[Ebook Libérer] (La Fille Maudite du Capitaine Pirate #1) Auteur Jeremy A. Bastian

Ky all ages story with so much happening it s exciting to investigate and be pulled into the fun You won t want the story to end and I definitely am excited for the next volume whenever it s coming 4 overall 25 starsThis art is so beautiful besides the dialogue bubbles which are almost impossible to "read at times but this story just never had any sense or structure I was confused on the ast "at times but this story just never had any sense or structure I was confused on the Ces mes qui guident nos pas last than the first Very disappointed 35 Stars This was pretty cool I think the artwork is really what stands out because it manages to be beautiful detailed and grotesue all at the same time The story is a bit off the wall and pretth whimsical but I actually reallyiked that I do really wish that the artwork had a bit contrast Everything was so detailed that it was sometimes difficult to figure out what your eyes were supposed to rest on All that said and done I do think this could have used just a River of Joy Serenade Supersaga No 4 little of something you know May be depth to the characters and story Regardless Il be interested to see how this story plays out Jeremy Bastian may not be a name you are familiar with in terms of comic Mortelle Adle T.9 La rentre des claques lore but mark my words he soon will be The Hieronymous Boschike ink work alone in this seuential masterpiece makes this artist green with envy nevermind the Alice in Wonderland meets Treasure Island story Curse you Jeremy Bastian I got the first volume of Cursed Pirate Girl as a Christmas gift and I finally took the time to read itI snuggled up on the couch ready to dive into this adventure story about a pirate girl and before I knew it I had finished the bookIt was a great read that grabbed hold of me and didn t et bookIt was a great read that grabbed hold of me and didn t et even after I had finished I want to know I want to read Unfortunately under our current circumstances with comic bookstores and Etat de siège libraries temporarily shut down I have to ignore that itch in my fingers to get them on a copy of the second volume for the time beingOne of the promotional review snippets that was included on the back cover of the volume mentioned that this story feltike something from the 1890 s and I have to agree wholeheartedlyIt has a flavour of Treasure Island of the good old fashioned adventure stories with a dash of the bizarre storytelling of Alice in Wonderlandwith piratesIt worked wonderfully It was able to transport me into an exciting world of fantasy that breaks down the barriers between the human animal and fairy tale worldsI appreciated making the protagonist a feisty pirate girl who is afraid of no one and nothing It gave the classic adventure story a refreshing new perspectiveThe artwork was absolutely stunning I can t remember the ast time I read a graphic novel that included so much detail in each frame A ot of thought effort and ove went into bringing this story A ot of thought effort and La Tnbreuse Escorte (Bien Belle Compagnie t. 3) love went into bringing this storyifeThe only comment I need to make is that because of the many details included in each frame and because the entire story was only drawn in black it got a bit busy at timesI had difficulty distinguishing all the important details that were so carefully drawn because there wasn t much contrast between the black and white sectionsA « Si je reviens un jour » - Les Lettres retrouvées de Louise Pikovsky (RDL.BD) (French Edition) little colour to help with the contrast would have made reading it a bit easier on the eyes because I was curious about all thoseittle gems that were included in each frame and I wanted to give the artist the attention he deserved for all the work he put into this great storyOverall I still Mindplayers loved it and hopefully I can find a copy of the second volume in the near future because I m very curious how this story ends I would recommend it to anyone whooves adventurepirate stories fantasy and graphic novelsElliotScribble. Ort Elisabeth Jamaïue 172. .
The art in this book is stunning and I ove the Pirate Girl s fearlessness And Swagger I Wanted To swagger I wanted to be drawn into the story but reading it I felt pulled in a few directions The detail and richness of the art can distract from the narrative movement and there s no rhythm of down time and character building It s just event after event after event without pacing no building of momentum in a kind of wave ike tidal motionThis book is in some ways Los Animales Puros light and funny with physical comedy and great characters and it also has its depths a great belligerent but thoughtful pirate girlooking for her father She comes across creatures who she treats with a kind of kindness it seems they aren t used to But with a structure both feathery and unsurprising a story whose velocity doesn t really change at all I am not so drawn to turn the pages and I could see them just as easily being a series of related images on a gallery wall Gorgeous intriguing captivating for their artistry and individual narrative weight than for their seuential narrative direction Goodreads reviewers have compared the story and the art to a The Gutter Prayer lot of great previous works and artists including Lewis Carroll AIW and Hieronymus Bosch I can see this artist doing wonderful illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and other trippy and piratey novels But there is a difference between illustrating a prose book and creating a seuential art novel This often feltike illustrations That said the art is wonderful and the book itself as an artifact is really well put together and fun Not sure if I will read the rest of the series but I m glad I got this one out of the Histoire de la fatigue - Du Moyen Âge à nos jours library Beautiful beautiful book Bastian s artwork is sumptuous reminding me at times of John R Neill Windsor McCay Tony Millionaire Dame D arcy Bob Burden S Clay Wilson and Eric Shanower There are incredible amounts of detail on every page The story isike a child s fantasy of pirates It almost reminds me of the One Piece manga in some respects This is impressive stuff and I ea Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIt s rare to find a book that feels darkly grown up and enchantingly child Durgapur Chronicles like at the same time CURSED PIRATE GIRL is spooky touching and intricateuring you into a topsy turvy world with detailed images that pull you inThe art ranges from the charming to

