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سيناريو فيلم (إسكندرية... ليه؟) لـ يوسف شاهين gAovernance system and a registered trademark owned by HolacracyOne The word Holacracy is very easy

confuse with holocracy with an which means universal easy to confuse with holocracy with an o which means universal Robertson s aim with system is to harness the tremendous sensing power of the human consciousness available to our organizations p 7 This harnessing is done by a set of core rules p 12 The Holacracy constitution acts as the core rule book for the organization p 21 Robertson hopes that his readers will approach the book not as a set of ideas principles or philosophies but as a Sex Signals: The Biology of Love guide to a new practice pp 13 14Brian Robertson s book is very readable and informative I share Robertson s view on the problems associated with predict and control p 7 and his interest in finding better ways to work together p 12 but I can also see problems with heavily rule based approaches I think there s a fundamental difference between following rules and honoring agreements Rules are externally focused while agreements are internal because they are directly linked to will Agreements not rules are thelue that ties commitment to resultsBrian Robertson focuses on practices in his book while my interest primarily is on principles This doesn t mean that I think practices are unimportant I share however Ralph Waldo Emerson s view that The man who Deerly Delectable grasps principles can successfully select his own methods The man who tries methods ignoring principles is sure to have trouble To paraphrase Emerson the man who focus on rules and processes ignoring principles is sure to have trouble I also think that processes need torow or evolve from their specific context Each situation is uniue in some way small or largeFor Brian Robertson it s very important to prevent others from claiming power over you p 21 This is done by establishing a core authority structure and a system that empowers everyone p 21 The power is in the process which is defined in detail p 21 For me harnessing true self organization and agility throughout an enterprise p 20 is an oxymoron a contradiction in terms Harnessing self organization might actually kill it I suspect people might decide to withdraw their engagement if they realize that they are harnessed for the benefit of the organization onlyBrian Robertson defines a circle not as a A Handful of Dust group of people but as aroup of roles p 48 The basic circle structure consists of nested circles p 47 Robertson calls the hierarchy of nested circles a holarchy p 46 Arthur Koestler defines a holon as a whole that is a part of a larger whole and a Holacracy is a system for structuring a business through peer to peer self organization and distributed control in which we all Heaven Next Stop A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot at War get to be adults togetherokay so 1 Holacracy doesn t stand up under Mar. E prendre des décisions en fonction de la nature de leur travail leurs rôles et non de leur titre leur poste Il en résulte Le management traditionnel Des réunions pénibles déstructurées ou peu structurées Une structure organisationnelle rigide Une conception organisationnelle axée sur le PDG Les managers sont des freins à la prise de dé. Areat example of how self managing organizations can work successfully As a person interested in *PARTICULAR IN PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATIONS OVER THEORETICAL *in practical implementations over theoretical I found the book a reat combination of both Even if Holacracy does not fit your organization I recommend the book to everyone who believe in the idea of self managing organizations I read this book because it was discussed in Reinventing Organizations as a complete system for running things under self organising principles Unlike Reinventing Organizations this book is not intended to be complete system for running things under self organising principles Unlike Reinventing Organizations this book is not intended to be inspirational uide at least I don t think so Instead it is meant to present the management system that is Holocracy walk us through its elements its processes its systems and help us in deciding if we want to adopt it The Asking About Sex and Growing Up: A Question-and-Answer Book for Boys and Girls great advantage of adopting this management system is that it is fully developed tried testing and mature Attempting to redo this from scratch I think would be ludicrous Then again some aspects of the system may not be appealing to someIn essence it is a management system that replaces the traditional tree like hierarchical structure that is so limiting and stifling by a network of roles and circles of connected roles that continuously evolve under the natural forces at play in the organisation Roles have specific authorities and accountabilities and have full control and authority of them Circles also have specific authorities and accountabilities and have connections to the parent or sibling circles through links Everything is stirred through two types of meetings tactical meetings for processes and operations andovernance meetings to discuss evolve and change roles and accountabilities All tensions are processed during meetings and nothing that needs to be dealt with is left out either on purpose or accidentally The system itself regardless of the individuals involved makes sure of thatThe most important strengths of the system are that is it is evolutionary and focused on the organisation and its purpose not on people likes and dislikes egos and insecurities Through this focus every person filling every role is allowed the freedom and creativity to do whatever they can think of to further the organisation s purpose This makes people owners of their accountabilities and the evolutionary nature of the dynamic process allows them to row develop their skills
evolve into different roles to they are either suited or in which they fell useful and fulfilled It does to me seem very appealing as a management system in which people can learn to fully express themselves and mature into autonomous productive creative fulfilled free thinkers no matter what their roles and accountabilities are Holacracy is. AVANT PROPOS DE BERNARD MARIE CHIUET IGI PARTNERS Le modèle Holacracy a bouleversé mon univers David Allen Voici enfin un ouvrage du créateur de Holacracy ui montre le fonctionnement et la mise en oeuvre de ce nouveau système révolutionnaire de management des entreprises Holacracy est un système très structuré offrant aux ens le pouvoir .
La révolution Holacracy

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Xian analysis Power is not actually being distributed when workers are still selling their labor and the value of their efforts is taken as profit by the business owner2 Holacracy is designed for the perfect rational human without personality relationships or ego It is deliberately designed to create a healthy separation between the personalinterpersonal and the
Robertson considers this a DEEPER OF THE PERSONAL BY KEEPING IT ENTIRELY honoring of the personal by keeping it entirely of the workplace I mean sure props for being open and honest about the neoliberal wish to erase the messy realities of human behavior and human needs The *HOLACRACY IS ONLY CONCERNED WITH THE *is only concerned with the between roles It is literally designed to make people into perfect replaceable cogs Under Holacracy how two people might communicate is as unregulated as possible In this way Holcracy allows the organization to functionally optimally however we humans decide to relate to one another personally it keeps human values out of the organizational space italics in the originalYou know what we Pertumbuhan Seni Pertunjukan get when human interaction is unregulated and only the roles in a business matter Weet Fox News and The Chicago PD This is what you Battletech Lethal Heritage get when only results countThe organization is now an entity in its own right and specifically it s a capitalist entity It s not an organization of people Humans are merely another resource to be juiced for capital This isn t anything new but celebrating it like this is extraordinary And Robertson seriously is celebratingWhen the David Allen Company wasoing through this transition to Holacracy many of the people within were struggling with the shift to a impersonal approach They d worked hard for years to build a very close warm intimate culture and you could feel it the minute you walked into their building It seemed like a Pisuhänd great place to work where people trusted each other listened to each other and shared a deep connection In the process of installing Holacracy we were deliberately tearing out that carefully woven fabric of relationships from the way people did their work and many people found the change uite jarring But Holacracy wasn t removing all of their hard won connectedness and trust just moving it into a different space and liberating it from organizational matters p 199Yeah the employees could be as trusting and empathic as they liked as long as it was out of business hours How frustrating that humans are humans 247 In a perfect Neoliberal world we would turn that off while we were at our desks and only switch it back on in time to buy consumeroods and binge watch Netflix to hide our existential sorrow Holacracy offers a plan to minimize the evidence of humanity in the workplace All hail Holacracy. Cision L'holacracy Des réunions clairement ciblées et cohérentes Une structure organisationnelle évolutive Une conception locale et distribuée de l'organisation Une structure claire pour une prise de décision distribuée Je vous recommande vivement cet ouvrage comme bible Holacracy si vous recherchez une nouvelle méthode de travail Tony Hsi. .