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50 nostalgia 40 re read actualOkay I ve re read this many Times But Never With but never with a gap 3 years and as much a focus on critical thinking as now That being said although the Immortals uartet stands as my favourite Tortall series and I relate to Diane overall this book has always been my favourite And looking at it critically I stand by that udgment It does have its faults not all author related but its strengths make up for those I do have a couple of disclaimers for people who are reading it in their post teen years this book is decidedly in a market of its time The entire series length was cut in half at least due to publishers not believing that a length was cut in half at least due to publishers not believing that a novel especially with a female protagonist would sell well in the years before Harry Potter author Tamora Pierce has commented on this numerous times throughout the past 15 years As a result the characters plot and novelization are rushed throughout the first two books which combined take place over 8 years which gives the books a Anatomia Jamy Brzusznej juvenile feel This is a result of publishing oh how I wish I could read those original versions of the first two books and something that s not reflected in Tammy s later novels whether the last two books of this series or subseuent series If you can get past theuvenile esue writing of these first two books you will be duly rewarded I assure youI can t tap into what originally made me declare this book my favourite book of all time I originally read these books in 1996 pre Protector of the Small uartet and actually pre most of the Immortals uartet I identified with Alanna s need to get out and prove herself against masculine warriors I came into this series obsessed with Joan of Arc but already familiar with the world and slightly with Alanna s legacy via Wild Magic I left this series as a feminist activist thankful that Alanna was a character who presented both masculine and feminine ualities But admittedly I ve evolved beyond my 13 year old definitions of feminism in the last 15 years since I originally read this book All that being said it s still my favouriteThe strong point of this novel is in my opinion Alanna s acceptance of her gender You might disagree with that but in my perception that is what hit strongest In this book Alanna becomes real fighting her desire for love vs her knowledge of the pain it causes her feminine side vs the masculine side that will keep her safe She has chosen a masculine identity until her knighting that will keep her free and safe from harassment and yet despite this she explores what it means to be a female and what it will mean after she s earned her shield She s an excellent student and suire but that doesn t mean that she knows everything something she learns fairly uickly during her suire trainingPersonally the steps Alanna takes towards accepting her femininity mean the world to me At this point I don t really care about her knight training or her relationship between Jonathan or George Alanna taught me how to accept both femininity and masculinity and accept what they meant to me I can t put a rating on that What matters is that it made me think about it and come to my own conclusions What makes a female a female What makes up masculine characteristics Alanna shows that you can be a bit of both honestlySo many feels y all Really good overall More uneven than the first book with some wacky point of view stuff centered on a boringly generic bad guyThe series took a definite swerve into YA which one of these perfect dudes will she love and added a really good cat character All of that was well done and goodThe knight and chivalry parts continue to be great Onto book 3 Some girls have it easy And they have it all The love of a Prince Charming for sure The love of an eually handsome Prince of Thieves for the thrills Good looks that will explain points one and two even if these good looks amount to red hair and purple eyes Incredible martial prowess that allows one to defeat much larger and experienced opponents Strong magic Healing magic at that But also a loving and devoted brother who happens to be the strongest sorcerer in living memory And a dedicated servant who will take care of your fife remotely so that they do not have to be burdened with the mundane when saving the world Magic sword A must Really Magic cat Also with purple eyes for the record honestly And other handy magic baubles That come with being the chosen one of a Goddess Love and full support of friends As well as love and support of a nearly every single person they come across except for the Sinister Antagonist or his Minions Intelligence bright enough to be the only person to identify and reveal the Sinister Antagonist and his machinationsNow tell me what can possibly be interesting about a story with such set up The first part of Alanna s tale was interesting Disguised as a boy Alanna of Trebond becomes a suire to none other than the prince of the realm But Prince Jonathan is much to Alanna; he is her ally her best friend and one

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In the Hand of the GoddessI m having troubles liking Alanna And the story itself Why Because in one chapter she is 13 year old in the next one story itself Why Because in one chapter she is 13 year old in the next one year old and so on She starts being Jonathan s lover when I m still picturing her as a child for God s sakeAnother thing why don t like her is because she keeps contradicting herself First she says she never is going to love someone bla bla Then she becomes lover of Jonathan and where does her pride go And of course I disagree with her choice Jonathan over George WTFEDIT Well I finally managed to finish the book It was MEH One of the things I don t understand is why everybody likes Alanna so much in the book When she finally reveals she is a girl to all her friends friends who were deceived for YEARS they were like ok we forgive you Just like that No one was surprise or angry or NOTHING If this was a book for children it would be ok but this is a YA book The same with the rushness of the story it happens all too fastSo the first book was good and entertaining the second not so much I have to think if I m going to read the rest of the saga What happenedI ve read several of Tamora Pierce s books but had not read the Song of the Lioness uartet and thought it time I start I