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Pproach the subject in blunt terms At one point he goes on this long rant at least I think he was talking about himself I wasn t paying too much attention by then about how he s going to donate all the proceeds from the book to the Pope so the Pope can use it to safeguard the Earth from this Monster I pretty much gave up reading at that point but since I was close to the nd I figured why not hate read this to the ndIf you re looking for warmed over hippie philosophy with a salty flavor this is for you If NOT AVOID IT LIKE SO MANY avoid it like so many for a deep keeled boatIf you liked this make sure to follow me on Goodreads for reviews I came to this book after reading A Voyage for Madmen I was just fascinated to learn about someone who sails alone around the world without touching land and when almost home decides Nah Let s just keep sailingThe book doesn t disappoint but here is a man so obsessed he must have been impossible to live with I have seen film of an interview with his wife and she says I m paraphrasing here That s Bernard It s just the way he is and you have to accept that Strikes me that she is just as remarkable a woman as he is a man Funny that I had not read this book previously My brother asked me to read something at his wedding that was nautical and talked about life this was his first thought for inspirationMoitessier conveys his love for the sea and sailing Central to the book is what it means to be a creature living on this planet This is the story of a solitary voyage racing around the planet in a small boat The other competitors are nearly absent What is present is the sea the boat Moitessier and his thoughts and memoriesThe author talks to us about the xperience of being alone out on the water and how it causes him to reflect on his relationships with other people and with society He claims space for the vagabond who lives outside of the monster that society has becomePerfect book for me I m shopping for boats If you haven t yet read the book A Voyage For Madmen about the Sunday Time Golden Globe circumnavigational race you should read that first and then read this an account by one of the participants Bernard Moitessier was not just a participant in this incredible vent he was the lone participant who once he completed one single handed loop around the three capes decided to give Western Civilization the finger and keep on sailing giving up all prizes and monies associated with officially winning the race but securing a book deal of course There are of course numerous technical passages about sailing which are a bit overwhelming for the non sailor There which are a bit overwhelming for the non sailor There also sometimes a little thought in the back of my mind that with this trip he ssentially leaves his wife and kids for good But all the world s children have become my children it is so wonderful that I would like them to feel it the way I do And who knows maybe someday they Hunger Games. La ballade du serpent et de l& eventually came to terms with it but I can t imagine his wife used that rationale whenxplaining to the kids why their dad wasn t coming back Oh and the descriptions of jettisoning unnecessary goods to lighten the weight of the boat was sometimes a little weird to read jerrycans of chemicals Exposing Alix etcIn general though it was a moving narration of a man sxtended trip through a natural Burning uestions A Novel environment Injoyed all the interactions with animals and of course the seaWith a clumsy and premature gesture I risked breaking something very fragile Wait a while longer don t rush things don t force things Wait until the waves of friendship made of invisible vibrations reach their full maturity You can spoil Code Rousseau moto 2020 everything trying to go faster than natur. Then nearing the finish Moitessier pulled out of the race and sailed on for another three months beforending his 37455 mile journey in Tahiti Not once had he touched la. .

This is interesting story though other stories about the Golden Globe Race should be read first Moitessier writes well and with detail When reading I felt that he did not sufficiently Dodge Rose explain his decision to keep going but this is addressed in the last chapters Caught unawares a flying fish shoots straight up in a twenty foot leap into the air A huge barracuda takes off after it and snatches the flying fish at the top of the arc The really amazing thing was seeing the barracuda contorting itsntire body and beating its tail modifying its trajectory to follow the prey which had angled off to the left at the top of its leap I felt sorry for the little one but was so struck by the terrible beauty of a master stroke that I let out a big Aaah T I really Mein Weg: Bilanz eines Grenzgngers enjoyed thearly parts of this book and the appendix which focus on his trip famous trip a time and a half around the world There was a nice balance between the technical aspects of sailing and the psychological adventure of the long voyageHowever he really lost me around the time he made his decision to keep going around Good Hope for a second time He presents his decision as how could I not and I know I have to keep going but without any compelling internal or xternal reason I found myself put off by the profound self absorption with which he assured us and himself that his wife and children would understand that he needed to go to Tahiti instead of home to themThe last part of the narrative was pretty disjointed and trippy talking to birds ceding his royalties to the Pope raging against The Monster The last chapters read much like a hippie his word manifesto than a sailing memoirI read this because I was curious about the man and his voyage after reading A Voyage for Madmen I don t regret the read but in terms of sailing memoirs Josh Sloacum s Sailing Alone around the World is a lot satisfying First published in 1973 if The Long Way is dated it s in a melancholy way The book nds after Moitessier s circumnavigation and with the wise sailor Je rvise avec les P'tites Poules 6-7 Ans - Cahier de vacances encounteringnvironmental destruction on Tahiti He becomes ngaged politicized after months of selfish in a good way voyaging Just him the Joshua his boat the porpoises the sea robins the sky sea sun and moon But the sea robins the sky sea sun and moon But can t help but feel if we could dial the planet back to the state it was in in 1973 we would be a long way towards some kind of co sanity Not perfect but nowhere near the point we are nowSome moments in The Long Way jar painfully Moitessier s departure from his wife and children His avoidance of them throughout his time away Also the amount of stuff he chucks over the side of the boat to save weight He does not have a contemporary sensibility He gleefully smokes his way around the world He is not a saint But he s on a genuine uest for something Hence his famous message to the Sunday Times Dear Robert The Horn was rounded February 5 and today is March 18 I am continuing non stop towards the Pacific Islands because I am happy at sea and perhaps also to save my soul This is a forerunner of Bruce Chatwin s invented telegram to his ditor Have gone to Patagonia The Long Way is one of the great books about the satisfactions of isolated dedication to a task It is full of contradictions Moitessier is both at rest but also involved in a gung ho race against other solo sailors but also against the seasons Moitessier is a yoga performing hippie sympathiser but he s also a very old kind of machoI re read this listening to Dave Crosby s The Lee Shore in a fairly obsessive way If you re a city dweller who wants to run away to sea that combination is the best I can offerAnd if you re. The Long Way is Bernard Moitessier's own incredible story of his participation in the first Golden Globe Race a solo non stop circumnavigation rounding the three great Cap. ,

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Engaged on any long project for xample writing a novel or recovering from an illness Moitessier is a great companion to have in your solitude One thing at a time as in the days when I was building Joshua If I had wanted to build all the boat at once the Trapped with the CEO 17 enormity of the task would have crushed me I had to put all I had into the hull alone without thinking about the rest It would follow with the help of the Gods Sailing non stop around the world I do not think anyone has the means of pulling it off at the start In 1968 the Sunday Times of the UK held the first and only Golden Globe race sailors had to single handedly circumnavigate the globe in a sailboat race with the sailboat staying within certain specifications The race began andnded in Plymouth UK No fancy navigational aids were allowedthere was no GPS then in any case no radio nothing To mark the 50th anniversary of that race another will be held beginning in the summer of 2018 This is an appropriate time to read
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revisit Bernard s book The Long Way describing his own xperience in that RaceMoitessier Was Already An Experienced was already an xperienced and well known in the sailing world and had friends who were also participating in the race Moitessier had a 39 steel ketch Joshua named after Joshua Slocum who was the world s first solo circumnavigator I believe Joshua was 10 years old when Moitessier started from Plymouth on August 22 1968 We are privy to all that goes through the solo sailor s So much than a book about participating in a famous sailing race This is an amazing meditation on how to live in harmony with our beautiful planet written by someone who saw of it than most Don t Warriors Possession expect rip roaringxcitement being so calm means he makes the impossible sound Agatha Christie easy but doxpect to be haunted by his words Haunted in a good way and haunted in a bad way The Horror on the Orient Express environmental message of this book has never been importantDon t worry if you are not a sailor as there is anxcellent glossary of sailing terms at the back of the book In 1968 the London Sunday Times sponsored a circumnavigating the globe single handed sailing race At that time no one had sailed around the world alone without stopping With the media attention there was Orient Express even of the romanticism always intwined in The Sea The race however would come toxpose all the real and terrible tragedy of nature Alone in that Stadt und Vorstadt: Munchner Architekturen, Situationen und Szenen 1895-1935 : der Norden und Nordwesten (Stadt im Bild) (German Edition) empty mystical plain of ungovernable unfathomable wild one man would step off his boat s deck sinking forever into the oblivion Moitessier leading at the timelected to turn his boat around and just keep going Winning was really and truly not the point The second half of the twentieth century had no shortage of false mystics touting philosophies and lifestyles they knew nothing about Moitessier was real and knew what the fuck he was talking about I wanted to like this but ultimately it wasn t for me The first half was a pretty standard sea tale consisting of weather updates sea conditions Colorado Kid etc your basic logntry stuff peppered in over a lot of talk about the freedom of the sea and the sort of vague spirituality that Into the Crossfire Protectors engenders Not bad There were a few choice uotes and moments of rumination But the second half really went off the hippy dippy deepnd There was a lot of talk about the Monster which as best as I can figure is the personification of humanity s avarice There s a fine line between working with technology say Intgrale La Croisade Noire du Jedi Fou / Star Wars / 7-8-9 embracing a boat designed to harness the wind for thexpress purpose of allowing a yachtsman to circumnavigate the globe single handedly and decrying technology s ability to divorce mankind from nature Moitessier chooses instead to Es of Good Hope Leeuwin and the Horn For seven months the veteran seafarer battled storms doldrums gear failures knock downs as well as overwhelming fatigue and loneliness.
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