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And it troubled me alot I did find the book riveting and I Think I Read think I read in a couple of hours because I HAD to know what "happened Enjoyable book about a group of French children who get stranded over the Christmas holidays in a "Enjoyable book about a group of French children who get stranded over the Christmas holidays in a in MonpierreWhile they sleep the rain soaked hillside collapses on the house and the children are trapped Unfortunately no one is looking for them When their vacation began one one is looking for them When their vacation began one the children wrote happy messages on a stack I remember reading this in sixth grade and being ntranced It was a story full of adventure and a bit scary to an 11 year old I pulled it out of the library to see how it aged and it read a bit differently Still a good book but not Les Justes exactly as thrilling 30 years later I read this book as a child and always remembered this story fondly I couldn t remember the name of the book or the author so I did what you must do in that case I googled it I put in some keywords children avalanche Europe andventually I was led to this book I wasn t satisfied assuming it was the correct book so I purchased it from and voila I was transported back to my childhood The book ven smells like the library True story. The rules The children have to learn to love with rats and Laurent gets badly wounded before he finally finds a way of signalling for helpThis is a book you are certain to read twice – first uickly to find out what happens and then again slowly to re live the adventures and perhaps imagine how you would have managed in the same predicament For all Puffin readers between 9 and. ,

Veronique Day È 1 REVIEW

I read this as a child and It Really Stayed With This really stayed with This another "reread of an awesome 60s kids book It basically tells the story of how these "of an 60s kids book It basically tells the story of how these get trapped by a landslide and have to survive It was cool how we sort of got to know all five of the kids There s Laurent who s shy and is on this trip to come out of his shell although I don t think there s anything wrong with doing science xperiments in your room Veroniue who s also shy and gets out of her comfort zone Bertille who s annoying and doesn t obey and causes so many mishaps and needs a spanking Daniel who loves goats and Alexis who also loves goats I like how the rescue tied in some other characters too This is just a sort of comfortable read that gives you a glimpse into French culture read this years ago as a little girl and happened to think of it today which I think says something about the book in and of itselfA real page turner I think it set me on the course of reading non fiction travel and adventure that I pursue as an adult Set in circa 1958 France when five children ranging from about age five to fifteen on their Christmas vacation are buried in a cabin by a landslide fir. When Laurent’s father called him ‘a snail’ and sent him off to the mountains with four younger children to learn responsibility he didn’t realize what a difficult task his son would have to face For the children get buried alive as a result of landslide No one knows their whereabouts and they have to live in a strange house in total darkness with almost nothing to at and. .
St panic then a calm and finally desperation rules ach individual s actions Two goats wandering about in the dark underground rooms with the children cause confusion and filth Miss Day tells the story almost purely through the dialogue which seems natural of the five and in so doing has wisely avoided over written foolish sounding descriptions and Manuel de Reiki III - Troisime degr exclamations The reader feels the slow build up of tension whichnds on the twelfth day with rescue and can asily visualize the motley nearly starved children and the stench filled
Barely Livable Rooms A Fine 
livable rooms A fine of ndurance the author does not canonize the children in the midst of strife but presents them realistically A good read if you can find a copy Years ago my sixth grade teacher read this to the class It meant so much to me then and I found a copy as an adult "and had to grab it if you haven "had to grab it If you haven read it find a copy and r This book was about kids who are alone in a house when a landslide covers it It scared me as a child to think this could really happen The children are siblings from very young to teenagers and they have some pets in the house with them There were injuries and death in the book. Drink but goat’s milk and only the sound of the cuckoo clock to help them count the hours of the twelve days which pass before they are rescuedIn this dilemma Laurent comes out of his snail’s shell but though the others accept him as their leader they do not always obey him Avoir raison avec Schopenhauer especially his little sister Bertille She brings them intoven greater danger when she tries to break.
The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse Wu Cheng'en : La Prgrination vers l'Ouest, tome 1, livres I X