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In SecondsH its disturbing parts and I can t wait for the next book In Close This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date August 30 2011Publisher HarleuinImprint MiraAuthor s Website brendanovakcomMy Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes Book 2 Bulletproof seriesSeries Best Read In Order Works well as a standalone but read Inside first anywaySteam Level SteamyLaurel Hodges has been on the run for the past four years Having been hunted by members of a ruthless street gang The Crew in order to exact revenge on her brother Virgil she entered the Federal Witness Protection Program WITSEC hoping that they would be able to protect her and her two young children When a corrupt official eaked her The Rise of Athens The Story of the World's Greatest Civilization location she was attacked and barely escaped with herife Abandoning WITSEC she has once again changed her identity and moved her family to the small idyllic town of Pineview MontanaAlways careful to never reveal too much about her past or to Perfect Knowledge leave trails that couldead The Crew to her or her brother she now exists as Vivian Stewart and has finally begun to rebuild a The Heart of the Matter life for herself and her two childrenSherrif Myles King Vivan s handsome and widowed next door neighbor has been strongly hinting that he wants to date her yet Vivian is still too wary about becoming involved when she knows that she and her children may have to pick up andeave at any momentJust as she gives in to her Algbre linaire 5e Edition longing for companionship however her past comes roaring back into herife when a gruesome murder shocks the small communityKnowing that she cannot risk putting Myles in danger she attempts to distance herself from him but Myles refuses to stand back and Betty the Yeti let something amazing slip through his fingers When The Crew brings the fight to their front door Myles and Vivian team up to make their final standAs much as I enjoyed Inside the first novel in this series which also RECEIVED A 55 STAR RATING FROM ME I think I may have actually enjoyed this one even Despite my intense disappointment that VivianLaurel didn t end up with Rex as her hero I uickly fell inove with Myles and realized that Rex never would ve made an ideal mate for her I was also thrilled with the way Rex s situation was handled and that he wasn t made out to be a bad man I d fallen in Cat's Knees Bee's Whiskers love with him myself over the course of the first novel and sincerely hope that he will feature heavily in the next novel In Close due out in OctoberMs Novak has an incredible skill for allowing you inside of her character s minds and motivations and never makes things purely black and white All of her characters even ones who seem that they should read as though they had no depth are painted in a wide array of shades of gray making you care about people that you normally wouldn t think twice about and rooting for characters that by all rights you should absolutely hateTheove scenes were fairly tame in terms of detail but the emotion behind them helped to create a very strong sense of eroticism and most importantly you could feel the romance behind every action even when the characters themselves were resisting itThe suspense was incredible with several surprising twists including some revelations about various characters that have played a part throughout the series thus farOverall I simply could not put it down The suspense the action and the romance all sucked me in from the very beginning and would not Geology and mineralization of the Cooper Hill mining district Medicine Bow Mountains southeastern Wyoming Report of investigationsWyoming State Geological Survey let me go until the veryast pageDon t forget to CHECK OUT THE AUTHOR S WEBSITE as well If you purchase this book before September 7th send her the receipt and she will send you a free autographed copy of Inside the first book in the series This is an incredible opportunity because as I mentioned while this book might work well as a standalone I do suggest you read Inside first not only because the main characters of the first book play such a Peronya large part in this one but also because it was such an amazing book to begin withEven better however is the fact that the Kindle version is only 410 at the time that this review is being published and both digital and print formats with the exception of used copies are included in this promotion So you can get the kindle format of this book AND an autographed print copy of the first book for an insanelyow price so The Sultan's Virgin Bride long as you snag In Seconds before September 7th 2011With both of these novels ranking very high up on my favoritesist this year this is an opportunity that you should not Ghalib at Dusk and Other Stories let pass you byRecommended for fans of abused heroines on the run of small townaw enforcement taking on big city criminals and of allowing yourself to ove again despite all the obstacles ife tries to throw at you 55 Stars I am a fan of Brenda Novak s books and this goes on the Broncho Billy and the Essanay Film Company list as one of my favorites by her Novak s Bulletproof series deals with prison gangs and their retribution when members try toeave the fold When I picked up the first book I wasn t sure that the subject matter was going to make for a romantic suspense novel that I would enjoy but the "author has done a great job with making these books interesting and the characters sympatheticVivian Stewart is iving "has done a great job

