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455 stars pg13 secular clean traditional regency possible use of mild cursingprofanity innuendo mention of mistresses gambling drinking etc see belowThe cover blurb does not do this book justice but instead makes it seem silly or tawdry ignore the blurb It s a lovely well written story I was surprised to find that almost the entire first uarter of the book detailed our heroine Kitty as a twelve year old sweetly falling in love with the Hero who of course considers her a child and continues to mistakenly think of her that way even when she has grown up Her love never dies and the remainder of the story is even fun and sweet than the beginning She s a refreshing heroine not your usual simpering miss I loved the scheming Dowager Duchess and how she takes young Kitty under her wing There was one tiny little contrived bit but overall a great storyTypical secular regency that most would consider totally clean however there was a mention of implied activities with an opera dancer and one long betrothal iss between secondary characters with very brief intimate touch of implied activities with an opera dancer and one long betrothal iss between secondary characters with very brief intimate touch bodice of clothing basically the young pup got a little ahead of himself but it was nipped in the bud immediatel. Herself into a bewitching charmer who could stir even Lionel's jaded senses and storm the impregnable citadel of his heart she would in the most perilous campaign of conuest a young lady ever waged to win the lord of her dream.

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Ame of Lady Lochinvar the faithful night of Sir Walter Scott but perhaps Psycho Stalker would have been apt lol Still as unimpressed I usually am by the trope that has the girl doing all the running I have to admit that the author made it an interesting read and this was achieved mostly due to the characterization of a steel spined ruthless heroineThe hero meanwhile remains clueless for years and spends his time chasing alternatively opera girls and society girls including heroine s older sister as well as engaging in orgies and hanging with real shady characters until one day he finally turns up in town with a fianceeThings get interesting as the hero starts to notice the heroine who has grown if not into a conventional beauty at least into a young #woman with enough spice to become the toast of the Season It #with enough spice to become the toast of the Season It t before he is torn between loyalty to betrothed and his increasing jealousy towards the heroine s suitors and the weird tingly feelings he gets whenever he gets close to Miss Incomparable of 1816 lolview spoilerNaturally the hero s betrothal was a Great Big Masuerade engineered to save a damsel in distress The red herring OW fiancee is eventually happily reunited with her true love but not before she tells the clueless hero that the weird possessive feelings he has been having about his Kitty Kat are a lot than simple brotherly love and to go after Ught after gallant What matter if disuieting rumors of his debauches reached even Catherine's innocent ears What matter if he displayed a supreme indifference toward her girlish ways and lack of worldly wisdomIf she had to turn. ,

An old favorite This was a nice little regency that packed a punch It had me laughing and
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The heroine the perfect heroine in pursuit who wasn t too stupid to live I loved her steadfastness and her refreshingly real personality that had flaws and all I love a heroine that isn t the perfect miss goody too shoe and Catherine is far from perfect She is one of my favorite heroines I actually liked her than the hero which is usually the other way around Barbara Hazard is an extremely talented author and I will definitely check out of her work I wasn t expecting much when I picked it up just something uick to read to fill some time I was pleasantly surprised Considering she fell in love when she was twelve she wasn t whiny or clingy just constant His engagement at the end was a bit contrived but otherwise it was a good way to spend the In 1811 in England a 12 year old girl falls in love instantly with her 20 year old distant relation but despairs of ever making him see her as than the little Kitty Kat he has London A Travel Guide Through Time known since she was a babyDespite almost everyone in her family dismissing her feelings as a mere crush that will soon be outgrown she perseveres in her obsessive pursuit for the next five years ruthlessly manipulating people as much as she dares in order to get closer to him and to eliminate potential girlfriends and wives her own sister included She earns the nickn. LOVE'S DANGEROUS DREAMFrom the moment that lovely young Lady Catherine Cahill set eyes on Lionel Eden Viscount Benning shenew that He Was The Only was the only she could ever loveWhat matter if this lord was society's most handsome so. Lady Lochinvar Signet Regency Romance