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So much to say about this It s easy to say that EVERY Catholic should read and know this but we know how that works We think EVERY Catholic should already understand the tremendous gift of God the Son present before them 247 in every Catholic Church around the world We should be crawling on our faces to Communionbut so many willfully ignore Christ Fantastic book by a man with tremendous gifts One of the best books I ve ever read One can NOT understand Christianity without understanding ancient Judaism The rampant increase in number of Protestant enominations is in part Gottfried Benn In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten due to this lack of understanding Our faith grew out of Judaism and it s necessary to put alloctrinal and scriptural things in their proper historical context Failure to o so leads one away from the Church Christ foundedAt any rate if you ve ever wanted #to know why catholics believe that holy communion #know why Catholics believe that Holy Communion truly the Body Blood Soul and Divinity this right here s the answer This is an incredible book It opened my eyes wide and I enjoyed it the whole way through The author writes in an accessible style and it reads like he s talking to us The book is exhaustively researched and references Christian Jewish and secular sources but in a pleasant change all the footnotes have been moved to the back and not even superscripted numbers remain resulting in no istractions and just letting the author talk to us The author starts with the uestion of the Eucharist what Medioevo da leggere Guida allo studio delle testimonianze scritte del Medioevo italiano Piccola biblioteca Einaudi did Jesus mean when he asked hisisciples to eat his flesh and An Honorable Assassin drink his blood He then begins to work carefully and methodically through the experiences and expectations of a 1st century Jew hearing those words He moves us through the Passover the manna in theesert the Tabernacle the Temple the Bread and wine of the Presence the Holy of Holies the annual feasts and sacrifices Jesus would have seen the Last Supper the Eucharist and in a surprising finale the Romanik zwischen Speyer Mainz und Heidelberg disciples on the road to Emmaus Heraws a remarkably straight line connecting all these biblical themes and then extends the line further into the early Church Fathers and their writings connecting the same themes There s even a chapter exploring the 4th Cup an idea strongly promoted by Scott Hahn but concedes that it s speculative Brant Pitre has laid out the clearest treatment of perhaps the most important subject imaginable He s intellectually honest He cites a wide range of sources Body Language dating back centuries He reads like the most interestinginner conversation you ve ever heard This is just an amazing amazing book Exceptionally well written explanations of the Jewish historical roots in the modern Shine day Eucharist An impassionedefense of the traditional Catholic beliefs about the Sacrament of Communion Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist is a very Scriptural readable piece of non fiction Pitre presents his scholarship and analysis in thorough forthright prose It is a terrific answer to common arguments raised by those anti Catholics who try to trip Catholics up on the topic I m not sure though "THAT SOMEONE WHO S NOT RELIGIOUS OR AT LEAST "someone who s not religious or at least Christian would be terribly interested in the story told here I hope they will be though if only for the sake of the fascinating ancient texts uoted and rituals Louise im blauweiß gestreiften Leibchen described therein Ever wonder how the Eucharistic teachings of the New Testament evolved Whereid Jesus get the idea for his Last Supper ritual How Fasting Opening the door to a deeperintimatepowerful relationship with God did Paul think to tie this ritual to his theology of atonement Whyoes John s Gospel emphasize so strongly the Paschal Lamb Why were the church fathers so adamant about tying the Eucharist to the PassoverBecause the Sacraments have The Next American Civil War deep Hebrew roots I have studied a little about the pagan influences on the ceremony of bread and wine this concept of eating the body andrinking the blood but never Detroit An American Autopsy delved much into its Hebrew side other than to imagine how bizarre it must have appeared to God fearing Jews who had been taught since childhood never to ingest blood Pitreigs into scripture and Judaic writings and his research is fresh scholarly and easy to Weird But True Facts about US History digest If I can find Pitre books I m going to snap them upAbsolutely fascinating and critical to Pitre s conclusion is a chapter in his book about the shewbread showbread what Pitre calls the Bread of the Presence This bread kept fresh in the Holy of Holies at the back of the Temple shares a table with the libation flask and thus links to the wine offering Judaism has long connected the bread and the wine back to theays of the very first priest Melchizedek But this holy bread carries with it a certain symbolism understood by every Jew each time it was carried out for their viewing at the major festivals Jesus references this Bread of the Presence the presence of God if you haven t already guessed irectly in the Gospels and it forms an important basis for understanding Jesus teaching at the Last SupperOne interesting conclusion Pitre reaches is that Jesus never finished the Passover meal with his isciples The fourth and final cup of wine which each participating Jew shared Experimente des Lebens: Über wilde Kinder, Zwillinge, Kibbuzniks und andere aufschlussreiche Wesen during the Passover celebration was neverrunk Instead Jesus Dramen. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Griechisch/deutsch drank this final cup just momen. A revelatory exploration of the Jewish roots of the Last Supper that seeks to understand exactly what happened at Jesus' final Passover Clear profound and practical youo not want to miss this book Dr Scott Hahn author of The Lamb's Supper and The Fourth Cup Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist shines fresh light on the Last Supper by looking at it through Jewish eyes Using his in epth knowledge of the Bible and ancient Judaism Dr Brant Pitre answers uestions such as.

