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And a whirlwind romance begins What I thought I will acknowledge my fellow reviewers and concede that there is definitely than a glimmer of similarity between Kilgannon and Outlander However I loved the banter between Alex and Mary and couldn t tear myself away from their ourney Personally I have never been able to resist a tale set in Scotland and having read Givens On a Highland Shore series I had no doubt that she could transport me to early 18th century Scotland Hopefully it won t be too long before I find book 2 Goodreads review 240819 I probably would have given this 4 stars but the characters seemed very similar to the characters in Outlander and this book was published 8 years after Outlander Not only the main characters but some periphery characters as well The writing did not seem to draw me in nearly as much as DG s writing and truthfully I The Calculus Story: A Mathematical Adventure just pretended the main characters WERE Jamie and Claire I think that helped take the book to a solid 3 stars I will read the second book though Just started this last night I am in my need a brogue mood It s done in first person which always throws me not the format of choice for me but I found I was at page 68 in a blink of an eye So far I like the style of writing it s engaging and well thought out and definitely has my interest Let you know in a couple daysI am torn The book is very verra good The writing style is different in a good way in that it is a sort of recollection of narrator s life centered around the love of her life It starts off strong plateaus and then dips and rises and all the while you know something is coming And this is where I am torn While it hints throughout the story of the upcoming and inevitable final clash of the English and Scottish in the late 1700 s I read with the hopes that this would either end before the war or by some miracle the clan would escape to the Americas I have read enough and know my history enough to not want to revisit the tragic slaughter and annihilation of the Highlander s of Scotland again So guess where the ending of this book leads It s not actually saidust ends very emotionally leaving you hanging and teases with an into the second of the seriesMary and Alex have classic romance from the start don t look for any amount of steam This book is very tame and softly written Character development is very strong and deliberate and you see everyone in the story through the narrator s Mary s eyes But the author makes sure you see only her view point and cleverly leaves some doubt in much of what Mary cannot see You feel her inner struggles passions insecurities and opinion from start to finish I greatly enjoyed the fact that while things were not endless tragic they were not perfect either leaving it on the realistic realm of fiction The first half of the book I could not pu I ust loved this story Yes it is lighter than Gabaldon s Outlander but it is a sweet romantic adventure nonetheless and deserves to be recognized for what it is If you compare everything to Outlander you are bound to be disappointed with anything else you read I loved the lead and with anything else you read I loved the lead and characters The Earl of Kilgannon is no Jamie Fraser but he has his own uniue ualities and is very worthy to be considered one of my favorite most romantic heroes He was very sweet and sexy. Et sail on the high seas But Alex returned to claim Mary Lowell as his own to carry her off to Scotland to his magnificent ancestral castle Kilgannon And as the Highlands are torn by rebellion Mary will find passion and danger in the rugged land she would now call homeWatch for the next book in the magnificent Kilgannon saga The Wild Rose of Kilgannon coming in November 1999 from De. ,

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Not as exciting as Outlander but a good read none the less "This Book Is Written "book is written first person which is not usually something I like I actually enjoyed the use of first person in this book because I I like I actually enjoyed the use of first person in this book because I like I was immersed in the time period It was almost like going along with the heroine on her adventures or reading her diary The hero is really great he was a strong sexy Highlander The historical detail is amazing I enjoyed learning about this time period I think it was set in the mid 1700 s The setting changed between England and Scotland This was the story of how Mary and Alex met and fell in love then the beginning of their life back at Alex s home in Scotland The story continues in Wild Rose of Kilgannon This is for both Kilgannon and Wild Rose of Kilgannon Even though these are two novels it is pretty much one continuous book which was split up by the publishers due to size so it counts as one The books follow Mary Lovell and Alex MacGannon who fall in love and marry shortly before the Rebellion of 1715 Like a lot of books on this list these follow an established relationship facing the world the Rebellion fails uickly and ignominiously and even though Alex was reluctant to oin he is one of the most high born leaders and thus "the Crown plans to make an example of his trial for treason So very English and eually high born " Crown plans to make an example of his trial for treason So very English and eually high born throws everything she has into an attempt to save him If I had to pick my favorite romance novel of all time the book that is KilgannonWRoK would be it In some ways it is a period novel with a strong romantic storyline than a proper romance there are complicated plots and a strong sense of the period I have rarely loved protagonists the way I do Mary and Alex they are both supremely mature and functional and good and smart and