Tangle of Need iAled duringnitiation etc Ifa Dida s packed with deep wisdom and knowledge containing sixteen deep and knowledge Containing sixteen Ifa stanzas n each of the Ogbe combination. .

Ifa DidaIfa Dida Volume Two OgbeYeku to OgbeFun over 1400 pages 200 fa stories plus the ase 200 Ifa stories plus the ASE Ifa preparations taboo of Odu and suggested names f Afeka leka Ogbe OgbeYeku OgbeWori OgbeRosun OgbeHunle OgbeBara OgbeKanran OgbeRosun OgbeHunle OgbeBara OgbeKanran OgbeSa OgbeKa OgbeTurupon OgbeAlara OgbeAte OgbeSe ,