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Acrificial eath for only rationalists can Wilhelm Von Humboldt doubt this not only as that which constitutes Him the Bread of life to men but as THAT very element IN HIM WHICH POSSESSES THE LIFE GIVING VIRTUEAnd commenting on John 653 58 He says they must not only eat His flesh butrink His blood which could not but suggest the idea of His The Duke's Match Girl (Fiery Tales, death implied in the separation of one s flesh from his blood And as He had already hinted that it was to be something veryifferent from a natural Cold Hand in Mine Strange Stories death saying My flesh I will give for the life of the world John 651 it must have been pretty plain to candid hearers that He meant something above the gross idea which the bare terms expressed And farther when He added that they had no life in them unless they thus ate andrank it was impossible they should think He meant that the temporal life they were then living was American tramp and underworld slang; dependent on their eating andrinking in this gross sense His flesh and bloodFinally some of the information Pitre used to support his position could eually support the Protestant view This is true for the Scripture he uoted especially when it s read in full context or along with other verses that he failed to uotedSo overall I wouldn t even recommend this book to Catholics since his arguments weren t properly supportedI received this book as a review copy from the publisher Thankfully much of the silly season when it comes to Catholic scripture scholars is over and the new breed of Catholic scripture scholars are not likely to get their views The Naked Consultation displayed on the History or Discovery ChannelThis comes to mind after reading Brant Pitre s new book Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper When it comes to the Eucharist the better understanding that we have of the Eucharist in the Jewish context the better understanding we have of the Eucharist itself It was a fulfillment of the Old Testament and gave in that what came before became fully realized The God given manna which nourished the Israelites physically when brought to the fullness nourishes us spiritually as the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of ChristBrant Pitre has focused on the Old Testament along with several non scriptural sources of Jewish writing to fully give us an understanding of the Eucharist from its Jewish roots He starts by looking at the Last Supper and how Jesus words must have gone beyond surprising from a Jewish point of view We so often hear the words of institution at Mass and have accepted them that it is so easy to forget what they meant to the Jews of that time when it came to eating his body and blood Even if you saw the blood as pure symbolism it would still be upsetting to Jewish ears and the commandment not to eat the blood of the sacrificeHe goes on toiscuss #what was the idea the people had of the coming Messiah We have often heard #was the idea the people had of the coming Messiah We have often heard they expected a political Messiah and like so many common facts it isn t exactly true Some expected a political Messiah but the majority expected a new Moses with all that entails A new Exodus Passover and a Manna that was something and given perpetually He spends chapters iscussing the Exodus and a new Passover along with the Manna There is much information passed on here and all of it worthwhile While I have read many of the ideas presented before in other books I found the chapter the on Bread of the Presence most interesting in that I haven t seen much on this topic before other than just passing information There is a much eeper connection with the Bread of the Presence and the Eucharist that I had suspected and the Eucharist is much than just a fulfillment of the MannaMuch of this information comes together on the Last Supper as the new Passover and a Greek Religion discussion of the Four Cups The tying of therinking of the Four Cups of wine in a Passover mean and Jesus institution of the new Passover and his sacrifice is not new information and as the author admits is is speculative This idea as popularized by Scott Hahn and supported by earlier Protestant scripture scholars has the ring to it of truth along with the beauty of it pointing to the truth Brant Pitre makes a thorough explanation for it here as the presentation he agrees with and certainly one that I also believe to be correct As I said this chapter really brings the book together in the understanding of the Eucharist via Jewish eyesHe goes on to explain how the information in the book is nothing new and then gives information from the Catechism and the Church Fathers in how they also saw this He also relates a story about how he thought he "Had Found Something New "found something new the Our Father in a Eucharistic tone that later he found exactly the same idea expressed in the Catechism Well he is in good company since Dr Scott Hahn has also expressed finding the same thing himself in that what he thought was original was already known by the Church Often though a theological understanding once known gets lost or #at least not focused on and so good books bringing these truths to our eyes are well worthwhile Brant Pitre #least not focused on and so good books bringing these truths to our eyes are well worthwhile Brant Pitre certainly Maikling Kuwentong Kapampangan at Pangasinan done a good and thorough job here of a scholarly presentation written for every Catholic. Manna and the Bread of the Presence have the power to unlock the original meaning of the Eucharistic words of Jesus Along the way Pitre also explains how Jesus united the Last Supper to hiseath on Good Friday and his Resurrection on Easter SundayInspiring and informative Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist is a groundbreaking work that is sure to illuminate one of the greatest mysteries of the Christian faith the mystery of Jesus' presence in the breaking of the brea.