gorgeous Mary is my ultimate girlcrush and I believe that they are each other s whole world but they force themselves to carry on no matter the loss for the sake of others Also like a lot of books on this list it has an us against the world theme which I adore And it manages to be rather understated while conveying all the emotion or all the horrible things that happen unlike some other authors Givens does not go into detail of eg Alex s torture for information or even the lovemaking scenes but oddly it s potent for being alluded to than seen The Kindle edition is FULL of errors and mistakes made it really tough to read the book I put in a complaint to com someone needs to fix thisOverall I got really tired of Mary s attitudes towards Alex She doesn t ever exhibit TRUST in him and he never gives her cause to not trust him She s constantly worrying and complaining about him and their relationship before they re married and then afterwards she can t accept him for who he is When war comes she throws a temper tantrum rather than support him I found her very childish in many waysAlex though needed to learn to communicate and freely which he seemed to learn by the end of the book He is fiercely loyal to his family even though his brother Malcolm is a back stabbing disloyal do anything to get ahead kind of guy Only in exposing Malcolm did Mary show any real insightIt was an interesting book but not interesting enough for me to rush into book 2 I went through a Scottish period and loved them allFrom Publishers Weekl. A place where love and war collide and she would be possessed by the Scottish chieftain they called barbarianEnter a world of breathtaking romance and rugged adventure Enter the world of Kilgannon an unforgettable story of love and treachery in a great Scottish clan Kathleen Givens's magnificent novel sweeps from ueen Anne's London to the Highland wilderness and into the hearts of YGivens s debut romanceAset in England and Scotland in the early 1700s when tensions ran high during ueen Anne s reignAsubtly "weaves a tale of personal and historical conflict Mary Lowell a sheltered young Englishwoman is " a tale of personal and historical conflict Mary Lowell a sheltered young Englishwoman is by her strong feelings when she meets barbaric Scottish chieftain Alex MacGannon Earl of Kilgannon at a ball in London After a rocky courtship MacGannon whisks Mary back to his clan in the Scottish Highlands where they face danger amid tumultuous rebellion Alex displays both a sense of humor and unshakable integrity and Mary s uiet strength is revealed through her first person narration The only serious flaw in this well researched historical is that in her effort to set up a seuel Givens fails to resolve major conflicts a tactic that may leave readers dissatisfied After reading ON A HIGHLAND SHORE and its seuel RIVALS FOR THE CROWN I became a devoted fan of Givens and her amazing talent for weaving a story from history that sweeps you awayKILGANNON is a story of the same Highlander family in ON A HIGHLAND SHORE but ten generations later in 1712 Set in Scotland and England it tells the story of Mary Lowell a pampered debutante swept up in London s society of parties and entertainment Mary saw no suitors that appealed to her but then it was expected she d marry the Campbell Then Alex MacGannon the Earl of Kilgannon shows up at a soiree in London one evening wearing a kilt and Mary is intrigued captivated They called Lord Kilgannon a barbarian a Scottish chief of clan MacGannon who sailed the seas in his ships But Mary finds the Scottish lord polished and with a wonderful sense of humor Alex knows what he wants and he wants Mary Lowell for his wife to live with him and his two young sons in castle Kilgannon The Highlands are torn
By Rebellion And Mary 
rebellion and Mary drawn into the conflict as another man competes for her love Alex is every bit the man his ancestor Gannon was and I could not help falling in love with him as he pursued the English heroine a strong woman of character who would leave her own land for his Givens writing is wonderfully descriptive and the feelings between the two characters develop subtly and believably You are drawn into their world without realizing itThe seuel THE WILD ROSE OF KILGANNON continues story of Alex and Mary as they face England s wrath together When you can t stop reading you know you ve found a keeper The two books comprise a rich tale "of the 18th century you will want to re read Givens is a superb storyteller Setting EnglandScotland 1713 1715When I "the 18th century you will want to re read Givens is a superb storyteller Setting EnglandScotland 1713 1715When I Goodreads in 2013 this was one of the first recommendations I received from the site because I had enjoyed the Outlander series It s not the easiest book to find and after a while I gave up any hope of finding Kilgannon and removed it from my shelf Lo and behold I go home and what do I find at my second hand bookstore The 1999 debut novel of Kathleen Givens Mary Lowell a young Englishwoman goes from party to party but dreams of something When a handsome blond haired Highlander captures her eye Mary s very world is about to be turned upside down Alex MacGannon is a widowed father of two sons and the clan chieftain he worries that this dark haired English beauty might have trouble adjusting to life in the Highlands Yet neither can deny the sparks between them. Ne proud passionate family the MacGannons of KilgannonMary Lowell wasn't interested in marriage despite her aunt's determination to find her a husband by the end of the London Season Then Alex MacGannon Earl of Kilgannon strode into the ballroom and commanded her heart They called him a barbarian a rough hewn Scot chieftain of clan MacGannon They said no woman could hold him as he Kilgannon