with making these 
making these interesting and the characters sympatheticVivian Stewart is iving her two children in a small town where no one knows her past as Laurel Hodge She is in hiding from a prison gang that is after her due to her brothers defection and she eft the Witness Protection Program and went out on her own when gang members discovered her ocation and came after her After all of her hardships she has finally built a comfortable ife for herself and her children Her next door neighbor is the ocal sheriff and while she finds him attractive she knows to get friendly with him door neighbor is the The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization) local sheriff and while she finds him attractive she knows to get friendly with him mean nothing but trouble for both of them Vivian doesn t want to bring trouble to anyone else s door Sheriff Myles King admires Vivian and has tried to get to know her She has rebuffed all of his overtures When two members of the prison gang track Vivian and begin a murdering spree while tring toocate her Myles is determined to protect her at any cost Vivian has to come to terms with Myles feelings for her and her attraction to him and to trust him to protect her from the gang members In Seconds was a very good book I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between the two main characters The storyline was riveting and held my attention I am ooking forward to the next book in the series Review originally posted here MiraPublish Date August 30thHow I got this book NetGalleyI oved the first Bulletproof book by Novak and when I saw the 2nd come up on NetGalley I knew I would have to read this book There was so much story حقوق الإنسان في الإسلام left to tell between Laurel Pretty Boy Virgil and Peyton And while I was aittle disappointed that Pretty Boy and Laurel did not end up together I really The Supernaturalist liked this storyWe pick up a few yearsater in the story and Laurel has moved to small town Montana where she is finally getting the pieces of her The Human Swarm life back together She has her own business a house good friends and a sexy sheriff as the next door neighbor She hopes that everything with The Crew is done and over but when aocal is murdered Laurel fears for the worstMyles only knows his sexy next door neighbor as Vivian but he wants to know so much about her He has been asking her out for months but she always says no When trouble comes to town Vivian starts acting weird and Myles sticks closer to her side than ever before As The Crew closes in on Laurel and her kids she will do just about anything to protect them even so far as to be willing to take them on before they can take her outThe timeline was initially a Superman Returns Prequel little confusing to me as was the name change of Vivian from Laurel It took me aittle to get back into the flow of the story but once I did Holy Cow I The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century love that Novak s writing is so explosive and sexy and the suspense is scary and real I absolutelyove it The moments with Ink were frightening and could be a case study for narcissistic sociopaths There is nothing glossed over or sugar coated there and as twisted as it was I Lot Stories loved it Ioved that Novak pushed the boundaries and at times had me cursing my nookLike I said before I was so disappointed that Laurel and Pretty Boy didn t end up together I El Perro con Sombrero: A Bilingual Doggy Tale (Spanish Edition) liked them together I thought they would be good together In the first couple chapters I was still rooting for them but it uickly became apparent to me that they were better apart and watching their friendship grow was pretty great especially the moments when Pretty Boy would get jealous over MylesI reallyiked Myles overall I thought he was a great alpha hero who also had such a capacity for emotion as well From the very beginning the reader is aware of how tender and The Cutmouth Lady loving he was to his first wife who died of cancer There was never a doubt in my mind that he couldove with all his heart and how strong of a character that made him Every reaction to Laurel was perfect and realThe alternate plot Sea Salt Chocolate lines with Virgil and Peyton were at times frustrating I was upset with the way that Virgil handled things with The Crew Him running off all half cocked by himself while his pregnant wife sat at home just didn t feel in character for him It was aittle weird to read But thankfully it worked at solving all their problems I also hope that we get to see some kind of resolution to the story with Pretty Boy I felt as if we were The Epic of Baal left hanging aittle on his storyAll in all I was very happy with In Seconds The characters were real and full of emotion the suspense was in full force and I was kept on the edge of my seat Although there were a few rough patches for me I can t wait to read the next one in the seriesI give In Seconds a Hirteen year old daughter appoints himself Laurel's personal guardian His growing attraction to her could change his Precious Norman Honor life Myles is beginning to picture marriage and family But it could also end hisife If he can't save her everything he's built everything he wants could be destroyed In seconds. .

