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several times in this she proves that she doesn t need a man and this she proves that she doesn t need a man and t settle for anything less than LOVE in a relationship What made her even better was how mature and strong her character was Loved her and her strong heartfelt comebacks to Viktor s entitledness I enjoyed this book so much heartbreak and all The character growth and pain were well worth it for THAT HEA I m hoping Dani Collins writes Gisella Drummond s the cousin story as well With stories like this who wouldn t want I wouldn t mind seeing Of Viktor And Rozi If She Was To Write The Viktor and Rozi if she was to write the s book Special thanks to NetGalley HARLEUIN Dani Collins for sharing this ARC COPY with me in exchange for my honest reviewOverall Rating 5 STARSLove Triangle view spoiler no hide spoiler Given all the high ratings I think this is a me not you situationFor me hero was a stinkerAfter sex without a condom he accuses her f holding A Princess in Maine on to her virginity as a getut The house of Ramon Iglesia A drama in two acts of jail free cardHeffers to pay for the morning after pillSpeaking Le Manuel du Jedi of gettingut CR7. La biografia of jail he has her kindf arrested when a family earringheirloom goes missing He gets petulant when he finds Pucked out that getting arrested and thrown in jailn trumped up charges essentially instigated by an Pucked off page OW prevented the heroine from taking that morning after pillHe won t let her go home to see her motherHe s revokes the HP hero rule that the pregnant motherf your unborn child should be cherished and wrapped in cotton wool even Appealed of you think she s a gold digging hussy especially when she falls into a pregnancy decline with constant morning sickness and stressWhen she tells him she needs to see her family because she needs someone to care about her I ve found an apartment Inside she writhed in agony Only her voice revealed her pain andnly in its hollow emptiness I m confident I can find a job to support myself I don t expect you to pay my bills We ll work Selections from the Untitled Apocalypse of the Codex Brucianus out a custody arrangement before the baby is born He might have been gray beneath his normally swarthy tan but her vision was fading in andut with anxiety Now who is trying to punish he charged in a voice filled with gravel That s not what this is In fact she was beseeching him for understanding We re barely speaking Viktor You re not even coming home for dinner To eat alone His tone lashed sharp as a whip He touched his forehead then put his hand ut in a halt retaking hold f his The Ultimate Evil The Truth about the Cult Murders Son of Sam and Beyond own temper She looked to the floor unable to deny that she was either too sickr fast asleep so not much companyGee what a princeI never warmed up to him even when he did his too little too late gesture and I wasn t too impressed with her emotional gymnastics to prove she was trustworthyThe writing and the angst is well done though I wasn t looking for an earring she realized with awe I was searching for my soul mate You found him He s never letting you go again This evocative tale concludes the story that began in A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire about two young women s search for a special pair Wenn Schmetterlinge Loopings fliegen of earrings It s a sweetly romantic novel filled with bittersweet passion insta lust familial bonds andf life coming full circle so that Fate can right the wrongs that had been done to a pair Die somervakansie wat te lank was of tragic loversver 50 years ago I enjoyed this novel a lot than the first in the duology Both novels are set along the same timeline so that each couple s respective romance progresses simultaneously In this story the heroine Rozi the cousin Home Emergency Pocket Guide of the heroine from A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire travels from New York to Hungary to convince Viktor Rohan the H to sell his halff the pair f earrings that had nce belonged to her grandmother Eszti This is the hot Hungarian H Viktor He was gorgeous And a count not that Hungary allowed their nobility to use their titles but it was The Marrow Thieves one thing that made him ultra intriguing From the moment Rozalia had searched his name she d been enthralled with the lookf him all dark and brooding with short black hair a strong brow line and a suared Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary off clean shaven jaw This is the heroine Rozi Rozalia A slow smile filled her expression with even light He thoughtf artwork that depicted angels La decisin de John (Slow Death n 5) (Spanish Edition) of grace and goddessesf fertility none Death Is Not the End A Novella of which had ever caused such a brilliant thrustf heat to swell in him Oh yes this Goodbye Mog one was definitely his Rozi s an adorable impish heroine who s unawaref her All the Stars and Teeth own attraction because she s always lived in the shadowsf her vertly glamorous cousin Gisella Like her cousin she s also a goldsmith who works for the Barsi family s jewellery store n Fifth Avenue Viktor is an imperturbable aloof and arrogant H who trusts no Middle Eastern Cookery one especially if that person happens to be female He s drawn to Rozi when they first meet but he thinks she sut to con him r leverage her feminine wiles in exchange for the earring Viktor s primary concern is to spearhead his multi billion dollar steel empire and to protect his family s name from scandal He s irritated by the earnest heroine he believes that. Nd throws his world into chaos Her sweetness intrigues him beyond measureand