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سير بی سلوک مباحثی در زمينه ی دين ، فلسفه ، زبان ، نقد و نشر upon his personal experience with Cash and a trove of never before seen material from the singer's inner circle Hilburn givess a compelling human portrait of one of the most iconic figures in modern popular culture not only a towering figure in country music but also a seminal influence in rock. Listened to this audiobook during several long road trips This was interesting but VERY long detailed In honor of my son s third appearance in a production of Ring of Fire The Music of Johnny Cash I decided to listen to this bio of the Man in Black and get the real lowdown on Cash It turned out to be a fascinating experience as I learned about his life his struggles his family friends and his music Through the magic of Apple Music I searched and listened to songs that Were Highlighted In The highlighted in the as I went along and that was also enlightening and fun I was introduced to many new songs enlightening and fun I was introduced to many new songs I didn t know but had power because of the story behind them The bio itself is well written and fascinating I tend to not read biographies of artists I greatly admire because I صور خیال در شعر فارسی usually endp finding them reprehensible and lose my respect for them as creative people A recent attempt to read a bio of Van Gogh ended in disaster and I had to give Gefangen in Hohenschönhausen Stasi Häftlinge berichten up halfway through because his being a prick almost turned me off of him foreverLuckily I already knew the worst of Cash his problems with drugs his infidelities and his problems with drugs Even better as this incredible epic biography shows Cash exploited the weaker darker angles of his nature to great effect reconstructing himself as an artist time and time again when his self inflictedsually adversities got the better of himNow this isn t a gossipy scandalous kind of biography If anything it is a study of Cash the man as a musician artist and lyricist As I hinted though it is impossible to divorce this from Cash the tormented Riddled with demons and daemons alike Cash s life was one of diversity darkness and ltimate triumph His career spanned decades with That Huge Dip In The huge dip in the in the 1970s and 1980s when no one listened to his music his health problems got worse and so on It is this period and the period of the Rick Rubin recordings that I found most fascinatingYes yes we ve all seen. The definitive intimate no holds barred biography of Johnny CashPeople don't just listen to Johnny Cash they believe in himAlthough part of his life has been told on film there are many compelling layers to his story that have remained hidden ntil now Robert Hilburn tells the nvarnished truth about a musical icon whose. ,

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The Jouagagin Phoenix movie and we know the story of early reckless Johnny Cash the Sun Records Johnny Cash the Folsom Johnny Cash But to me the best and most surprising bits was the latter day Cash tormented and tortured by physical pain deteriorating health and a flagging career Reduced to playing Wayne Newton esue shows at tourist resorts it is a wonder Cash survived his fall as long as he didThe last decade of his life when Hilburn was apparently with him a lot interviewing him and the people around him saw Cash rebound artistically With the help of the sympathetic Rick Rubin who let Cash redefine himself in the studio the two recorded a string of successful albums that made Cash relevant again Or better reminded everyone of how relevant he wasTouching depressing and torturous there is dark than light to this story But hell it s the Man in Black What d you expect Everyone I know goes away in the end Johnny Cash defined the country music for much of his life Robert Hilburn follows the iconic singer from his first steps in the music to his bitter endNot only his musical career is his personal life is also dealt with His first marriage to Vivian second marriage with his true love June Carter His addiction to drugs His never ending rges to make music his way Although his succes waned during the latter years of his life tragically at the end of his life he had his greatest revival with his last album When The Man Comes Round perhaps his best album of his lifeRobert Hilburn gives a good introduction to the life And Music Of Johnny Cash music of Johnny Cash this biography may hold not much suprises for the die hard Johnny Cash fan What have I becomeMy sweetest friendEveryone I know goes awayIn the endAnd you could have it allMy empire of dirtI will let you downI will make you hurtIf I could start againA million miles awayI would keep myselfI would find a way It feels as if I ve been listening to Johnny Cash my whole life Personal life was far troubled and his artistry much profound than even his most devoted fans have realized As music critic for the Los Angeles Times Hilburn knew Cash well throughout his life he was the only music journalist at the legendary Folsom Prison concert in 1968 and he interviewed him extensively just before Cas.