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Orts to use his characters and plot to try and address the horrors of weapon development and the lack of honor in warfare today guided missiles predator Drones Nuclear Devices But I nuclear devices but I that many readers would probably have appreciated a action packed story of sea warfare of the times Similarly I was disappointed that Stockwin used a somewhat trite mechanism that marked the nd in my mind of adventure writer Clive Cussler When Cussler started writing himself into his own Dirk Pitt tales and adding random meetings with future famous people his stories were clearly losing steam and needed vain and unbelievable moments to tickle the reader s fancy Stockwin in this story has Kydd meet Jane Austen s Uncle or was it brother who is a naval officer admonishing Kydd for his attempts at bringing attention to some slacking troops As the way out of this uncomfortable moment Kydd somewhat randomly refers to his particular friend Renzi who is writing his first book Austen s kin casually mentions that he has a female relative who aspires to write and might someday make a name for herself As a result the tense moment is nded This is just too contrived for my taste All in all this book Stockwin adds in his acknowledgments that he is proud of this his tenth book a milestone in his mind does not do justice to the series and almost makes me rethink taking up his next book Yet I am so invested in Kydd and Renzi that I will but with A Bit Of Reservation bit of reservation concern that Victory may not return to the fine tales of the Kydd Series The only slightly weak link in the series so far The book is still good it s just that Kydd is stuck doing something other than what he s best at and it isn t uite as njoyable Next book in the series is called Victory though so that should MORE than make up for it. Despite his own scruples believing that standing man to man is the only honorable way to fight Kydd agrees to take part in the crucial testing of these weapons of mass destruction which just may decide the fate of Engla. .

InvasionI read this genre for Seafaring And Swashbuckling Not Spy and swashbuckling not spy tech Another Kydd Adventure down bring on the Next Disappointing The worst tech Another Kydd Adventure down bring on the Next Disappointing The worst of the series so far Too contrived with the introduction of Fulton and his would be submarine Please get back to the swashbuckling adventures and the friendship and interaction between Kydd and Renzi Alas like TV sitcoms the first season or two was good then the uality begins to fade There are still good action scenes but our beloved author has begun writing for his own fun and not our ntertainment While there is much to learn about the History Of The Napoleonic of the Napoleonic lucidation is not the main point in historical novels Slowdown TimeTo me Invasion seemed to be a slowdown of action and adventure and a book dealing with politics personalities and personal problems Not that this is not a good book and well worthy of read but the author of this series has me by now so ready for cannon fire billowing canvas boarding and strategy and I have problems with any perceived change in pace The inclusion of Robert Fulton adds an La prisión de Black Rock. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition) extremely interesting addition to this story I have read several Napoleonic period series of books but this is the first time that Fulton has made an appearance It was also news to me that Fulton had been a successful portrait artist before he became known for his mechanical inventionsThe tension is palpable as French forces amass on the southern shore of the Channel England is in real peril and they know itVery good story that makes me look forward to the next Recommend An interestingntry in this outstanding series This one concerns the The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games efforts of Robert Fulton to develop the submarine and underwater torpedo for naval use during the Napoleonic War Kydd is assigned to support Fulton in hisfforts to develop the. In the 10th book of the popular series rumors fly of Napoleon’s planned invasion of England and British naval commander Thomas Kydd is sent to liaise with American inventor Robert Fulton who has created “infernal ma.

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Se ominous weapons for use by the British Navy The book disappoints somewhat by not containing much in the way of naval battles but it does present an interesting historical footnote and presents much of the agonizing over the potential changes in warfare that would occur in the 20th Century 10 in a series julian stockwin said there in a series Julian Stockwin said there probably be 20 books in the series Currently there are 19 available "This novel took an interesting and frightening turn when Kydd ncounters the inventor of the prototype of the torpedo I can "novel took an interesting and frightening turn when Kydd Premium Content Code Card for Leadership encounters the inventor of the prototype of the torpedo I can how horrified the English were when they realized the potential for this weapon of mass destruction Which strikes me as funny since they didn t seem to upset with blowingach other up with canons and riflesI look Forward To The Rest Of The Series to the rest of the series it does Inhalant, Whippet, and Popper Abuse end on book 20 I hope that it wraps up nicely As I mentioned in one of my reading updates a appropriate title for thispisode of the Kydd tales might have been Threat of Invasion or The Wasted Efforts For all the pages of this book Stockwin cheats us of the actual Invasion that is implied in the title While I find the concept of this story compelling to a point for me it falls flat in the Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World end The majority of this pages of this book are devoted to the development of Fulton s secret visionary weapons of war and too drawn out and almost too laborious to read I am reminded that Tom Clancy once spent roughly 37 pagesxplaining the precise milliseconds of a nuclear bomb detonating wonderful science but boring reading which almost made me put down The Sum of All Fears before completion Regardless Stockwin s Split Second efforts do not really advance the characters of Kidd and Renzi for me nor does this tale continue to develop their lives learning orxperience forward much at all I applaud Stockwin s ff. Chines” that can wreak mass destruction from a distance Fulton believes that his inventions namely the submarine and torpedo will win the day for the power that possesses them and Kydd must help him develop the devices. ,