enjoyed the first book Alanna The First Adventure I liked Alan nee Alanna in her single minded determinedness and her unawareness of self and the effect she had on others I liked the supporting characters It was light pleasant and fun so I was eager to read this second book I expected Alan to grow up and have to deal with identity issues romantic issues and other problems that come with becoming a young adult I expected the book to be less geared to 8 12 year olds as the first had been and written with teenagers in mind These are the expectations I had before reading the boook I was terribly disappointed view spoilerWhile Alan does grow up and I was looking at the cover of my library copy of this book before I started it and saw that on my edition Alanna is pictured with a black cat on her shoulder Remembering how delightfully full of wish fulfillment the first book was I thought to myself Oh she gets a cat in this one I bet it s a magic cat I bet it talks I was Katharup Mahabharat Khand 1 joking But I was totally right Alanna not only acuires a talking cat who also has purple eyes natch a deity swoops down to personally give Alanna a magic necklace At this point girlfriend is getting really weighted down with magical swag She s going to have to start carrying trunks around with her and I love it The first book in the series moved uickly In the Hand of the Goddess moves even faster flying right through the rest of Alanna s training and ending soon after she graduates This means that sometimes an entire year takes up only a few chapters and the lengthy timeline means that the book can sometimes feel likeust a string of separate events instead of a cohesive story Halfway through the book we get introduced to a neighboring country Tusaine and before we can even catch our breath Alanna and her friends are being moved to the front lines because suddenly there s a war happening I expected the war to take up a significant chunk of the story because apparently I haven t grasped how this works yet but instead the entire Tusaine conflict lasts about fifty pages before it s wrapped up and never really mentioned again I had to finish the book and think back over the entire plot before I realized that the central story of this book is Alanna s continued struggle with Duke Roger the evil sorcerer from Book One I m happy to report that by the end Duke Roger view spoileris out of the picture Alanna kills him in a trial by combat which also accomplishes the A Mood Apart The Thinker's Guide to Emotion and Its Disorders job of revealing her gender to everyone which saves us some time so he at least doesn t have to become a recurring villain who wears out his welcome hide spoiler SPOILERS AHEADI don t want to fall in love Iust want to be a warrior maidenHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHTGREAT JOKE ALANNA Sooothis book was basically like a sketch of Alanna s teenage years In on chapter she s 13in the next one she s 15 view spoilerin one chapter she s all like I am powerful woman ready to take my place in this world and in the next one she s like omfg JonI know you re sleeping around and stuff but I want to be the one you sleep with too hide spoiler My goodness my memory is atrocious I thought that the ending of this book was supposed to be the ending of the final book in the uartet so now I will Be Continuing On With The Series Going In Totally BlindThis continuing on with the series going in totally blindThis so enjoyable I love these books so much The nostalgia is realI do think that they could have been fleshed out a little bit though There is a bit of glossing over and umping forward in time in big leaps so things moved very fast in pace I wish I had the chance to slow down and savour it Other than that loved the action the characters the world. R who is bent on his destruction and hersHere continues the story of Alanna a young woman bound for glory who is willing to fight against enormous odds for what she believes .

Exodus: Gateway to the Bible, Participant (Elective Courses) just wish the books could be longer so there would be room for world and character development as those have a lot of potential here I still enjoyed reading this series but several problems stood out with this book First off important events kept being dropped casually into the conversation or mentioned in passing and that was that I was very taken aback when it was said that Alanna s father died last month and that was about it There were several other instances as well that this happened but I can t remember right now Also time seems to be passing too uickly At some point I had to struggle to keep up and remember that all these happened within long periods of time between each other Then the romance I appreciate that it s not overdramatized or anything but I also felt like itust happened Like in the last book there was no mention of it at all and then suddenly in the first chapter of this book the goddess declared that George was in love with Alanna That was Grace Blood jarring So was when people suddenly started sleeping with each other without talking much about it at all I was confused Some things that have had a huge build up such as the Ordeal ended up being too simple I ve noticed this pattern with pretty much all the climaxes in the series they never even last than a few pages I mean I hate reading about fightingbattles myself but this is a book that s supposed to be all about it rightAnother gripe I have is that how Alanna seems to be a foolproof radar when it came to evil people From the moment she saw Roger she had already hated him inexplicably Same with Delia who turned out to be his pawn I guess I really don t like it when evil people are so obviously portrayed to be evil from the start There s no surprise no twist nothing Wouldn t it have been exciting if he seemed to be a good guy and then surprised by everyone by turning out not to be a good guy after all Unreasonably good instincts in a hero is something I ve always dislikedI don t know maybe I must being picky Or maybe this was meant for people much younger than me hence the simplicity of the plot I m having a little hard time progressing with this book In the first place I chose this book because I was looking for a bad ass female character and because of the good reviews However. F the few who knows that she's really a girl Now it will take all of Alanna's awesome skill strength and growing magical powers to protect him from the mysterious evil sorcere. .