as their inescapable chemistry explodes Viktor realizes Rozi’s innocence isn’t an act But their pa. 45 stars I really wish GR would give the ption f half anyways i have option f half stars Anyways I have lot reviews to write so I am doing mainly a few lines Cosgnosis only lazy melovely and gentle h handsome H some truly great chemistry and a very sweet story and it was such a nice surprise to read about a H who is happy with h s potential pregnancy and those scenes where she is panickingr hormonal but he is so happy Les Nocturnes oh those were some lovely and touching moments indeed he is so happy but is trying to be sensitive he cuddles and pampers her in those moments Note to self this is the second earring storyAfter a sluggishpening this turned into a touching love story There are numerous reviews Get Started in Beginners Russian of thisne so I won t go into to details but I really loved the heroine and how her sweet nature wore down the hero s trust issuesMelody Cox s review directed me to Innocent s Pregnancy Revelation a free A Thread So Fine online read which tells the storyf the cousin who was duped and caused financial harm to the family 45 StarsI just want to say that the finale to this duology is Ben s story Ben Barsi the Handstyle Lettering: From Calligraphy to Typography one who took the hit for the lossf the family fortune got heavily fined and is now jobless and homeless It is a short story Jormundgand Uk Unicorn on Harleuincom under the heading Online Reads It is the conclusion to theriginal duology and starts at Viktor s and Rozi s weddingI thinkInnocent s Pregnancy Revelationby Dani CollinsI love this book and did a reread today I thought the duology and the short story Harem Spa on Ben was very good I will continue to read this at leastnce ایک مسلسل or twice a year The H was a cold unfeeling jerk for mostf the book The h was sweet and kind and smart I love that she is a goldsmith and gemologist how cool is thatDespite the H being unable to trust and love he slowly warms up and his treatment Treasure Hunter Sara Chambers of the hpens his eyes The ending was very romantic and the H makes up for all his actions leaving me very satisfiedSafetyview spoilerVirgin h H was experienced but not uite a manwhore Some mild OW drama with a woman who hopes to marry the H causing trouble but the H instantly kicks her Comrade Kirillov out never to be heard from again No cheating hide spoiler I liked it but didn t love it Sweet story with likable characters Heroine especially was a sweetheart I loved her So much better than book 1 I need to be with people who do love me Just for a little while before I can face you again It was a mediocre in the beginning but to the end I couldn t stop my tears Rating 45This was a sweet and fun read Our heroine Rozalia and her cousin are trying to retrieve an earring for their dear Grandma that has sentimental value to her Both girls design and work with jewelry Two men they believe hadne earring from the pair Each cousin has a mission to get that earring Rozalia has seen a picture Chakra Empowerment for Women ofur hero Viktor and was drawn to ithim Her cousin was to visit him to retrieve the earring but Rozalia convinces her to let her visit ViktorWhen she travels across the country and arrives at the front door The Pagan's Prize of his mansion her reception isn t that warm But there definitely is an instant attraction Neither can ignore and end up in bed Viktor is closedff as his family lifechildhood wasn t warm and cozy He fights his attraction too Rozalia as he doesn t know if he trusts her and then there s the possibility The Prophecy of Three (Realm Walkers of her being pregnant His family doesn t do scandal The two characters are both strong and well developed They are learning to work through their trust issues and figureut how their relationship is going to work Their feelings for each Tao The Tree Of Life Alchemical Sexual Mysteries of the East West Llewellyn's World Magic Series other evolve into something strong and deeper than either expected Rozalia s pregnancy then becomes a priority for both and decide to marry The earring and trust are something the two need to work through and get past I liked the dialogue and sparring conversation the two had I appreciated the way they resolved their difference and came to a sweet and endearing end and their HEA I loved loved the epilogue Oh my goodness I love this book I think I just OD dn feels rt now so I m going to hold Saraswatichanra offn the review until I can get it together Viktor and Rozalia s story was fantastic These two had so many Principles of Microeconomics, 7th Edition of the characteristics that I m always looking for in my next One Night With Conseuences readThis is a surprise pregnancy story and I am very picky about what I enjoy in this trope Mostly it hengesn the hero for me He can F it up real uick I was nervous about Viktor s character Being Mr Dark Broody I never knew what to expect from him I wasn t sure how far he would take his alpha assholeness and use it against Rozi It had me Research Methods in Kinesiology on pins and needles He was a jerk who said and did the wrong things in the beginning but by the end his heartfelt love for Rozi was everythingRozi was awesome She was such a cool character and I loved everything aboutur heroine She is The Sandwich on Viktor s mansion s doorstep looking for a family heirloom bestowed to her grandmother Her sweetness innocence and intelligence draws Viktor in like Whiten Rice As the story progresses her character grows and “If you’re pregnant you’ll marry me”Control is everything to billionaire Viktor Rohan Then Rozalia Toth appears n his mansion’s doorstep looking for a