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Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Unlocking the Secrets to the Last SupperTs before his The Assassins of Isis death Pitre thus brings the theological meaning of Jesus timing to life in a most intriguing wayPitre writes from a conservative Catholic perspective as seems appropriate I m no scholar of currentay religious practices but who finds ritualistic meaning in the Eucharist than the Catholics He Get Even The Complete Book Of Dirty Tricks does lean toward a Roman Catholic understanding of the bread and wine though he avoids the word transubstantiation in favor of the baggage free phrase reality of Jesus presence in the Eucharist But I guarantee Christians of allenominations will enjoy this one I heard Dr Pitre speak at my church several years ago and was impressed with what he had to say so I grabbed this book when First Wildcard made it available It is an absolutely fascinating look at how the Eucharist as understood by Catholics truly has its roots in Judaism and not just in the Passover story Pitre talks about the Passover and brings out Amharic Newspaper Reader details I ve never heard elsewhere but also talks about the sacrificial worship of the Jews in the Temple He compares the Eucharist to the Bread of the Presence kept in the Temple He goes through John 6 and explains what the various phrases would have meant to Jews of Jesus era Pitre makes scripturally and historically based arguments in favor of the Eucharist being understood as both sacrament and meal and as Jesus body not just a symbol I highly recommend this book and give it an A A lovely friend thanks recommended this well written and interesting exploration of eucharistic theology and the roots in the Old Testament I heard some of this before in a wonderful Podcast series and it was good to read and confirmPitre is Roman Catholic and Again My Lord Twist doesn t address Orthodox theology which was the only small uibble I had with the bookHowever it was an excellent faith affirming and interesting book He has written others that I am planning to and have looked for Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist sets out to prove that the bread and wine in the EucharistCommunion are literally Jesus flesh and blood The author stated that he would use the Bible and ancient Jewish sources to prove that s how the Jews would have understood itThere was some cultural background information but it wasn t very comprehensive as the author tended to ignore anything thatidn t Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism directly support his argument The first part of chapter 6id MEDIAtions Text and Discourse in Media Studies do a good job of givingetails about the order of service for the Passover at the time of Jesus but Christ in the Passover by Ceil Rosen and Moishe Rosen covers the same information and if you re mainly interested in thatIf you re looking for a book that explains or proves the Catholic beliefs about the Eucharist then I wouldn t recommend this book Despite all the uotes the author s core arguments used his assumptions about the Eucharist to prove his assumptionsFor example one core argument was that eating the Passover lamb was necessary The Oblivion Seekers during the original Passover or the firstborn son would haveied even if the lamb s blood was on the シャーマンキング 2 doorpost To uote from page 56 If they took the lamb sacrificed the lamb spread the blood of the lamb butid not eat the lamb what would have been the result Well the Book of Exodus oes not say But it s a good guess that when they awoke the next morning their firstborn son would be eadSo he admits he can t prove this idea using the Bible In fact Exodus 1213 22 23 makes it clear that the only reuirement for having the house passed over was the blood on the Kritik der Menschenrechte Warum Universalismus und Globalisierung die Freiheit bedrohen Edition JF door frame and staying inside that house He alsoidn t uote a single ancient source that said if someone in the family or even just the firstborn idn t eat the lamb then the firstborn would ie So he bases his core argument on what he calls a good guess but which actually contradicts Scripture Many of his arguments had this same flawOne of his stronger arguments could have been John 655 His argument from page #101 is It is widely recognized by New Testament scholars Protestant and Catholic alike that #is It is widely recognized by New Testament scholars Protestant and "Catholic alike that is speaking here in John 648 59 about the Eucharistic food and rink that he "alike that is speaking here in John 648 59 about the Eucharistic food and rink that he give the The Worst of Times disciples at the Last Supperany attempt to insist that Jesus was not speaking about what he wouldo at the Last Supper here is a weak case of special pleading So his argument is The Gorgeous Nothings don t uestion what I m saying the authorities back me up Heidn t even uote an ancient source that supported his viewBut read the chapter "for yourself In John 632 59 and The Amish in Their Own Words during the Last Supper Jesus is talking about hiseath "yourself In John 632 59 and Her Name Is Woman: Book 2 (Her Name is Woman) during the Last Supper Jesus is talking about hiseath resurrection It s a minor but important Amish Awakening difference Yes Jesus words in both places have similarities but that s because they refer to the same event The author gave no evidence that Jesus meant his speech in John 648 59 as a commentary on how to understand the yet to happen Last SupperThe author s claim that Protestant scholars agree with his claim is untrue After studying the passage for myself I looked up what a few scholars had to say and it was easy to find scholars thatisagree with Pitre For example from Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible by Jamieson Fausset and Brown commenting on John 651 our Lord explicitly introduces His What was the Passover like at the time of Jesus What were the Jewish hopes for the Messiah What was Jesus' purpose in instituting the Eucharist Manufacturing Science during the feast of Passover And most important of all whatid Jesus mean when he said This is my body This is my bloodTo answer these uestions Pitre explores ancient Jewish beliefs about the Passover of the Messiah the miraculous Manna from heaven and the mysterious Bread of the Presence As he shows these three keys the Passover the.