Big Prizes At Pub uizzes He also wrote How to Pass Exams Shaw Finn says “I prepare carefully I attack strongly and I never give up The prizes and the mental exercise I get from entering a variety Of Competitions Makes My competitions makes my and effort very worthwhile – and profitable It’s a nice change from working at my ay business”Al Benge says “Unlike gambling or betting on ho.

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Rses you on’t lose money by entering competitions For such a minimum of effort the results can be excellent Over the years I’ve won two cars than a ozen holidays with spending money assorted household appliances clothing sports euipment and cash cash cash” Bill Fitzgerald says “I had a slight advantage over the other competitors when I won the Mastermind Australia competition on TV in 1980 I used to be a teacher and university lecturer so I knew how to organise information This is the skill I pass on to "Everyone Who Reads "who reads my Believe me it’s not rocket science But it is something which will give your.