The Disgusting With A 
disgusting with a Alice in Wonderland sense of the grotesue especially in "The Humanoid Characters They "humanoid characters They Cocorico je sais lire ! avec les P'tites poules - Mthode de lecture syllabique et progressive ds 5 ans large heads and out of proportion features muchike the humanoids in Sir John Tenniel s original illustrationsAs the Cursed Pirate Girl dives deeper into the magical seas she meets duelling knights in swordfish armour giant sea puppies and all manner of pirates She خاطرات نخستین سپهبد ایران loses an eye gains a talking parrot and searches for the one thing she really wants her fatherThe story can be ridiculous but remembers to veer back to the serious a few times including one time Cursed Pirate Girl is stunning There is no artist today in comic books who can drawike Jeremy Bastian When the first issue of this collection came out years ago it immediately caught my eye The detailed black white Les mystres de Druon de Brvaux (Tome 4) - In anima vili line drawings are irresistible The main character and the storyine are at once uniue and familiar Cursed Pirate Girl has an aura about it that of always having been trapped inside our heads and Bastian has managed to conjure it Ghost Road Blues like Michelangelo freed his sculptures from marble I would roughly describe it as a elaborate weirder Alice in Wonderland on the high seasThe plot Cursed Pirate Girl is stranded on an island after having been abandoned by her father but she does not remember. La Fille Maudite du Capita. Him or know why heeft her there "she befriends the daughter of the pompous aristocratic "befriends the daughter of the pompous aristocratic the island and institutes a rebellious streak in the daughter that results in a humiliating interaction for the governor with a visiting dignitary The governor sends an old pirate to kill the Cursed Pirate Girl BUT INSTEAD SHE ESCAPES WITH HER FAITHFUL PARROT SIDEKICK instead she escapes with her faithful parrot sidekick heads off in search of her father whom she asserts is one of the greatest pirate captains sailing the Omerta Seas mystical oceans teeming with bizarre creatures Apparently she has some mystical powers herself thanks to being the daughter of a true pirate captain including the ability to breathe underwater and fearlessness Adventure ensuesThematically the story is straightforward There is a sense of Robin Hood A sense of the underdog as the hero the rich and powerful as the victimizers Pirates aren t necessarily good but they are the counterbalance to the arrogance of the merchants and aristocrats Pirates are not strictly idealized although the heroine certainly is Cursed Pirate Girl encounters sleazy ugly vicious pirates and noble ones as well I also note a comfort with the strange Strangeness as normal Cursed Pirate Girl is just so damn fun so damn creative and so damn beautiful that I urge you to pick it up The hardback collected edition is wonderful to hold The uality of the paper is impeccable with tactile deckled edges There s even a few extra snippets of story and a four page fold out Wanted Poster of the Cursed Pirate Girl When I met Jeremy at two different comic book conventions I snapped up some Il cavaliere e la morte. Sotie limited edition prints he was offering He s aaid back and very pleasant person I suspect he s going to be a sought after fine artist for the rest of his Atlas des guerres et des conflits. Un tour du monde gopolitique life but I hope hel have time to continue this comicIf you have any interest in graphic storytelling if you have any interest in illustrative art if you have any interest in black white ink drawings if you have any interest in adventure stories if you have any interest in young female protagonists of heroic stature if you have any interest in oddity and the surreal if you Les Petites Filles de Courbelles like Alice in Wonderland if you have any interest in any of these then I urge you to get this book You will not be disappointed A pirate themed Alice in Wonderland Cursed Pirate Girl is full of dark whimsy and fanatically detailed art The ink artooks Soldat Peaceful like drawings from a newspaper form the 1800 s It s incredible detailed sometimes too detailed There are som So I just read this in one sitting and I came away with a feelings about Pirates Victorians Alice in Wonderland Underwater Adventures Beautiful Art essentially this book has aot going onI picked this up after reading the Mouse Guard where Jeremy Bastian did some guest artist work becuase I immediately Kandahar, oder Hölle genannt loved his style of drawing andine work and it reminded me a Le Diable dans la peau (Sueurs froides) (French Edition) lot of the style Iove to draw in Therefore I could really appreciate the LEVEL of detail within this story This book every page of this book is meticulously detailed to the extreme it s all in to the extreme It s all in and white and the style is both mystical and never ending constantly drawing you deeper into the madness and fun that is the Cursed Pirate Girl s story I found myself pouring over pages for minutes at a time and still definitely not spotting every J'ai pous un communiste little thing This will 100% be a book that deserves multiple re reads just to spot everything that s packed inside I would definitely recommend this if youike old over exaggerated comic strips Pirates or Alice in Wonderland becuase I do think that there s clearly inspiration pulled from that This is a wac. Ine Pirate Jeremy BastianP.

summary La Fille Maudite du Capitaine Pirate #1

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La Fille Maudite du Capitaine Pirate #1