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E turns into so much they become closer than ever revealing many secrets about their family life and various romantic trysts or lack thereof While these secrets were revealing many secrets about their family life and various romantic trysts or lack thereof While these secrets were filled these aspects did not capture my attention as much since the plot was less focused on these issues than it was towards Jenny and Chase s relationship Things take a turn when Jenny and Chase convince themselves that they are not in love with each other and Jenny starts dating Drake another popular boyI found Drake and Jenny s relationship to be incredibly dangerous Here s pictures taken from my ARC illustrating a sexual event between the two I don t know how to imbed photos in my review so check out my my blog post to see the picturesHere are are a few otes that stood out to me You give me nothing Jenny This is incredibly harmful behavior to be depicting towards an audience that is largely comprised of impressionable young teenagers Just a reminder YOU DON T FUCKING OWE ANYONE NOT EVEN A SIGNIFICANT OTHER SEX YOU DON T HAVE TO GIVE ANYONE ANYTHING I m incredibly disappointed that this kind of manipulative language is present in this novel especially regarding sex Like with kissing the thought of sex had never really interested her much It was something some people did and others didn t If sex didn t interest Jenny that much why is she being written to have sex with Drake Especially when Drake was being manipulative and suggesting that she owed him sex There s another part in the novel where Jenny mentions how sex wasn t really in her radar which again stood out to me very much I feel like there s a possibility that Jenny is asexual or demisexual especially with these proclamations but nfortunately this was not explored within the context in this novel If He Was Ready Then So was ready then so she UMMMMMM NO THIS IS NOT HOW SEX WORKS Your partner being ready for and wanting sex does not automatically mean that you have to be ready for them This kind of depiction of sex is so so harmful and wrong The only positive I see from this encounter was the explicit consent However I feel like in this context it would have been much meaningful if it wasn t written in such a manipulative way You can read why I think consent is important within YA novels hereI thought this book had so much potential to be fun but it falls into some several clich traps which can be enjoyable if done well that didn t wrap p as nicely as I would have liked What s going on with Chase s family Will his family ever be reconciled How are Jenny s mom and her new boyfriend s relationship Do we get some closure for other characters arcs or is this novel solely focused The Panther's Feast upon Jenny and Chase If it s the latter what s the point in bringingp these familial issues without resolving themI am incredibly wary to be recommending this book to young teens and readers in general due to the problematic behavior and the pushing of a character to have sex when I think it was wholly nnecessary I find that JUST FRIENDS sends some potentially harmful messages regarding personal boundaries and sex Overall I found this contemporary romance to be nothing of the sweet romantic Wattpad esue story I was expecting but a book of which to be potentially waryThank you to Macmillan Swoon Reads for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Teen experiences that TV shows and movies have always promised Through it all they hold on to the fact that they are “just friends” But that might be the biggest lie of allDebut author Tiffany Pitcock delivers a spot on depiction of first love and the high school rumor mill in Just Friends chosen by readers like you for Macmillan's young adult imprint Swoon Reads. Acing and countless clich s weren t for me I loved the synopsis of this one and was ite eager to get to it I loved Jenny and Chance They re so opposite that it works Their banter and made Ghetto Shanghai up stories were perfect Jenny s friend Kelsea was also fun She was sarcastic and added a bit of levity Plot wise it was perfectly high school drama and parties and hot boy singers and breakps and rumors and one amazing bake sale and dictionary fight There was a bit of push and pull but it worked My only complaint is I would have liked a bit from the My only complaint is I would have liked a bit from the It seemed like all of the build p came to a grinding halt Overall it was a cute and fun read with characters I could really root for Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge like 35 My ThoughtsI hate to say that I m not going to have much to say about this bookThis story is about two completely opposite people Jenny the stay at home book nerd who has built her reputation on getting A s and can twon t settle for anything less Jenny doesn t live she goes through the emotions but never had any desire to do anything or try anything such as kiss a boy or date oneThen there is Chance who thrives on his reputation as a playboy who doesn t DO relationships or anything serious He s always about sing his charm to get his way and just slide his way through school not at all serious about itHowever when Jenny and Chance are forced to work on a school assignment the created a situation like none I ve ever read the created a situation like none I ve ever read The assignment was to get to know the other person and what they had done over the summer but since Jenny was boring and Chance was not school appropriate so they decide to completely make The book you wish your parents had read (and your children will be glad that you did): THE up a false story about their lives together on the spot and it worksAfterward they decide to just keepp the charade that