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Nine years lurch by as the character slowly tries to unravel the details of the main conflict I actually don t have a problem with this in theory Unfortunately after three uarters of the book and numerous new characters the mystery is no clearer So what does the author do about it He has one of the characters write a 30 page or so letter to the main character telling him what really happened Ta da The mystery is solved The author is such a terrible writer that "He Can T Even "can t even his own mystery He has to use a cheap cop out to *Clear Everything Up I Can *everything up I can respect that Sorry I can t believe so many other people have Boycott the book Really This is a book about books a story about stories It starts and ends in a library of sorts themes and plots are echoed across decades tied together by actors who find their roles changing and by a pen that links two cycles of the story and has its own tale that started before and goes on beyondthe art of reading is slowly dying it s an intimate ritual a book is a mirror That Offers Us Only What offers us only what already carry inside us when we read we do it with all our heart and The fact is that I ll never be able to write a real review for this book Here is why 1 I m not good enough I m not now and I ll never be It doesn t matter how many books you have read or how smart you are you ll never be good enough for that You won t be able to find exact words and it s not ust you Only person who can is the author himself but I think he already said everything he wanted Don t believe me Books are mirrors you only see in them what you already have inside you The moment you stop to think about whether you love someone you ve already stopped loving that person forever A story is a letter that the author writes to himself to tell himself things that he would be unabl There s probably nothing much I learned in the introspective sense but this is a novel like a novel ought to be This is an epic film on paper gloomy and engaging smokey noir with crumbling ruins young love disfigurment lust torturethe stuff of Dumas DuMauier and as of late The Historian I woke up at five am and had to sweet talk myself back to sleep all I wanted to do was read One Friday after work I took sanctuary in The Hotel Biron those little tables in the dark pages flickering with candles and drank a glass of wine in solitude completely enthralled in the world of 1940 s One Julian Carax But when he sets out to find the author's other works he makes a shocking discovery someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book Carax has written In fact Dani. La sombra del viento

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ArcelonaI walked home from the train at night and found myself saying the characters names beneath my umbrella hoping no one would hear me talking to *MYSELF BUT THEY WERE UITE SIMPLY they were uite simply beautiful ignore Julian Carax Daniel Semepere BeatrizTomas Penelope Aldaya and Nuria MonfortIn a movie this would be too many people but for this novel they were perfectly seamed each point of view entralling and taxing than the one beforeMost refreshing clearly the author wasn t poisoned with the desire to simply keep the reader in the dark instead this story with attention was something you could figure out because that s the way life is The mystery itself isn t supposed to shock you intensely into thinking a book is good that s a dirty trick Instead the STORY carried you You cared about the story and it was a tragity and mystery all the same simply because you were invested in these people and what became of them To know them so intimately from childhood to adulthood and old age to know them through various degrees of point of view seperation to hear there is no Penelope and then to know she is a sister a love but to some non existantwell it s gothic literature at it s very bestWith a book like this I am almost ALMOST tempted to give up my most pedantic and pretentious thoughts paralells and character development this story is a story and it s ust that good It is the Phantom of the Opera those dark tunnels and pressure points a lake with candles or drawing good It is the Phantom of the Opera those dark tunnels and pressure points a lake with candles or drawing with no fire in the grate and crazy wives being stored in attics over head This is uite literally a timeless tale and yes reading it will make you smarter interested cultured the back of the book includes a walking tour of Barcelona I missed Barcelona but I am uite determined to go now with my copy of A Shadow of the Wind in hand ust like wanting desperately to visit Eastern Europe after I finished The Historian and see it all but importantly real life simply fades to black as you become completely totally and fantastically helpless and wrapped up in the lives of othersWhile there are fun hybrids Crash Topics in Calamity Physics for one which combine a courses authors uotes and plot lines from a thousand famous novels this book really makes that unnecessary This is a classic without any help no cheat cheats necessary Read it Read it Read itI write on books and other stuff at wwwsnapshotnarrativetumblrcom. El may have the last of Carax's books in existence Soon Daniel's seemingly innocent uest opens a door into one of Barcelona's darkest secrets an epic story of murder madness and doomed love back cover. This is an excellent piece of literature It contains poetic storytelling shocking twists *thoroughly developed characters symbolism humor romance betrayal action sentimentality nostalgia and much much characters symbolism humor romance betrayal action sentimentality nostalgia and much much
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lovers perfect because it revolves around the mysteries of a little known author Julian Carax that the main protagonist Daniel stumbles across in a secret stash of literature called the Cemetery of Forgotten books From there it uickly develops into a fantastic story of good vs evil driven by ealousy and shrouded in the unknownI saw some complaints that this book is slow I can understand that it is not a light book and it is not a uick read But the payoff from getting immersed in the thick narrative is totally worth the extra time in the endLovers of books lovers of historical fiction lovers of mysteries with shocking twists lovers of complex romancerevenge story lines lovers of ultimate good vs evil battles step right in to The Cemetery of Forgotten Books and lose yourself in The Shadow of the Wind I can t believe someone actually published this book Even worse in my opinion is the fact that this book is on the New York Times Bestseller List How is this possible It must only mean that there are a lot of people out there that think very differently from me Don t you be one of them Seriously Don t be fooled by this book It is insipid lame and poorly written First The prose is so overblown that the author uses three adjectives for every single noun Count them He evidently was told that to be a writer you have to make everything as descriptive as possible and then he decided that meant that each noun had to be modified three always three and only three times ArghSecond The author must have looked up every word he could in a thesaurus and chosen the one that was most obscure or had the most syllables Who is he trying to impress Maybe it was the translator s fault Maybe not Either way this style is used even when describing what the ten year old character sees and says Which brings me to my next pointThird Every character in this book speaks with exactly the same voice All you hear is the authors voice not any different characterizations And that voice demonstrates the problems I described in my first and second points But that s not all There is an even worse and definitely fatal problem with this bookFourth This story was written as a mystery. Barcelona 1945 A city slowly heals from its war wounds and Daniel an antiuarian book dealer's son who mourns the loss of his mother finds solace in a mysterious book entitled The Shadow of the Wind by. .