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Victoria – She picked the town of Salina "and bag victoria isn’t toting books "in her bag Victoria toting books school supplies There is a score to in Salina Kansas and nothing or nobody is going to eter her from putting things rig.

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Justice Comes to SalinaBlack smoke billows and a "blares as the steam engine pulls into Salina Kansas elivering the school teacher Victoria "as the engine pulls into Salina Kansas elivering the town’s new school teacher Victoria The people of Salina are caring and o all they can to make Victoria feel we. ,

Lcome and her students are #FINDING THEIR WAY INTO HER HEART #their way into her heart there’s The Town’s Sheriff Jim town’s sheriff Jim who is getting under her skin and "Turning Every Emotion She "every emotion she inside out But the truth is Salina idn’t pick.