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Ideas about the novel when I first read it I should mention that I and our class actually read this novel in its translated form and not in the original French it was written in Yes my ancestors are beating me #Over The Head As We Speak Or # the head as we speak or as I write I don t unlike how I felt after reading The Three Musketeers feel guilty in a weird sense because of how well the translation sticks to the original work and includes some colorfully swearing and in a way compliments the narrative and the thematic importance the Anglo Franco conflict has In terms of Carrier s humor La Guerre Yes Sir reminded me a les plus belles filles lisent du Asimov lot of my own French family reunions mostly because of the topics and jokes made throughout the novel in relation to the body and very often sex I guess that it goes without saying that most families act similarly French or not but it reminded me of my own heritage mostikely because with the added swear words Le Secret du ballon jaune like tabarnaue etcThe characters as well as the situations are eually as hilarious as the writing is though they remain serious and well developed I never feltike Carrier was making them ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous and I La Cilicie au carrefour des empires Collection d'etudes anciennes loved the balance between the moments of utter madness and hilarity and moments of sadness especially with Corriveau s parents that Carrier plays with I guess what I m trying to say is that while this novel was one of the funniest novels I ve read it also knew how to bring in elements of sadness and realism without overwhelming the piece The plot is simple yet in the context of what Carrier is saying thematically is of great importance I don tike to spoil things but it s important to note the Anglo Franco conflict the corruption of the Catholic Church and the effects of war that are intermingled within the various and sometimes hilarious on goings of the community All in all La Guerre Yes Sir walks the ine between a serious and a hilarious piece and in many ways is a book about two people as it is about two genres The English and the French For Canadians I think it is something that addresses both our heritage as a nation and our current situation in dealing with the after affects of uebec s Revolution and our move as a country towards promoting bilingualism and biculturalism as the identity Canadians should achieve for Its commentary is "NOT ONE OF CRITIUE BUT OF "one of critiue but of and in the end Carrier pushes for a reconciliation instead of continued conflict that only breeds as shown in the novel conflict 4 455 Looks ike a bit of a marmite book this judging from the other reviews ratings I thought it was a good unsentimental portrait of a community of maudlin sentimentalists The writing style is excellent too BUT there s virtually no story a page turner it ain t and I expect that s why some people hated E significance power and artistry of Faulkner at his best He might well be able to do for French Canada what Faulkner did for the American South. .
Ish 1972 The most I can say about this book is that it feels inspired and I m sure it resonates with French Canadiens of a certain agebut I couldn t relate to it at all Many reviews here mention its humorI hardly saw a shred of humor in it The Second World War comes down to a village in rural uebec when the village s first casualty is repatriated accompanied by an Anglo honour guard Here follows the obligatory wake a comic romp through sex death and anguage politics all in the overbearing presence of the Catholic church The weight of history the rural setting and all that snow it s the stereotypical stuff of Canlit but La Guerre Yes Sir is short and riotously funnyBoth swearing and prayers which in a sense amount to the same thing here are RMS Olympic left untranslated the mangled prayers of the villagers are unfortunately an untranslateable joke The villagers don t get a free ride here in favour of mocking the maudits Anglais Carrier mocks the ignorance and religiosity of rural uebec circa 1944 much savagely than he attacks the Anglos In keeping with the attitudes of its day the novel has no sympathy for the rural the hick or the traditional In this sense it recalls Joyce in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man both the mangled prayers and a clock ticking always never over a sinner allude to Joyce Theanguage however is straightforward and this book is an easy readHighly recommendedReview applies to the English translation La Guerre Yes Sir was easily one of my favorite books so far this year as well as probably my favorite book that I read for my seminar class I described it after finishing it the first time as a French family reunion and I think that comparison still holds If nothing else La Guerre Yes Sir is one of the funniest novels I ve ever read as well as utterly thought provoking It s something that I think both French and English Canadians can relate to and perhaps has a special place in the heart of those of us who straddle both sides of the inguistic divide In terms of its plot La Guerre Yes Sir concerns the effects the arrival of Corriveau a dead soldier who s body is being returned to his parents guarded by a group of English soldiers upon a small utterly French uebec community War the fear of desertion the Catholic Church and Anglo Franco conflict dominates the piece as Carrier "plays with all of these elements in a comedic yet still serious way It s hard "with all of these elements in a comedic yet still serious way It s hard write a review on this novel most especially because A we read discussed and analyzed this piece to death during our class and B I actually did a seminar on La Guerre Yes Sir and therefore know so much stuff about it it s eaking out of me in buckets I m going to try and put that stuff aside mostly because it would make this review way too ong and focus on my initial. An fiction Canadian Literature greeted its first appearance in these terms It is the French Canadian writer Roch Carrier who comes closest to th.

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Yesterday I was talking to someone who ives in Ontario but travels all across rural Canada for work and I mentioned that someone from uebec recently said "to me Albertans sure do RoumanieAu carrefour des empires like Alberta aot And the Ontarian replied That Some translated "me Albertans sure do Kaleb, Saison II (Kaleb, like Alberta aot And the Ontarian replied That Some translated just don t uite make the Bouge ton pied ue je voie la mer leap to a newanguage this one hits new heights while clearing the gap La Guerre Yes Sir by Roch Carrier is about French Canada and how the people iving there feel about World War II I read this for history class to earn about the differences Canada and French Canada It deals with the complex issue of dual nationality as well as the prejudices within Canada This book is a bit cruel and inappropriate at times but it really shows the issues that were happening in French Canada during World War II I would only recommend reading this book to understand the issues in Canada at the time otherwise it is not a very enjoyable read Hilarious Roch Carrier s La Guerre Yes Sir is an absolute riot If you want a uick augh which delves into the hearts and minds of the french Canadians during WWII then this book is A Solid Bet Carrier solid bet Carrier depictions of the french through the english eyes and the english through the french are really humourous Carrier a federalist wanted to paint a picture of uebec Society trying to show the people of uebec how ridiculous they were They needed to evolve not ive as french pigs as the did All in all excellent Palomino littleaugh even though it may be difficult to read for some If you perchance this at a ibrary swipe your card and enjoy This was written in 1970 I thought this was funny and horrible and true all at once I never thought of the hockey sweater as a kids tale This has that same brutal honesty and whimsy as that There is the freshness of sex bodies and joie de vivre of the French Canadians versus the orderly discorporeal and disgust of the En Canadian EncyclopediaGuerre Yes Sir La 1968 Roch Carrier s first and best known novel is a surrealist fable set in rural u bec during WWII Carrier uses the conscription crisis to allegorize the tragedy of fear and hatred governing French English relations The novel is dominated by the wake and funeral of the war hero Corriveau Corriveau s friend B rub beats his bride Molly a Newfoundland whore while his officers the English soldiers who delivered the corpse are attacked by the villagers Other vignettes reflect violence iterally and La Plus belle histoire de la philosophie linguistically Joseph chops off his hand in order to avoid conscription while Amie rules over her deserter husband and the draft dodging Arthur ማሕሌት loving both cowards Carrier s nightmare vision portrays the peasant and hisanguage realistically but sympathetically The novel was translated by Sheila Fischman 1970 and adapted for the stage in French 1970 and Engl. Vital funny moving and assured La Guerre Yes Sir is a surrealist fable set in rural uebec during WWI and one of the major achievements in Canadi. La Guerre, yes Sir!