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Rel that closed out the ast book with the apparently painful breakup of the Burnout long term relationship they had before she came to Pineview That made it difficult to downshift and accept Myles as the romanticead in this one Maybe it also had a hand in the difficulty I had warming up to Laurel too I m not sureI know I wasn t crazy about her I think she was believable and realistic as a character but she didn t strike me as being all that bright and I had significant trouble with several of her Pathway to Purpose life decisions I still have to give Novak credit though She writes realistic and believable characters even though one of them frustrated the heck out of me Just because I didn t favor one of them doesn t mean they aren t well writtenIn Laurel s case it was an issue of too many conflicting had it beens those moments where you put yourself in the characters place and think had it been you would you have saiddoneacted the same as heshe did In most cases with Laurel the answer wasn t just no it was an emphatic hell no It started early I would never have chosen a small town where everyone knows your secrets and if they don t they dig or shun until they do with no cell phone tower a disposable cell would ve made things so much easier to try to hide and it persisted throughout the bookNovak writes solid suspense imbued with an increasingly intense sense of impending doom There s no argument there I thoroughly enjoyed those threads in this book I just wasn t totally sold on the premise for the suspense threads and had some problems completely buying into a disabled thugike Ink being in a position to escape jail whether or not he had help Despite the plausibility of the premise the execution was spot on completely chilling in parts actually and I found myself really enjoying both the ever increasing tension and the way Myles handled himself as he was investigating and as he got closer to LaurelI was pretty confused about something though and wondered if I missed some part of the story Rex fills in Myles about what s really going on just before he heads back to New York and Myles is concerned about how to tell Laurel he knows Next he sees Laurel though there s no confrontation about it and she treats Myles Manifest Manners Narratives on Postindian Survivance like he s always known the truth I m still not sure if that was an accidental plot contradiction or if I just missed something somewhereRegardless of the issues I had I enjoyed the suspense and the characters of the story My biggest problem actually and theargest reason this book wasn t as appealing to me as the first was the Campus A. Palette / Fakultatives Begleitmaterial zu Campus A: Campus A. Palette / Campus A Wiederholungsheft 1: Fakultatives Begleitmaterial zu Campus A / Zu den Lektionen 1-14 lack of satisfying development in the romance arc There was acknowledged attraction on both sides relatively early but beyond a single night ofust satisfaction there was next to no evolution of a romance between Laurel and Myles until I was over 70% into the book And that was just too The Priest's Graveyard late to give either the romance arc or the characters enough time to be satisfactorily developed alongside the suspenseI have to admit I was heartened by the fact that the third book returns to Pineview and delves into a case surrounding Laurel s best friend Not only am I hoping to see of Laurel and Myles to get some sense of resolution and completion to their HEA as well as see how they merge their families but itl be nice to get away from The Crew and their threats That thread was starting to feel very worn by the end of this bookI can t help but hope though that we haven t seen the The Intelligence Trap last of Rex He s been a favored character of mine since he dropped into the first book and my heart broke aittle for him in this one He s a bit of a dark and tortured soul and I keep hoping he The Surprising Science of Meetings ll find the peace andove he deserves It just seems he s got a Asa Candler The Founder of Coca Cola Lives and Times lot of demons yet to vanuish before that happens I hope Novakets us see him gets his own HEA at some point Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Mira Books publisher Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my own Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another A bit of background The story resumes four years after the attack on Laurel and her children She s The Doctor's Girl left the witness protection program changed her name to Vivian Stewart and is nowiving alone with her children in Pineview Montana still hiding from The Crew She s fallen in Jottings from a Far Away Place love with the community though still keeping most people at armsength even her next door neighbor Myles King the county sheriff But when someone from the town is brutally murdered LaurelVivian s instincts tell her she should be worried What worksThe action is fairly subtle in the beginning as Myles and his team start to methodically work the case But always in the background are the other points of view from the killers Laurel and her brother Virgil The tension slowly rises until you can no The Moguls and the Dictators Hollywood and the Coming of World War II longer put the book down around the halfway mark Myles and Vivian s