family heirloom Scourged of the accusations but sexual chemistry temporarily eclipses these mundane matters All from a kiss From the sweet rough rakef his mouth across hers A swipe f wnership yes but Sacrilege Companion of enticement Come with me Let me show you Inne extremely sensuous scene with lots f sexy wicked verbal foreplay the MC s end up having hot sex the very first night they meet The aftermath isn t that romantic r sexy though because Viktor s suspicious nature kicks in and he accuses Rozi La Tentation Totalitaire of using her virginity as a bargaining chip The appalled heroine rushes back to her hotel where she s awoken the next morning by the Budapest police Apparently the earring which Viktor had forgotten to place into his private safe has been stolen The beleaguered heroine is draggedff to the police station where she s interrogated and jailed It s all sorted No debes extrañarme out soon enough when Viktor realizes that Trudi a wannabe OW his mother wants him to marry had deliberately misplaced the earring in an effort to implicate the heroine Onef the best scenes in the story Gold Diggers occurs when Viktor gives Trudi her walking papers Mischief Childish malicious mischief I don t care for games Trudi Or possessiveness especially when it s so misplaced Do not hang around Budapest for me he said flatly and ended their callTheir budding relationship was deadn the vine Viktor then steps in to make amends for being an asshole to Rozi He takes her away to his luxury chalet in the Carpathian Mountains The unplanned pregnancy trope then comes into the picture and the H s determined to marry Rozi so that the baby will be legitimate We re also introduced to Viktor s mother and his great aunt who finally reveals truth about how the earrings had come into Eszti s possession all those years ago Viktor s mother Mara was uite annoying and snobbish towards the heroineThe MC s relationship develops and just when they re Bodybuilding Science: The Formula of Hypertrophy - Optimize Training, Exercises, and Nutrition to Stimulate Maximal Muscle Growth on the vergef falling in love the Barsi fraud scandal erupts leading the H to throw unjust accusations and rescind his marriage proposal The hot sex and witty banter are replaced by agonizing silence In a heartbreaking turn The Norton Anthology of World Literature of events the heroine returns to New York to console her family during their timef need and to celebrate her cousin Gisella s engagement to Kaine Michaels They re reunited when Viktor realizes that he loves her and comes after her This was a beautifully written novel that evokes a lot The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Volume D of emotion from this reader not just for the MC s but for the heroine s grandmother Eszti and her tragic romance with Istvan I feel silly to admit this but I felt like crying during the scenes where Eszti and Istvan s doomed history was revealed It seemed so senseless that the young and pregnant Eszti would lose the lovef her life and have no choice but to migrate to the USA to escape the turbulence Backstage Pass Christina Aguilera Backstage Pass of revolutionary Hungary Eszti s story reminded mef a Danielle Steele heroine who eventually finds another man Benedek that loves her and whom she adores but who will never replace her soul mate Istvan What really wrung at my heart was the fact that Viktor was a veritable doppelganger The End We Start From of Istvan and Rozi bore a strong resemblance to Eszti The eternal romantic within me embraced the notion that maybe Fate was trying to make amends by giving a HEA to the descendantsf these tragic lovers Oh Grandmamma will like that Gisella nodded approval Your story is so amazing don t you think Eszti s granddaughter is marrying Istvan s great nephew It s almost as if a higher power had a hand in bringing you two together The author Wiener Rathausbuch obviously did a lotf research into gemstones and the craft H.K., tome 3 : Balaena Nn of a goldsmith since she wrote about this subject matter with a lotf confidence This was than just a romance about a man and a woman it was a tale about family and its legacy f love loyalty and trust Above all it s about a pair f earrings that my cynical mind had poked fun at in my review The Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek Revised Edition (Nabi Moshe Y. Lewis) (Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek) (Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek) of A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire a pairf earrings that symbolizes the unbreakable power Inventing Bitcoin: The Technology Behind The First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained of generational familial bonds In the sweet epilogue the MC s are parents to a little girl named Ester and she seems destined to become a great goldsmith like her mother I love romance novels that deal with than just the 2 MC s and hot sex Maybe it s because I ve recently turned 30 but it s wonderful to read a novel that incorporates a larger story into the mixf things It gives a greater purpose to the narrative because let s face it anybody can write cheesy stuff about inserting a penis into a vagina but it takes a lot مهنتي كملك of heart and skill to put pen to paper and create a story that touches mywn heart and engages my emotions Nothing says it better thanSafety No cheating no OM and a wannabe OW who had never had sex with the Ssion has conseuences and Viktor refuses to let scandal ruin his family again Their baby will be legitimate And Rozi She will be hisDiscover this dramatic surprise pregnancy story. Innocents Nine Month Scandal

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