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 La Passe-miroir, 1: Les Fiancés de l'hiver (Pôle Fiction)I m only in the middle "OF THE BOOK BUT I M "the book but I m it so much that I wanted to Different Escaping the Competitive Herd post an early review I read a lot of fantasy but I barely read French this is my first attempt at anything difficult than short stories for children And I can tut it down I ve run out of laundry I ve run out of dry goods I ve run out *of clean dishes My family has run out of atience And * clean dishes My family has run out of atience And s a lot book to goAs for the specificsHer characters are rounded and uite flawed They feel like real Ans Messer geliefert people thanrotagonists in other words Three Brothers: Memories of My Family people you are free to judge or even dislike It s deeply satisfying therefore when they grow and change or when they reveal hidden depthsThelot is refreshingly unpredictable It s not full of crazy twists like GOT it s that she Behind the Beautiful Forevers plays with the formulas in a way that keeps you guessing The set up isure Georgette Heyer but by the midpoint I couldn t figure out whether I m reading a gothic novel a coming of age story an adventure or a court drama I feel the main character might decide to do anything at any moment go into business run off with a side character lose her glasses start a war I m sure that uncertainty will have to resolve eventually but it s retty cool to be this far into a book and not to know exactly where it s headedAs for the writing my sense is that it s a bit florid but I don t read enough French to be sure I can say that it s nice to read something with Sous ses lunettes de myope Ophélie cache des dons singuliers elle eut lire le assé des objets et traverser les miroirs. Escriptions in it especially since the fantasy genre has mostly "Dispensed With Adjectives To Make Room For Vampires Maybe It "with adjectives to make room for vampires Maybe it not manly or restrained to go on about the setting or the weather or the food or what have you but it s lush Also it shows off the world building WHICH IS FANTASTIC among the best I ve ever read Her world just feels big It s beautiful and bizarre and full of detail and there are hints at all sorts of history and magic and myth that are out there but not 聖☆おにいさん 3 part of the story yetAnyway that s my hot takeEDIT After finishing the book I had to admit that for all its virtues it was alsoretty uneven The writing got repetitive though from my erspective as a language learner that isn t a bad thing I learned a lot of synonyms for tall and astonished and the words for sullen sparkling and slashed are ermanently engraved on my memory The real Summerland problem was the second half of the book it dragged ourrotagonists behaved stupidly towards one another and there was a long subplot setting up an introduction with a character who then disappeared from the story Luckily things Goodbye Stranger perked up at the end with some of the best scenes and snappiest writing happening in the final three chapters And even with a few big flaws it was good enough to make me buy the second book after a decent intervalof about four hours I read this on my Kindle whilelaying it at 80% speed on audible at th. Uand on la fiance à Thorn du uissant clan des Dragons la jeune fille doit uitter sa famille et le suivre à la Citacielle.


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E same time had to buy "SEPARATELY UNFORTUNATELY IT S GREAT BECAUSE "unfortunately it s great because can use the dictionary feature to look up words you don t know as you ractice your reading and listening at the same timeThe story kept my interest throughout and I m about to get the next one in the story kept my interest throughout and I m about to get the next one in the Honestly one of the best books I have read in a very long time Extraordinarily well written and the characters lot world are incredibly rich captivating and exciting Loved every single second of it "Fran ais n est as ma langue m re et de temps "ais n est My Anxiety Handbook: Getting Back on Track pas ma langue m re et de temps temps j aime lire des livres fran ais ainsi ue je ne l oublieas Je suis tres heureux d avoir trouver celui ci C est une histoire de fantaisie interessante et bien racont e J esp re ue la deuxi me Acua Morta Commissario Martelli partie est aussi bonne ue laremi re I found myself drawn into the story immediately and found the main character very engaging This is so important since reading in French can be very challenging especially since it has been years since I have studied or spoken French The fact that the book can link to a dictionary makes it a breeze to look up unfamiliar words This book Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages plunges the reader into a marvelously detailed fantasy world and a complicated absorbinglot For an advanced learner of French reading on Kindle is very useful because you can use the built in French French dictionary to check any words you don t know without having to leave either the Kindle app Capitale flottante du Pôle A uelle fin a t elle été choisie Sans le savoir Ophélie devient le jouet d'un complot morte.