relationship advances in the midst of all this but is definitely secondary to the suspense Still a good romance The bottomineI found the development of all the secondary related stories well executed as they converged seamlessly at the end It was a stunning climax that kept me well executed as they converged seamlessly at the end It was a stunning climax that kept me in the wee hours reading The Crewstill scary and formidable If you re wondering what happened to Rex Pretty Boy McReady you l just have to read and find out for yourself I really enjoyed the story as I m always about the suspense I wasn t sure I was up for another book spent running away from crazy gangbangers but Brenda Novak proved me wrong Part small town romance part woman in peril story "IN SECONDS tells the story of Laurel Hodges who has hidden herself and her children in a tiny Montana town in "SECONDS tells the story of Laurel Hodges who has hidden herself and her children in a tiny Montana town in effort to escape the aforementioned gangbangers She s changed her name changed her ooks and until now has managed to steer clear of the bad guys But thanks to a phone call made in a moment of weakness the bad guys now know her Mental Perk: A Friends Quiz Book location and are on their way to find her Of course the story unfolds much slowly than that And we get to watch as Laurel and her hunky neighbor Sheriff Myles King dance around one another and fall inove despite themselves I oved the way Novak used the small town setting to heighten the suspense so much so that Pineview was almost another character IN SECONDS is the kind of story that makes you constantly fear for the worst and if it were a movie I d have been covering my eyes hal A fast paced romantic suspense that keeps you turning page after page til the end In Seconds is the second book in the Bulletproof series The first book was Inside Although I think they can be read as stand alones I recommend that you read them in order Vivian Stewart aka Laurel Hodges has settled comfortably in Pineview Montana with her two children But when a murder is committed she wonders if The Crew has somehow found her She ives next door to Myles King the sheriff of Pineview and his daughter The characters were The Spirit Lens Collegia Magica likable and the story was gripping I recommend to anyone whooves a good romantic suspense Review copy provided via NetGalleyWhy I Read this Book After reading Inside the first book in this trilogy I ve been dying to read the rest of the booksWhat I Liked The characters in this book were extremely well developed I am completely terrified of Ink he The Daemon Prism literally scares the shit out of me He s not just a regular criminal or gang member this guy is ruthless and past of the point of being delusional What he plots to do is terrifying and unnerving The author s ability to paint a vivid yet disturbing portrait of a villain is haunting The author doesn t sugar coat anything she puts it out there and I think for a romantic suspense read it gives the story validity and gave me the creepsVivian s feelings towards Myles were completely understandable and Iiked the direction the author took with their relationship Vivian didn t want to put Myles or his teenage daughter in harm s way This meant trying not to jump into a relationship with him no matter how much she was attracted to himI Luxury love how In Seconds ended The suspense was nail biting up until the very end The outcome was exactly what I wasooking for in terms of closureIt was so easy for me to relate to Peyton s characterVirgil s wife and a secondary character in this book It was ironic really She s pregnant with gestational diabetes and just weeks away from her due date That was totally me when I read this book It just made the fear and suspense that much nerve wrecking for me as a readerWhat I Didn t Like Not sure that I entirely agree with Virgil s decision to handle a particular situation all on his own especially since it forced him to Armageddon? The Salvation War leave his very pregnant wife at home alone Yeah it was something that had to be done but I just don tike that he went in it alone and with Peyton so close to her due dateThis next bit I m going to mention isn t really a don t Making Choices (The Davis Twins, like for this particular book but it s something that s concerning for me so I m going to mention it here Before reading the book blurb for In Seconds I had thought that Laurel s character was going to end up with Rex After reading the book blurb for this book it s clear that there s a new character thrown into the mix who s meant for Laurel After reading the book blurb for the next and final book in this trilogy In Close I m not sure wel even get closure for Rex s character He s a pretty big supporting character and I d Strange Attractors like to see him get a HEA of his own Guess Il find out when I read In CloseOverall Impression This is a great romantic suspense series If you re a fan of the romantic suspense genre you Modern Management ll enjoy In Seconds balanced blend of romance and suspense In Seconds was a gripping read even wit. He and her children are safethe nightmare starts all over againThe Crew a ruthless prison gang with ties to Laurel's brother will never forget and they'll never forgive And now that they've finally tracked her down they'll stop at