they ve known each other most of their lives and have been best friends Well things progress so where they have a difficult time remaining just friendsAlthough the story is Escarlatina, a cociñeira defunta (INFANTIL E XUVENIL - MERLÍN - De 11 anos en diante) (Galician Edition) uite cute and fun I had some issues Everything came on too fast it wasnbelievable They ve been aware of each other for years but just over ONE silly assignment they decide to be best friends and literally hang out all the time and share very personal information and all that Yeah I don t think so Feeling and emotions call so easily and so fast for them Here we have two VERY different people who had NOTHING to do with each other and somehow super Advent uickly were able to trust and come together nah it didn t work for meOverall it was a fun cute story something that would be cute if it were turned into a movieSexual Content moderateLanguage moderateheavyDrugsAlcohol moderateViolence moderateThank you to swoonreads for this ARC in exchange for an honest review You can read this review and others on my blog arctic booksJUST FRIENDS had been on my radar for a while and I thought I was going into a fluffy fun and cute contemporary While there were some aspects of my expectations present within the novel I found that many details in this book made me very waryThe plot revolves around Jenny who on the first day of school suddenly becomes project partners with Chase who suggests that they makep a story to tell the class They are so in sync that everyone believes that they have best friends forever This lie as suggested by the taglin. Le school is suddenly convinced that Little Miss Really Likes Having A’s and the most scandalous heartbreaker in school have been best friends forever It’s amazing how ickly a lie can grow―especially when you really really want it to be the truthWith Jenny Chance can live the normal life he’s always kind of wanted And with Chance Jenny can have the exciting. Okay I m such a sucker for straightforward romances and since there s a couple kissing on the cover I was hooked even before I opened the cover and found chapter one But then look again at the title it turns our they Really Are Going To Be Just Friends are going to be Just Friends right And oh my goodness the agony of Jenny and Chance trying to be Just Friends is so tantalizingly painful I barely breathed the agony of Jenny and Chance trying to be Just Friends is so tantalizingly painful I barely breathed most of the this book With such clever plotting and her ability to give our hearts all the Push And Pull She Can and pull she can Pitcock certainly makes s sweat for the longest while But it s so delicious Not out Tips of Property until August 2017 so I m thrilled to Full Review on The Candid Cover35 StarsJust Friends is a cute andick read about two teens who fake being friends since childhood after they are brought together because of a school assignment The opposite personalities of the two main characters are interesting to read about and both Jenny and Chance visibly transform as the story progresses I still enjoyed this book but I found it to be a bit too clich d for my tasteThis book is so adorable It tells the story of Jenny and Chance two teens who meet in an Oral Communications class On a whim they successfully convince their class and the entire school that they have been best friends for years However as the two become closer and actually get to know each other they slowly become than friends I loved how Jenny and Chance make The Sign up cute stories about their childhood together and how they are able to create such an intricate backstory even though they just met The way that all this happens so spontaneously is also enjoyable and makes their interactions so believable This book may seem like pure fluff but it actually gets pretty deep so this is a good one for those looking for a mix of cuteness and seriousnessOne of the aspects that I especially enjoyed about this novel is the fact that Jenny and Chance are complete opposites Jenny is the good girl who does well in school and Chance is the bad boy with a bad reputation when it comes to relationships The book is split into dual POVs which I really enjoyed Reading about the two characters pine for each other and getting both sides of a misunderstanding is so entertaining for the reader Jenny and Chance also really change each other throughout the book and it is so interesting to see how much they both transform from the beginningWhile I enjoyed the book I still had one main issue with it that lowered my rating The story is sonrealistic and hard to believe that it becomes a bit frustrating For example no one not even Jenny s best friend thinks to Los toros uestion this friendship that has supposedly been going on for years I just found it a bit strange how Jenny s friend doesn t seem too hurt by this new best friend that Jenny never told her about There are also some aspects later on in the story concerning Chance that I can t really describe because of spoilers but his whole family situation seemed a bit far fetched to me There are also so many clich s which I kind of expected but it becomes a bit cringey after so longJust Friends is a cute read about two strangers who fake years of friendship after a school assignment bring them together I enjoyed the main characters differences and these of multiple perspectives This book is still enjoyable but the A new spin on the classic smart girl and bad boy setup this witty contemporary romance shows how easily a friendship – even one built on an elaborate lie – can become so much Jenny meets Chance for the very first time when she is assigned as his partner in their Junior Oral Communications class But after they rescue a doomed assignment with one clever lie the who.


Just Friends