nothingSheriff Myles King who happens toive next door with his Posted at BI m going to start this review by issuing the following statement I thought that Pretty Boy was going to end up with Laurel Twas not the case When I first saw this title available on NetGalley I was so excited I was all YES Laurel and Pretty Boy Imagine my surprise when I saw the names The Collapse of Globalism And the Reinvention of the World listed as Myles and Vivian Oo I figured eh they HAD entered WITSEC so perhaps these are their new names But they weren t and after I got over the initial shock and slight disappointment I enjoyed this novel So for fans of Brenda Novak s Bulletproof Series know going in that Laurel and Pretty Boy each get their own books ateast that s the way it seems at the end of this novelLaurel Hodges is on the run from THE CREW a notorious gang with MAFIA esc reach Forced to Daughter of Shadows (To Darkness Bound, leave Witness Protection after being found in Washington Virgil Peyton Rex and Laurel all split up in order to protect each other Laurel now goes by Vivian Stewartiving in a small town where nothing ever happens She is now starting to rebuild her Spowiedź polskiego kata life for her and her children Mia and Jake she started her own purse business Things areooking good She even has a hot neighbor she harbors secret fantasies over Too bad he is the Sheriff She has no Musings love for the police especially when her and Virgil suspect some police are on The Crew s payrollMyles is the Sheriff has a 13 year old daughter and is a widower Hisate wife passed away three years ago and he carries such Dictionary of Differences loneliness and an ache he can t seem to fill no matter how much work he throws into hisife He mostly feels A Synopsis of the Apocryphal Nativity and Infancy Narratives New Testament Tools and Studies New Testament Tools and Studies likeife is passing him by and his passion is gone Until the sexy brunette moves in next door He has secret Hot Rio Nights longing for Vivian whom he has asked out a few times and been turned down He can t understand why she won t date him The chemistry between them is not imagined Is itWhen a real estate agent is brutally murdered Sheriff Myles goesooking for the truth and comes back with bitter pills to swallow Can he go through osing another woman when he is finally ready to move on and et someone else in his ife Can Vivian trust Myles with her secrets her passion and her ifeI enjoy Brenda Novaks writing voice She has a captivating style that mesmerizes you into reading Musical Theater An Appreciation long in to the night Before I knew it it was 1am and I my eyeids were so heavy I wanted to stop but I also wanted to know what was going to happen nextThe Villain is from the first book and If you haven t read INSIDE yet you probably should before starting this novel I think this could be a stand alone but the back story makes this suspense even better INK is a remorseless psychopath Brenda really paints his picture uite vividly It s one of the things I admire about her as an author She doesn t shy away from death and destruction If you are going to write a suspense thriller you can t gloss over the devious and killingsWe get to see Virgil and Peyton who now have a son and a baby on the wayWe get to see Rex aka Pretty Boy and Purgatoire des innocents learn what happened between him and LaurelFor the most part Iiked this book but a few things bothered me One is where Virgil schleps off into danger alone I understood his motivations but I didn t agree with his decision to Imperial Rome: Great Ages of Man: A History of the World's Cultures leave a very pregnant PeytonA few things were aittle unbelievable but I Fifty Degrees Below llet you decide that on your ownOverall I was satisfied with the romance between Myles and Laurel These are two scarred and emotionally closed off people who are trying to find there way back to Social Wealth life Iike that they weren t professing there Philippine Mythology love for each other immediately after they got together Iiked that they both had to try and work out how they felt and whether they were ready to get involved It felt realistic and that touch of realistic romance is what makes Brenda Novak a good Romantic Suspense author Her characters are believable with believable flaws and realistic portrayals They both had children and they had to take them into consideration as wellIf you are a fan of Suspense thrillers with a touch of romance then you will certainly enjoy this novel Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsIf you haven t read book 1 in this series INSIDE I would highly recommend reading it prior to this story It picks up a gang storyline that ran through Virgil s book and all the Daughter of Elysium loose ends that we wereeft with conclude in this his sister Laurel s story We rejoin the characters 4 years after Virgil and his gang ties threatened not only his ife but that of his sister s and her kids At the end of Inside it ooks Talkability like Laurel and Rex Virgil s best friend and former cellmate and gang member would be Laurel s HEA I was surprised to start reading this book to find that a brand new guy is in Laurel sife her next door neighbor Myles which I had no problems with Myles is a very ikable character A widower and father to a teenage girl Myles is the sheriff in town and has been fighting his attraction to Laurel or Vivian as she goes by in Pineview for some time His wife died 3 years ago and Laurel is starting to reawaken feelings Him That Have Been "him that have been since wife s death Laurel has been iving a very uiet Spellbound life in Pineview for awhile now doing her best to stay off the radar of The Crew and especially one member Ink who she knows wouldike nothing than to get revenge for an altercation that happened 4 years ago Laurel struggles constantly with the need to ie to her new friends to the people she and her kids have grown close to in their new hometown But that doesn t stop her from calling her
mom every now 
every now then and that one small connection puts Ink back on her path The story follows the POV of Laurel Myles Ink Virgil and Rex throughout and the suspense is a slow build up The ast 30% of the book is packed with action and I wish the first part would have had that same intensity The romance between Laurel and Myles was pretty non existent They get together for just one night that was her rule early on and there just wasn t much chemistry coming across on the page I didn t doubt that they were attracted to each other but that was primarily from just being told that they were not actually seeing it happen on page and I was just Bonsái left wanting so much to develop between them That one night was the only romantic scene between them until almost the end of the book For such a suspenseful story filled with a gang member who would kill just because he feltike it I really needed a strong romance to balance it all out and it was Kid Caramel Private Investigator Case of the Missing Ankh Kid Caramel Private Investigator lacking between Laurel and Myles I was pleasantly surprised to read Virgil s POV during the story I hadn t expected him to come back and play as big a role as he did but we get caught up on his and Peyton sife and he takes matters into his own hands as he travels to LA to end The Crew once and for all While Virgil is planning his attack Rex is fighting his own demons detoxing himself for 2 weeks alone in a motel room He s still suffering the effects of withdrawals through most of the book but he s the ultimate friend and even though we find out why his relationship with Laurel didn t work out he oves both her and Virgil ike family and proves again that he l do anything for them Ultimately this book was just ok for me It s classified on Netgalley and com as contemporary romanceromantic suspense and this just doesn t fit It s a straight mysterythriller with a very very small romantic plot I had such high expectations having oved book 1 which had a wonderful balance of story and romance and this book just came up short The plot was slow moving until the very end and the romance just wasn t there While I recommend book 1 in the Bulletproof Series book 2 was a miss for me and I m not sure if I Rooftoppers ll be picking up the next book due outater this year More Suspense Than RomanceFour years ago Laurel Hodges brother was exonerated and released from prison after serving fourteen years hard time for a crime he did not commit The relief and hope she d harbored for a future with the brother she Best of Tawnie Lynn loved didn tast beyond the first attempt on her Man Enough For Me life The Crew saw to that A vicious gang with aong reach her brother Virgil had joined them out of necessity when he was in prison They weren t exactly amenable to his Late Cenozoic Evaporite Tectonism and Volcanism in West-Central Colorado leaving it when he got out They ve been trying to kill him her and her two children ever sinceWhen theast attempt by The Crew forced her to separate from her brother and his new family two years ago she started over yet again this time as Vivian Stewart She selected the town of Pineview Montana because of its Despre inselare low crime rate seclusion and small town natureFor two years she sead that small town Lavendelblauer Traum life and felt safe Her handsome neighbor Myles King is the sheriff of Pineview and has asked her out several times but she s always declined She can d afford to get too close to anyone be too honest with anyone especially the single father and cop next door That is the sentence that she serves now and will have to serve for asong as The Crew keeps her and her Hot Head loved ones in its sightsIt is a sentence she s mostly resigned herself to in order to keep her children safe to stay alive And when she hears of the murder of a man from town Laurel fears that it is a sentence that has unfortunately been commuted The Crew has aong ong reach And they might have reached out and caught her once I hate to say this but I had some trouble with this second book in the Bulletproof series I enjoyed the characters of the first one uite a ot especially Virgil and had been 蒼き狼 Aoki ōkami looking forward to his sister s book but I ended up feeling aittle disconcerted by the four year time span between books and had a hard time reconciling the budding relationship between Rex aka Pretty Boy and Lau. They're backLaurel Hodges has changed her identity twice She's been on the run for the past four years trying to outdistance the gang members who blame her for the death of one of their own She's finally found peace and stability in the small town of Pineview Montana But just when Laurel thinks